In The Company of Giants

The Ultimate Investigation Guide for Legal
Professionals, Activists, Journalists & the
Wrongfully Convicted
6 x 9 Pages, 204, Hardback $38.00

by Paul J. Ciolino

When it comes to private investigators, even people like Dan Rather agree....

"Paul Ciolino is One of America's Five Best Investigators" -Dan Rather CBS News Correspondent and (Former) Anchor

This manual is not like any other book or manual on private investigation you have ever owned and may be the most important one you ever read. For decades, Paul Ciolino has been working a quite cause to right the wrongs of justice when it comes to the wrongfully convicted. His work has resulted in the full pardons or five death row inmates and three more serving a life sentence. In highly detailed investigative techniques exposed, Ciolino shows you how to dig up the truth and turn those so called expert witnesses, bad cops and bad witnesses into quivering idiots and expose the lies and incompetence for all to see.

Table Of Contents

  • Forward
  • Preference To This Edition
  • The Wrongful Conviction Case
  • Kenny Adams A Primer On Wrongful Convictions And Heart
  • The Paper Trail And Case Management
  • The Team Concept
  • Revisiting The Crime Scene Investigation
  • Interviews And Interrogations. Conducting Them And Overcoming Them
  • Investigating And Understanding The Science Issues In Wrongful Conviction Cases
  • Laboratory Abuse, Misconduct And Fraud
  • Police And Prosecutorial Misconduct As A Defense Investigation Strategy
  • Dealing With Satan Or How To Manage A media War In The Wrongful Conviction Case
  • Summary And Conclusions
  • Internet Resources Chapter
  • Governor George Ryan's Commutation Speech
  • Postscript
  • About The Author

Paul Ciolino investigations has resulted in the historical emptying of the entire death row population of Illinois in 2003.

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan & Paul Ciolino.
Governor Ryan Put A Stop To State Death Warrant Executions After Paul
Ciolino Uncovered So Many Wrongful Convictions.

His new work lays in all on the line and shows other investigators in step-by-step detail how to go about working these kinds of cases with highly successful results. This guide is a roadmap to exonerating the wrongfully convicted. It is MUST READ material for any private investigator or criminal defense attorney.

Listen To What Others Are Saying:

"Paul Ciolino is a renowned and sometimes reviled investigator who exposes the underbelly of the system's disgraceful treatment of the wrongfully convicted criminal defendant. in The Company Of Giants is mandatory reading for every investigator who has an interest in justice and wants to do something about it. This is a stark examination that shows you how to fix the wrongful conviction case."
- Buddy Bombet, Former President of Louisiana State Board Of Private Investigators and considered by many to be the father or modern day private investigative practice.

"Most private investigators get into this professional for the bucks but every once in a while, a man emerges from the profession that is fighting for a cause. When it comes to the wrongfully accused, that man is Paul Ciolino. This man is hard-nosed, street smart, controversial and VERY effective."
- Ralph Thomas, Author, Founder And Director, National Association Of Investigative Specialists

"I am the living example of why this book is so important. I was wrongfully convicted and I spent 16 years on Illinois death Row for seven homicides I didn't commit. When I was released and pardoned in 2003 it was because of the tactics and strategies described here. In The Company of Giants will hopefully save you or a loved one from a similar fate."
- Madison Hobly, Chicago, Illinois, Former Death Row Inmate Exonerated.

"As one of America's leading private investigators-the tough-talking, butt-kicking kind you thought existed only in imaginations of Hollywood screen-writers-Paul Ciolino has spent decades helping to bring Chicago's guilty to justice and freeing her innocent from death row. When Ciolino talks about the criminal justice system, it pays to listen."
-James Rosen, White House Correspondent, Fox News

“Paul Ciolino is old school. Right is right and wrong is wrong. With street smarts and a sixth sense for where to look, Ciolino won’t let go until he’s found what he’s looking for, which is quite simply justice. And now he’s written a highly readable, straight-ahead, tell-it-like-it-is guide to let us in on what he knows.”
- Alex Kotlowitz, Author of There Are No Children Here, Never a City So Real, and The Other Side of the River

Herein lies the root of the issue. Justice, morality, and freedom. This is what our fight is about. This is what it boils down to for me and I hope for you as well. Money is nice. Professional recognition by our peers is great. Warm and fuzzy media stories about our quest for justice are ego enriching. But, at the end of the day, it is about our most basic and dearest God inspired constitutional rights as Americans. This is what the wrongful conviction case is about, and this is why we find ourselves doing this work.

If you do criminal defense investigations and only buy one book, this is the one you need. The investigative techniques exposed in this hard-hitting material is literally a matter of life and death.


In The Company of Giants
The Ultimate Investigation Guide for Legal Professionals,
Activists, Journalists & the Wrongfully Convicted
by Paul J. Ciolino, 6 x 9 Pages, 204, Hardback $38.00


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