Criminal Profiling
An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis
by Brent Turvey

Hardcover, Color, B/W Photos
717 pages, 9 7/16" X 7 11/16", $79.95


• A unique approach - centred on the author's Deductive Profiling method

• The work addresses related issues, such as ethics, clinical perspectives and the essential role of the task force

• Written in a style accessible to a wide audience - from the detective performing hands-on casework to the academic in the classroom

• Ideal text for courses on criminal profiling or investigative strategy in serial crime and as a supplement to courses involving criminology, arson, stalking, sex crimes or death investigation.

Criminal Profiling is a unique work centered on the deductive profiling method developed by the author and motivated by the limited knowledge available regarding the criminal profiling process. Deductive profiling is different from other forms of profiling in that it focuses on criminal profiling as an investigative process, solving real crime through an honest understanding of the nature and behavior of criminals. It approaches each criminal incident as its own universe of behaviors and relationships. Throughout the text, the author illustrates and emphasizes the most crucial tenet that any good criminal profiler should adhere to: the enthusiastic desire to investigate and examine the facts.

This Second Edition contains the same core knowledge that made the first edition a best-seller while introducing a wealth of new material. This expanded and thoroughly revised edition includes a completely new set of case studies including the Sam Sheppard trial. New chapters include expanded coverage on false reports, psychological autopsies, criminal profiling in court, stalking, domestic homicide, sexual asphyxia, and staged crime scenes.
Contributors include: John J. Baeza, Eoghan Casey, W. Jerry Chisum, Dana S. La Fon, Michael McGrath, Wayne Petherick.

1. A History of Criminal Profiling
2. Inductive Criminal Profiling
3. Deductive Criminal Profiling
4. Case Assessment
5. An Introduction to Crime Reconstruction
6. Evidence Dynamics
7. Wound Pattern Analysis
8. Victimology
9. The Psychological Autopsy
10. False Reports
11. Crime Scene Characteristics
12. Organized vs. Disorganized - A False Dichotomy
13. Understanding Modus Operandi
14. Staged Crime Scenes
15. Understanding Offender Signature
16. Criminal Motivation
17. Offender Characteristics
18. Criminal Profiling in Court
19. Fire and Explosives: Behavioral Aspects
20. Psychopathic Behavior
21. Sadistic Behavior
22. Domestic Homicides
23. Sexual Asphyxia
24. Stalking
25. Serial Homicide
26. Sadistic Rape
27. Cyberpatterns: Criminal Behavior on the Internet
28. Ethics and the Criminal Profiler
Appendix I: The Academy of Behavioral Profiling: Criminal Profiling Guidelines
Appendix II: The Estate of Samuel H. Sheppard v. Ohio
Criminal Profiling in the Death of Marilyn Reese Sheppard
Appendix III: Threshold Assessment: Wisconsin v. John Maloney
Post Conviction Review of an Alleged Arson-Murder
Appendix IV: Threshold Assessment: Leanne S. Holland, Homicide
Post Conviction Review of Child Sexual Homicide in Australia
Appendix V: Threshold Assessment: Illinois v. Gerald Simonson
Post Conviction Review of a Sexual Homicide
Appendix VI: Linkage Analysis: California v. Wayne Adam Ford
Post Conviction Review of an Alleged Arson-Murder

Criminal Profiling
An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis
by Brent Turvey
Hardcover, Color, B/W Photos
717 pages, 9 7/16" X 7 11/16", $79.95

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