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The Easy Way to Monitor Family Computer Activity.
What is a Hardware Keylogger?

A hardware keylogger is a small device that plugs in between your keyboard cable and computer and records every keystroke typed! There is no software to install in order to use a hardware keylogger. KEYKatcher keyloggers will record: chat, email, instant messaging, MySpace messages, and much more.

Why Do You Need a KEYkatcher Keylogger?

• Be Aware of What Your Child is Typing Online Because
• What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.
• Learn How To Protect Your Children From Online Dangers via Computer Security Monitoring.

As a concerned parent, you have the obligation to assure your child's safety while he/she is on the Internet. Children and teenagers are one of the fastest growing groups of Internet users. Cyber crime is rapidly increasing, and our children are at a higher risk of becoming victims of Internet crime than most parents realize. KEYKatcher Hardware Key Loggers serve as a valuable tool for understanding their on-line activities and communicating with them about acceptable use of the computer / internet.

All KEYKatcher Keyloggers are incredibly easy to install and use. They are truly "plug-and-play" which means as soon as you've properly plugged your KEYKatcher into your computer - it is ready to record.

KEYKatcher Keyloggers Help Guard Against Online Predators:
Know what your loved ones are doing online and be prepared to step in when necessary. The KEYKatcher can literally be "your eyes when you're not there"

Did you know:

• 75% of all children are willing to give personal information in exchange for goods or services.
• As many as 1 in 4 children who visit internet chat rooms have been contacted or propositioned by a pedophile.  

• Only 3% of all incidents of predators harrassing children on the internet are reported.



KEYKatcher For Business
Any business can be at risk of loss or theft because of low productivity, online distractions, inappropriate behavior and undetected illegal activity. You pay a lot of money for an office and employees; why not ensure that they are doing what they’re paid to do? KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers have proven to be an excellent tool in identifying and correcting computer misuse. It is recommended that you have a "computer usage policy" in place which makes employees aware of acceptable computer use.

Companies today face a multitude of risks posed by electronic communications. They include loss of proprietary information, copyright violation, inappropriate use of company property, violation of privacy, and offensive or harassing workplace interactions, internet gambling, instant messaging, personal blogs and chats. Monitoring may be necessary to avoid these risks, and companies must develop, implement, and (as necessary) regularly adjust policies to control electronic information in the workplace. The new MAGNUM KEYKatcher hardware keylogger was specifically designed for business and should be a part of the "toolkit" which is used by IT staff for security investigations, and can provide invaluable information to these professionals.
Monitoring With Keyloggers is Easy
KEYKatcher keystroke recorders are much like tape recorders in that: a tape recorder records sound & a Keylogger records keystrokes.

There is no software to install in order to use a KEYKatcher keylogger. As soon as the KEYKatcher is properly plugged in, it's ready to record. KEYKatcher will record every keystroke typed on your computer, including: Email, Chat, Instant Messages, MySpace Messages, Keyword Searches, and Web Addresses!

Retrieving Recorded Keystrokes
1 When you want to see what your keylogger has recorded simply open Microsoft WordPad* or any other text editing program on your computer.

2 In a new document, type your KEYKatcher password
(download user's guide for instructions on customizing your password).

3 After the password is typed correctly the KEYKatcher will display a menu. The menu gives you the option to play back the recorded keystrokes. The keystrokes will appear in the document right before your eyes!

Every KEYKatcher keylogger gives you several options for searching through the data. NETPatrol automatically searches for www, com, net, http, etc. to quickly identify web addresses. Custom Search allows you to perform keyword searches for any phrase you want. When you perform a keyword search the KEYKatcher will only show content that matches you search - saving you the time of reading through all the keystrokes.

Want even more features?
Check out the new MAGNUM keylogger. It has the highest memory capacity of any other hardware keylogger on the market and is loaded with features never before available with hardware keyloggers!

General Use
Applications range from parental monitoring to business investigations to computer forensics. The KEYKatcher works with any PC operating system. Since it stores keystrokes in a FLASH memory, you can record on one computer, unplug it, then read it out on another computer. This also means that no data will be lost in the event of a power outage, which makes the KEYKatcher a great backup device. When you're ready to see what the KEYKatcher has recorded, open your word processor, type in your password, then choose the 'view memory' option. The KEYKatcher will 'play back' every keystroke that's been recorded. If you're concerned with internet usage, use the NETPatrol search function to identify all web addresses that were typed.

64K Key Loggers
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Magnum Investigator/Law Enforcement
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KEYKatcher 64K Key Loggers For PS/2 Keyboards
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KEYKatcher 128K Key Loggers For PS/2 Keyboards
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KEYKatcher 256K Key Loggers For PS/2 Keyboards
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KEYPhantom Home - $199
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Works On a Mac! For USB Keyboards Advanced USB Keystroke Logger

Magnum Investigator/Law Enforcement Key Logger
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