Guard Dog Olympian Black Or Pink Color
High Voltage Concealed Stun Gun - 150 Lumen Flashlight - 18% OC Pepper Spray
MSRP - $94.95 - Discounted Internet Special Pricing - Only $68.00

The all new Guard Dog Olympian is a new innovative Self Defense Weapon that hands you a concealed High Voltage Stun Gun, A Powerful Bright 150 Lumen Flashlight And 18% OC Pepper Spray all in one small and compact unit! Nothing compares to the high quality and innovation of Guard Dog Security Products and with this three in one unit, you are now protected for life! Not only do you get a lifetime guarantee on this high end compact three in one self defense product, you also obtain pepper spray for life! If you use the pepper spray to defend yourself, just send in the police report and a new pepper spray replacement cartridge will be send back to you for free!


Get Your Triple Threat! A true Olympian will possess all the necessary attributes to be the best in their field. The Guard Dog Olympian does exactly that with three vital self defense tools built into a compact, practical security device. Stun at a distance, with the high voltage stun feature, to fend off an attacker with sound alone or fire it off immediately during an unexpected close attack. The Guard Dog Olympian incorporates our exclusive Concealed Stun Technology ™ so there are no visible prongs. Fire off red hot pepper if an assailant is at least arm’s length distance away. Equipped with one of the hottest legal pepper sprays on the market, the Olympian possess our Guard Dog 18% pepper spray with UV identifying dye. With one spray, firing up to 15 feet away, an attacker is immobilized for at least 30 minutes. The spray also comes with our Protected 4 Life program where we’ll provide you with free replacement pepper spray in the event of use, for life. Out for a walk or jog? Always carry the Guard Dog Olympian on you as a handy 150 lumen flashlight. This powerful light is perfect for your recreational use, yet powerful enough to potentially blind an attacker. The triple threat, Guard Dog Olympian presents one of the industry’s finest personal defense products, all in a single hands. For the first time ever, you now have the power to effectively protect yourself with multiple defense mechanisms, all inside a lightweight, hand-held portable companion.

When it comes to innovative self defense products that could save your life or the life of a loved one, make sure you don't skimp on cheap products that could malfunction when you need them! Make sure what you get is the best that there is! Guard Dog brand products are now known throughout the world as the very best self defense and most innovative products invented with a lifetime guarantee and free replacement pepper spray for life. We recommend you get two one for him in black and one for her in pink. Do it now, you'll be happy you did it we assure you! The first Triple Threat Olympian High Voltage Stun Gun, Pepper Spray And Flashlight Will ship in March of 2015! Pr-order now and be the first in your area to use this new innovative self defense product!

Guard Dog Olympian - Black
High Voltage Concealed Stun Gun - 150 Lumen Flashlight - 18% OC Pepper Spray
MSRP - $94.95 - Discounted Internet Special Pricing - Only $68.00

Guard Dog Olympian - Pink
High Voltage Concealed Stun Gun - 150 Lumen Flashlight - 18% OC Pepper Spray
MSRP - $94.95 - Discounted Internet Special Pricing - Only $68.00



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