Advanced Tracing And
Skip Tracing Techniques
- By David C Palmer FIPI M.Inst.L.Ex

An Investigators Guide To Skip Tracing!
How To Find Wanted and Missing Persons
With International Investigative Techniques
8 1/2 X 11, 152 pages.


Hardcopy Price $28.00

When it comes to finding missing persons, locating skips and doing international locates, no one seems to know more about it that professional investigator David C. Palmer from England. This manual gives you secret and little known tricks and techniques you can use to locate and skip trace just about anyone. Although this training manual is written from the standpoint of how an investigator in England goes about tracing a missing person, investigators in the United States and throughout the world will find it of extreme value for their own cases. Skip tracing and locating missing persons of just about any type are increasingly becoming international investigations and this work hands you the tools, resources and techniques to do that. Aside from all that, investigators the world over will be amazed at the fascinating materials and case samples in this work. Contents include:



Introduction and Terminology

Chapter 1: Defining the Field
What types of missing persons are there? Who defined them? What legal basis do the definitions have? Who needs the tracing service, and what service can the tracer provide? Pre-investigation steps.

Chapter 2: Paperwork
What records are required? How should they be kept? What forms, letters, reports, authorizations are needed?

Chapter 3: Initial Investigation
What is the aim of the investigation? What resources are needed? What will aid the investigator at this stage? How does the investigation start?

Chapter 4: Street Investigation
Local enquiries - How, Where, When, Who?
Known and unknown sources. Methods and techniques of investigation.

Chapter 5: Computer Enquiries
Database access. Types of databases available.
Using the Internet to find people.

Chapter 6: Legal Considerations
The Data Protection Act. Consumer Credit Act. Private Security Act. Other legislation relevant to the tracing agent and his activities.

Chapter 7: Reporting the Case
Formatting the report. Protecting the investigation ‘product’. Itemizing the bill.

Chapter 8: Specialist Investigations
Children. Adoptions. Fugitives. .

Chapter 9: Case Histories
Description of past cases. Lessons worth learning

Chapter 10: Tracing Investigations - The Agencies
Police. Salvation Army. Missing Persons Helpline.


Appendix A: Forms
Initial enquiry agreement.
Missing Person form. Skip Tracing form. Worksheet.

Appendix B: Letters
Letters of authorization and Powers of Attorney.

Appendix C: Example Investigation Tree

Appendix D: Useful Addresses
Missing Persons Charities. Investigative bodies.
Note space for local sources.


We know you are going to just love the hard-core contents of this material! If you do any type of skip tracing or any type of missing persons investigations, you will find this work a highly valuable reference that will be of service to you again and again. You will also find this book highly fascinating to read. The forms, letters and resources alone which are included in this work is worth many times it's small cost.

Advanced Tracing And Skip Tracing Techniques
An Investigators Guide To Finding Wanted and Missing Persons
By David C Palmer FIPI M.Inst.L.Ex
8 1/2 X 11, 152 pages.

Hardcopy Price $28.00


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