THE INDEPENDENT PARALEGAL'S HANDBOOK How To Provide Legal Services Without Becoming A Lawyer New Second Edition By: Attorney Ralph Warner


Fueled by the growing dissatisfaction of the overpriced rates of lawyers, a quiet revolution is taking place in the legal industry with an emerging trend for independent paralegals (legal technicians) to take over routine legal paperwork saving the consumer about three quarters of what a lawyer charges. According to the author Ralph Warner, who is considered the nation's expert on the independent paralegal industry, the next generation will see areas such as uncontested divorce, name change, adoption, bankruptcy, small business incorporation, child support collection and landlord-tenant form preparation taken over almost solely by independent paralegals. This manual is a practical guide for those considering a career as an independent paralegal and covers such topics as: Legal areas open to independent paralegals, Where to get the necessary training, How to make the business and what to name it, How much to charge for the service, How to avoid getting involved in charges of unauthorized practice of the law, What a computer can do for the independent paralegal and what software and other services are available. Independent paralegals are emerging all over the country and people are turning to them because they can save about two thirds of the funds a lawyer would charge them. This manual is both a guide to getting into the independent paralegal profession as well as a record of how the independent paralegal field has emerged over the last ten years. You will also find interviews with eleven important people in the paralegal field. 324 pages. $24.95
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LEGAL RESEARCH: Third Edition By: Stephen Elias Susan Levinkind For just about any important legal case taken on by an attorney, legal research must be conducted. Many lawyers hate to do this type of work and many consumers don't want to pay lawyer fees to do it. Independent legal research services are emerging as an American trend. This all new edition of legal research covers everything you'll want to know from using a law library to using different computer searches. With NAIS certificate issued in your name in Legal Research. $19.95 [Order This Book]

LEGAL GUIDELINES FOR COVERT SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR The Private Investigator's Legal Reference To Conducting A Surveillance By John Dale Hartman Private investigators have always had an extremely difficult time attempting to determine what can and can not legally be done and recorded on a surveillance assignment. This major hallmark legal guide solves that knowledge problem once and for all. Bringing it together for the first time under one cover, this legal text covers laws found in state and federal statues and case law as well as state and U.S. Supreme Court rulings. Also included are discussions on how these various laws and decisions apply to the private investigator.

This legal guidebook to conducting a surveillance is must reading material for anyone who conducts a physical surveillance and helps the investigator understand where the line between what is legal and what is considered an invasion of privacy must be drawn. Hardcover, 213 pages, index, Appendix, Referenced and law cited. With certificate of completion issued in Surveillance Law. $69.95 [Order This Book]

A STUDY OF THE PRIVATE CHILD SUPPORT COLLECTION BUSINESS By: Ralph Thomas Every year millions and millions of dollars go uncollected from dead beat dads who skip town and don't want to comply with payment of child support causing their own flesh and blood to suffer. National attention has been focused on this topic and a trend is clearly emerging that involves federal intervention and both federal and state studies to obtain better results concerning the massive amounts that go uncollected. While the bungling governmental bureaus continue to "study" and "experiment" with different ways to combat the problem and while governmental officials continue to waste tax payer dollars for more committees and commissions to set around and talk about the problem, a number of enterprising business people with good skip trace and collection skills are capitalizing on the problem by starting new agencies that specialize in finding, collecting and enforcing child support orders. With the national outcry for something to be done and America's dying hope that state and federal governments can do something about it, opportunity is rip for enterprising investigators with strong skip trace and collection skills to move into this area, provide a much needed service to citizens and develop a very lucrative specialization. Look at these statistics: In 1990, 13 Million Cases For Collection Of Child Support Was Filled With State And Federal Governments. Only half of those who are supposed to receive child support are getting it and one forth are getting nothing. In 1990, the total amount of past due and uncollected child support amounted to 23.8 billion. Only 23% of that was collected by state agencies. Private firms can obtain massive case loads because of the millions of cases that are currently not obtaining results. According to one firm who has entered this specialization, the average back payment owed on a child support collection case is $2,000. The fact is that dead beat dads are fairly easy to locate. Once they are found, they could be arrested for nonpayment of child support so there is a strong motivation for them to pay up. It's a very controversial subject concerning rather or not child support collection efforts should be done by private agencies but several are already in business and creating both very good results and profit. This specialized manual covers the various aspects of starting a child support collection service. $19.95 [Order This Book]
Attorneys William Petrocelli and Barbara Kate Repa
$18.95 / HARS National, 2nd Edition

Sexual Harassment on the Job explains what harassment is and provides specific strategies to end it, including using a company complaint procedure, filing a state or federal harassment claim and bringing a lawsuit. It also offers guidance to employers who want to create a policy against sexual harassment and a procedure for handling complaints. "the best reference guide..." --BusinessWeek "Finally, a book that arms women with the practical, step-by-step information that they need to prevent sexual harassment. This is a must have for any woman's bookshelf." --Susan Faludi, author of Backlash [Order This Book]

The Employers Legal Handbook
Attorney Fred S. Steingold
$29.95 / EMPL National, 1st Edition

New laws affect every aspect of being an employer--from placing want ads, to handling employee benefits to firing. A complete guide to your legal rights and responsibilities, this book shows you how to comply with the latest workplace laws and regulations, run a safe and fair workplace and avoid lawsuits. Learn everything you need to know about hiring, firing, personnel policies, employee benefits, discrimination, workplace health and safety, wage and hours laws, ADA requirements and much more. [Order This Book]
The Legal Guide for Starting and Running A Small Business
By Attorney Fred S. Steingold

$22.95 / RUNS National, 1st Edition
This book is an essential resource for every small business owner, whether you are just starting out or are already established. Find out how to form a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, negotiate a favorable lease, hire and fire employees, write contracts and resolve business disputes. Selected as one of the top six business books by Inc. Magazine " ... an unusually helpful approach to the start-up process ... covers a lot of basics, from negotiating a lease to representing yourself in small claims court." --Inc. Magazine " ... a nuts and bolts legal guidebook that answers questions that continually come up in running a small business in today's competitive environment. Written in plain English." --Business Life Magazine "This guide [The Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business] is better than the others on the shelf that are 2X as thick." M.N., Mt. Laurel, NJ [Order This Book]
The Partnership Book:
How to Write a Partnership Agreement
By Attorneys Denis Clifford and Ralph Warner
$24.95 / PART National, 4th Edition

Shows how to turn the dream of going into business with friends into a sound partnership agreement. It thoroughly explains the legal and practical issues involved in forming a partnership. Sample clauses cover all key issues--from partners' initial contributions to what happens if one leaves. " ...-awesome detail ... a blockbuster paperback that tells you almost more than you ought to know about getting into--and also out of--partnerships." --Washington Post Book World "This book is perfect, complete, wise and miraculous. If potential partners can agree on what goes into a partnership by themselves, using this book, they have a 70 percent greater chance of succeeding than if they use a lawyer and a 300 percent greater chance than if they don't have a written partnership." --Co-Evolution Quarterly " ... details what the agreement should include ... a step-by-step guide that pilots readers through the partnership agreement." ------San Francisco Examiner [Order This Book]
Trademark: How to Name Your Business and Product
By Attorneys Kate McGrath and Stephen Elias,
With Trademark Attorney Sarah Shena
$29.95 / TRD National, 1st Edition

Every small business owner needs to know how to protect names used to market services and products. This book shows how to choose a name or logo that others can't copy, conduct a trademark search, register a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and protect and maintain the trademark. "[There is] no other text on the market to compare." --Legal Publishing Preview " ... excellent step-by-step instructions for registering a mark, written in plain English with clear examples." --Library Journal [Order This Book]
Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries and Noise
By Attorney Cora Jordan
$16.95 / NEI National, 2nd Edition

Who must maintain the fence on the boundary line? Who can trim a tree that grows on one person's land but hangs over a neighbor's property? Neighbor Law answers common questions about the subjects that most often trigger disputes between neighbors: fences, trees, boundaries and noise. It explains how to find the law and resolve disputes without a nasty lawsuit. "So your neighbor's giant sequoia is blocking your view. Who ya gonna call? The search for a 'dispute buster' should end with this helpful new book." --Sunset Magazine "For anyone with a neighbor problem, [this] is a handy book indeed. It walks the reader through written and common law, tells you what your rights are and how to follow through on a complaint all the way to court, if necessary." --Oakland Tribune [Order This Book]
Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime Where You Live Stephanie Mann with M. C. Blakeman $14.95 / SAFE National, 1st Edition Learn how you and your neighbors can work together to protect yourselves, your families and property from crime. This practical guide explains everything: how to form a neighborhood crime prevention group; how to avoid burglaries, car thefts, muggings and rapes; combat gangs and drug dealing; improve home security and make the neighborhood safer for children. "On a scale of A to F, this book deserves an A plus." --Los Angeles Times "... practical grass roots approach to reducing crime ... should be required reading for every person who wants to make their neighborhood a safer place to live." --Frank M. Jordan, Mayor--SanFrancisco (former Chief of Police) [Order This Book]
The Landlord's Law Book - Vol. 1: Rights and Responsibilities By Attorneys David Brown and Ralph Warner $32.95 / LBRT California, 4th Edition The era when a landlord could substitute common sense for a detailed knowledge of the law is gone forever. Everything from the amount you can charge for a security deposit, to terminating a tenancy, to your legal responsibility for the illegal acts of your manager is closely regulated by the law. This volume covers deposits, leases and rental agreements, inspections (tenants' privacy rights), habitability (rent withholding), ending a tenancy, liability and rent control. Tear-out forms are included. " ... exactly what it purports to be, but unblighted by unnecessary legal jargon ... an up-to-date book such as this is as necessary as a rent receipt book or a good repair person." --Los Angeles Times [Order This Book]
The Landlord's Law Book - Vol. 2: Evictions Attorney David Brown $34.95 / LBEV California, 5th Edition This book shows you step-by-step how to go to court and evict a tenant. It explains all the legal grounds for eviction and has a special section on rent control laws. Includes all the tear-out forms and instructions you need to prepare and serve the tenant with a proper legal notice, file an eviction lawsuit, handle a contested case and collect the money judgment. "Attorney David Brown discusses virtually every possible situation which might lead to an eviction. I especially liked all the blank forms and checklists." --Robert J. Bruss, Nationally Syndicated Columnist [Order This Book]
The Copyright Handbook: How to Protect and Use Written Works By Attorney Stephen Fishman $24.95 / COHA National, 2nd Edition, Writers, publishers, librarians, anyone who works with words needs to know about copyright law. This book tells you everything you need to know and provides step-by-step instructions and all the forms necessary to protect all types of written expression under U.S. and international copyright law. It covers copyright ownership, works for hire, fair use and infringement. This new edition also covers copyright protection for books produced on CD-ROM or on disk, computer data bases and e-mail. "An excellent self-help guide through the law and the registration process, including the appropriate forms." --Home Office Computing "A good overview of basic copyright concerns for writers." --Writer's Market "A ... definitive yet easy-to-undertand guide." --Writing Concepts "Explains the ins and outs of copyright law--in plain English--and provides all the forms and step-by-step instructions to register a copyright ... will answer all the questions of writers who are concerned about protecting their creations." --Authorship [Order This Book]
The Inventor's Notebook Fred Grissom and Attorney David Pressman $19.95 National, 1st Edition, The best protection for your patent is adequate records. The Inventor's Notebook helps you document the process of independent inventing with forms, instructions, references to relevant areas of patent law, a bibliography of legal and non-legal aids and more. " ... handy to speed up any legal help you might need." --The Washington Post [Order This Book]
Copyright Your Software Attorney Stephen Fishman $39.95 / CYS National, 1st Edition, Everyone in the software industry--developers, programmers, publishers and authors should have this book. It tells you everything you need to know about software copyright protection and provides step-by-step instructions and all the forms you need to register your work with the Copyright Office. It explains the scope of copyright protection, how to determine copyright ownership, how and when to use copyright notices, how to transfer ownership and what to do about infringement. It also covers international copyright protection. [Order This Book]
Software Development: A Legal Guide Attorney Stephen Fishman $44.95 / SFT National, 1st Edition Book with Disk A reference bible for people in the software industry, this book with disk explores the legal ins and outs of copyright, trade secrets and patent protection, employment agreements, working with independent contractors and employees, development and publishing agreements and multimedia development. Agreements and contracts are included on disk. "An amazing book! A must for anyone in the software business... Highest recommendation!" --John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine [Order This Book]
Glossary of Insurance Terms Thomas E. Green, Merritt Publishing $14.95 / GLINT National, 5th Edition This quick reference makes sense of insurance jargon and takes the mystery out of confusing policy coverages and reports. It features definitions of the most-used words, names, terms, phrases and acronyms in all segments of insurance and risk management. Each term is categorized by line of insurance--Automobile, Crime, Health, Liability, Life, Workers' Compensation, etc. "Merritt's Glossary of Insurance Terms is a critical reference for anyone who has responsibility for insurance and risk management." --Donald A. Sanderson, V.P., Towers Perrin [Order This Book]
What Do You Mean It's Not Covered: A Guide to Understanding What Your Insurance Does -- and Doesn't -- Cover James Walsh and the Merritt Editors, Merritt Publishing $19.95 / National, 1st Edition, Explains the confusing intricacies of the insurance business. Industry standard forms for coverage (life, health, homeowner, auto, etc.) are annotated with plain-English descriptions and examples. Case studies and field reports from insurance veterans show the common assumptions and mistakes people --and how to avoid them. A vital tool for anyone considering buying any life, health or casualty insurance.
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