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An Interview With Kelly Riddle
By Barbara-Maikell Thomas


Recently my husband and I attended the Super Conference in New Orleans. While there I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Kelly Riddle, a very successful Investigator that is greatly admired. My intent in disclosing the following excerpts from that interview, will be infect to give a perspective on what has helped make a success a success.

BMT:Can you tell me what one thing you do, or use in conducting an
investigation is your greatest asset?
RIDDLE: Having the right equipment for the job.
Whether it be surveillance, computer investigations, countermeasures or whatever,
you have to have the right equipment for the job. Otherwise, you come across as
not being professional, the quality suffers and it makes the entire process

BMT: What do you feel is your greatest ability?
Riddle: My ability to come across genuine, sincere and concerned allows many doors to be opened that wouldn't normally be available.

BMT:Can you attribute your success to any specific rule you have followed?
Riddle: Yes.
Consistency. While playing basketball in high school, I wasn't getting much
playing time as a sophomore on the varsity. I asked my coach why and he replied,
"I need you to be consistent. When I call on you, I need to know that you will
either be consistently good or consistently bad, but I need to know what to
expect." I think that sums up life and business. Your family, friends and
clients want to know what to expect from you on a regular basis.

BMT:Do you have certain standards on ethics you go by in conducting an
Riddle: Absolutely. We try to remain totally out of the "gray" areas so
that there are no questions about our character and ethics. You must always
present yourself professionally and in doing so, you may be able to bring those
around you up to your level.

BMT:Do you have a role model ( or have you had) in life?
Riddle: As hooky as it may sound,my role models have been my grandfather and father. My grandfather built a successful business as a commercial contractor, owned several car dealerships and other related interests. Both men showed me the value of family and hard work, which is the essence of my business today.

BMT: Name one real life or fictional investigator you admire.
RIDDLE: Sherlock Holmes because he emulated professionalism and used detail to catch his criminal.

BMT: What do you enjoy most about being an investigator?
RIDDLE: Being able to help people, having a job that provides a different topic of interest in each case and being able to travel and see the world while working.

BMT: What do you hate most about being an investigator?
RIDDLE:The administrative part. Unfortunately, it is a business and you do have to treat it like one. From a strictly investigative standpoint, I hate to hear "we can't give you that information due to privacy."

BMT:Do you feel networking with others in this field is important?
RIDDLE: Without doubt. I have been fortunate enough to be listed as one of the top PI's in theU.S. and much of this is due to spreading my name, meeting other PI's and being available to help, teach and coach others.

BMT: Can you tell us briefly what you feel has attributed to your success as a
P. I. ?
RIDDLE:I don't try to hit a financial home run in each case. My clients
feel as though they got what they paid for and we made some money along the way.
Taking a little extra time to talk to the client makes the difference in a client
and a client for life.

BMT: Do you have a favorite quote?
RIDDLE: My favorite quote is "What counts is not the size of the dog in a fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." I also like the one by John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." I think more people should look at how they can help others and stop looking for what they can gain out of something.

Kelly Riddle graduated form the University of North Alabama with a B,S. degree in Criminal Justice.Mr. Riddle served with two police departments in Alabama. During this time he married his lovely wife Susie who worked along side Riddle as a police officer.

Kelmar and Associates was founded in 1989 in San Antonio, Texas.
When entering private practice Mr. Riddle brought with him extensive experience as a training officer, SWAT team member, evidence technician, photography technician,, motorcycle officer, arson investigator, Breath analyzer technician,PSE operator, and juvenile specialist.


Kelly Riddle was named #1 PI in the U.S. by the PI Magazine (March 1998 issue)
Investigator of the Year (1997-98) by Nat.Assoc. of Investigative Specialists
Book of the Year for 1997-98 Art of Surveillance) by Thomas Publications

Mr. Riddle attributes much of his success due to the fact that he is an active member in the following organizations:


Books By Kelly Riddle!
NAIS Author Of The Year For 1999!



Find Out Fast
The Art of Surveillance
The Internet Black Book
Insurance Investigations From A to Z
Nursing Home Abuse Investigations
Secrets of Successful Investigative Agency Marketing and Management
Exposed: Real Cases of America's #1 PI
Private Investigating Made Easy
To Serve and Protect


Private Investigating Made Easy
The Art of Surveillance
Nursing Home Abuse Investigations
Computer & Internet Investigations


Internet on Demand


You can reach Mr. Riddle at the following:

Kelmar and Associates
2553 Jackson Keller, Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78230
Phone (210) 342-0509
Fax (210) 342-0731

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