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Common Asset Hiding Places

The following list of common asset hiding places should help you devise a search strategy that will locate even the most "deeply" hidden assets. We also strongly suggest reading our published articles from PI Magazine listed above. Part of our routine Fin Track Search involves a consultation with you on the case and situation to help you decide which searches will benefit you and your clients the most. By far the most common asset protection scheme is to title and transfer all assets to a spouse or business controlled by the subject. Therefore, we suggest you always request an asset search on the subjects spouse and business simultaneaously.

1. Under spouses name, aliases, relatives, friends/partners

2. Home mortgage paydown

3. Universal Life Insurance

4. Savings Bonds, Travelers, Cashiers Checks

5. Dissolved corporations

6. Stockbroker accounts

7. Collectibles

8. Safe Deposit boxes

9. Offshore/Foreign accounts

10. Overpayments to IRS

11. Sweetheart lawsuits

12. Overpayments to credit cards

13. Cars, Yachts, Aircraft, Jewelry, Collectibles, Luxury Items

14. Family Trusts, Offshore Corporations, or dead shell corps.