LawTraK - DLG10 LawMate Credit Card Sized GPS Data Logger
With Belt Clip And Magnetic Mount Vehicle Tracker Case
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L awMate innovation has developed an ultra-small passive data-logger which can be either body-worn or when used with the supplied water resistant magnetic mount, can be attached covertly to any vehicle. All data is recorded to a Micro SD card and when used with the supplied software can playback the journey taken. In addition to the mapping the route travelled, the GPS DLG-10 tracker will also display the speed and height of the route taken. The built-in rechargeable battery will power the device for up to 20 hours and the supplied 8gb card can store a significant amount of data. As this is a passive device, there are no on-going subscription charges and this cannot be detected with GPS scanners making it the ideal solution to track the journey of any person or vehicle. To access the data, simply open the software and connect the device via the supplied USB cable.

Features And Specifications

• Ultra-small, credit-card sized device
• Record the speed and height of the route taken
• Ideal as a body-worn tracking system
• Supplied with a strong, water resistant magnetic mount
• Bespoke software supplied
• Playback via Google Earth mapping
• Continuous data recording for approximately 20 hours
• Supports up to a 8gb Micro SD card (supplied)
• Dimensions: 65x43x7mm

• Windows Compatible

• GPS-DLG10 LawMate Data Logger
• Rubber sleeve
• Magnetic mount
• Belt Clip
• USB connection cable
• 8gb Micro SD card
• CD With Software
• Instruction guide

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Superior Mapping Hands You Routes- Zoom In And Out - Maps- Satellite View And Street Views!

This tiny Law Enforcement grade GPS data logger works well in the field because of it's powerful signal strength. It comes with a rubber gasket wrap-around cover that protects the unit when it gets banged around. The cover has a belt loop so you can wear it as a personal tracking device or it can be placed in it's included special designed round magnetic mount vehicle mount. With Law Enforcement grade LawMate engineering, the LawTraK is built from the ground up for rugged professional use. The Round Magnetic Mount is balanced with a super powerful magnet so it doesn't fall off even over bumpy dirt road rides.

LawTraK - DLG10 LawMate Credit Card Sized GPS Data Logger - MAP $169.00
With Belt Clip And Magnetic Mount Vehicle Tracker Case

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