A Practical Guide For Private Investigators, Collection Personnel
And Assets Recovery Specialists
By Ronald L. Mendell


Financial asset investigation continues to evolve through its techniques, and this second edition serves as a practical primer, emphasizing the use of data collection forms, the latest computer technology, and tools for identifying, locating, and assessing debtors' assets and liabilities. The text explains data gathering from computer data bases, CD-ROM, human sources, surveillance, and public records.

New second edition updated material on how to go about conducting financial and assets investigations by a nationally known private investigator, Ronald L. Mendell has just been released in a college textbook level presentation. Mr. Mendell is known throughout private investigative circles for his highly acclaimed articles that have appeared in numerous investigative journals including The Legal Investigator, The Private Investigator's Connection, Security Management and TALI News. Mr. Mendell is an expert on the subject of legal assets investigation and recovery. His book is already being hailed as the final authority on the subject. Mr. Mendell's college level work coverers subject such as Obtaining national identifiers of individuals, Identifying Relatives And Associates, Basic Paper Tails And Sources On Individuals, Using Information brokers And Other Sources, Visiting The Subject's Premises And What You Can Learn, Advanced Sources Of Information On Individuals, Expert Knowledge On Locating Hidden Assets, Fundamentals Of Business Assets Searching, Advanced Sources For Businesses, Recording Data And Reporting It To Your Client, Sample Fictional Preliminary Investigations, Legal Reviews containing information on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other legal aspects of exactly what you can and can not do.

The topics cover both individuals and businesses. They range from obtaining subjects' basic identifiers, such as a social security number, to using key business ratios to calculate figures for a company's balance sheet. This new edition strives to incorporate more online and electronic resources and includes a complete chapter on investigation through use of the Internet. Additional new topics include financial investigation for security officers, piercing the corporate veil, news groups, and public record searching shortcuts. Throughout the book, useful forms are provided for gathering, organizing, and analyzing data which allows for easy integration of information. Learning how to exploit information trails and cutting through smoke screens are the main themes of this practical and effective investigative tool.
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