Developed By Ralph Thomas

This Interactive CD contains vital legal information for the professional practicing private investigator. It contains "Must know" law that is relevant to conducting investigations and setting up your agency. If the disk was a book, it would be thousands of pages long. This massive reference gives you instant access to the laws and legal issues you need to know to practice private investigation today. Subjects include:

 Introduction To The Legal Resource Kit For Investigators
 State Investigative Licensing Law And Contacts
 State Public Records Law For Investigators
 State Tape Recording Law For Private Investigators
 State Process Serving Law For Investigators And Process Servers
 Fair Credit Reporting Act For Private Investigators
 Stalking And Anti-Stalking Law For Private Investigators
 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: Fraudulent Access to Financial Information
 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information
 State Auto Repossession Law For Private Investigators
 State Divorce Law In All 50 States
 Federal Freedom Of Information Act Use And Law
 State-By-State Privacy Laws
 State And Federal Rules Of Evidence
 State Statutes On The Net
State-By-State Vehicle Lemon Laws
 List Of Insurance Agencies That Write Coverage For Investigators
 Concealed Firearms Carry Laws
 Legal Research For Private Investigators
Federal Consumer Protection Law
Fair Debt Collection Act
 Accident Law
 The US Code-(in a searchable database)
 Case Law By State
Small Business Law Resource Center
 Employment law Resource Center
 Independent Contractor Law Resource Center
 Personal Injury Law Resource Center
 Criminal Law Resource Center
 Internet Law Resource Center
 Trademark And Copyright Law Resource Center
 Free Legal Forms For Private Investigators
 Legal Related Associations
 Federal Courts Links
 Forensic Links For Investigators
 National Investigative Associations
 State Investigative Associations
 Helmet laws-State-By-State
 US Attorney's Manual
 Foreign Government Links
 Federal Agency Links
 State, County And Municipal Agencies
 US State Government Links
 Code of Federal Regulations
 Judicial/Legal Misconduct for All States
 US Tax Code
 Legal Dictionaries

No investigator needs to be left in the dark when it comes to what law applies to what type of situation as it applies to practicing private investigation and this reference work needs to be part of every private investigative agency practice.

Developed By Ralph Thomas

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