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The Professional Investigator's Guide To Divorce,
Pre-Marital And Other Types Of Domestic Investigations!

A Manual And Legal Reference For Investigators,
Attorneys & Clients - By Jody Ball With Anne Parker

Although conducting domestic investigations has been a major mainstay in the private investigative profession for decades, almost no reference material exists on how to conduct these types of investigations. Although many successful agencies state that a huge portion of their assignments are domestic investigations, it's been almost impossible to learn the tricks-of-the trade of the really successful ones. Not any more! CHECK-MATE! is your expert guide to how to go about conducting domestic investigations including step-by-step expert techniques for conducting the divorce investigation as well as step-by-step little-known techniques for conducting a premarital background check. Developed as a guide to the growing market for those cases in which a client wishes to allay fears or verify suspicions, this book outlines the dangers of trusting a stranger and outlines red flags and pitfalls of a dangerous and costly relationship. Detailed procedures are given on how professional investigators go about conducting a background investigation in both pre-relationship situations as well as a divorce situation. The investigator learns when to conduct a surveillance and how to be successful in gaining needed evidence. The client is informed of the steps which will be taken in an investigation including any physical surveillance that is conducted.


Training Contents Include:

Who Is Requesting Background Investigations And Why
The Background Check, Trust Does Not Replace Truth
Weeding Out The Womanizers
The Media And The Investigator
After Ones Says "I Do"
Signs And Red Flags Of A Cheating Spouse
Divorce Investigations
Surveillance Techniques
Testifying In Court
Investigative Forms
Billing And Investigative Fee Methods
Open Records Law
Searching The Internet With Check-mate
Examples Of Divorce Investigations
Examples Of Domestic Background Checks
Successful Methods Of Obtaining Assignments

The question of invading personal privacy is addressed and answered to the satisfaction of the client, the attorney and the investigator alike. The client and attorney learn what initial information is needed by the investigator, how it will be used and what information can be gained.

A number of sample investigative forms used by professionals in the investigative field are included. These forms can familiarize the client with usual contracts required for an investigation to be conducted. The forms can be photocopied by the investigator and used to improve his reporting technique in a more efficient and professional manner.

The chapter on "Open Records Laws" will familiarize the reader with the amount of information and the type that is public and how to retrieve that information. The chapter "The Media And The Investigator" will help you deal with interviewers and reporters who can put forth tough questions. You will learn how to benefit from the interviews and media coverage and use it to your advantage.

The chapter titled "Testifying In Court" will show you how to handle yourself on the witness stand and not be intimidated by the opposing attorneys. This excellent chapter shows you how to answer questions and give testimony like a seasoned professional.

This new work is extremely well written and contains some of the most closely guarded secrets of successful domestic investigations. This well researched work provides you with both a handbook and legal reference source for conducting background investigations and divorce actions in all fifty states. If you do domestic assignments or plan on doing so, it's MUST material to have! 8 1/2 X 11, 125 pages, and investigative forms you can use. $35.00


The Professional Investigator's Guide To Divorce,
Pre-Marital And Other Types Of Domestic Investigations!
By Jody Ball With Anne Parker eBook Only $10.00

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