Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
George A Manning   Consultant, Sunrise, Florida, USA

Explains complex issues such as seizures, forfeitures, and warrants in an easy-to-follow format with
capitalized key words and certain sections in outline form .

Lists sources for off-shore banking information, by country-with many of the smaller Caribbean nations included
Exhibits forms 4789 (Currency Transaction Report), 4790 (Report of International Transportation of Currency),
8300 (Report of Cash Payments over $10,000), and more.

Provides RICO net worth schedules, tax net worth schedules, gross profit analysis schedules, and more, in dozens
of concise tables and illustrations.

Includes a special chapter with tips on presenting successful testimony

Embezzlement, graft, fraud and money laundering are among the hardest crimes to prosecute. Investigation is
impossible without an understanding of the law, accounting, finance, and banking procedures. Law enforcement
must have the proper weapons to combat the evolving sophistication of financial crimes.

Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting offers a thorough examination of current methods and legal concerns for the detection and prosecution of economic crime. The author is an I.R.S. agent with 15 years experience in fraud investigation.


The book guides law enforcement and prosecutors from detection through indictment and conviction. The author explains the mechanics of gambling, fraud and money laundering. He illustrates how prosecutors present the tax codes, off-shore banking laws, and the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) statutes to judges and juries.

Table of Contents

Economics of Crime
Financial Crimes
Offshore Activities
Net Worth Theory
Expenditure Theory
Scenario Case Problem
RICO Net Worth Solution
Tax Net Worth Solution
RICO Expenditure Solution
Tax Expenditure Solution
Organized Crime

Trial Preparation and Testimony
Accounting and Audit Techniques
Sources of Information
Wagering and Gambling
Fraud Prevention for Consumers
Fraud Prevention for Businesses
Money Laundering
Case Files and Reports
Audit Programs
Seizures and Forfeitures

Judicial System
Physical Security
Search Warrants
Fraud Examiner
Suggested Reading

Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting details the exacting legal standards for the successful execution of warrants, seizures and forfeitures. Manning's work is a guidebook for error-free prosecution. His multidisciplinary concept, integrating accounting, law enforcement, and financial savvy, is an invaluable approach to the detection and prosecution of economic crime.


Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
George A Manning   Consultant, Sunrise, Florida, USA



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