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Spy Dust On Rear Of Vehicle For Night Surveillance
There are all kinds of spy dust products on the market today. You can use IR dust whick can only be seen with an IR viewer. The vehicle can easily be spoted in traffic or quickly be spotted when it pulls into a parking lot by, using an IR viewer.


Penhole Video Cameras And Night Vision Scope
Many investigators are under the impression that you have to get a "hard mount" on a night vision scope to your video camera in order to get night photos. Not the case at all! Just tape a pinhole camera to the back of the night vision scope and you have a setup that can record video at night.


Concealed Video Technique
I place a small Hi-8 video camera in a small black camera bag and place a nd filter over the outside of the bag. the camera can see through the ND filter but the camera can't be seen. Great for carrying into public places where the sight of a video camera would raise suspicion. Norm Swafford . Swafford Investigations.


Are They Home!
Apparently a p.i. working this area used to get tired of surveillance to see if a particular person lived in a residence. So now she parks her car within photographing range and sends a couple little kids to the door with a picture of a dog. The kids say they lost their dog and has anyone seen it. "Is there anyone else who might have seen it??" their goal is to get everyone in the house to the door or on the porch to look at the picture. They are also alert to overhearing something like "Chuck might have seen it but he's not here right now""...:Pretty clever I thot! I love clever ideas like that. by the brand new at this so im open to any and all advice or suggestions from anyone. Thanks.

Concealed Video Trick
With a sony cam corder in a fanny pack running a pinhole camera with two wires up my back pinhole mounted inside a baseball cap or in a Fedora depending on the region you live in <g> one for video and one for alternative power supply to the pinhole camera board. You can film by using your nose as a direction finder. If your in a casual place turn your collar up to hide the wires from your collar to your hat and use the thinest guage you can get away with.


It's Done With Mirrors!
Never overlook shooting video from your rear or side view mirror facing your target from your back. Alot of times the quailty is remarkable. Practice and see.


Happy Birthday
In a crowded bar or night club with a female asisstant postioned with her back to the mark and at the right distance saying Happy Birthday honey and shoot over her shoulder produces some nice shots.


Burst Packet Trick
One of the best ways to determine if a vehicle, or vehicles for that matter, has been "UNMOVED" since your last surveillance activity is to simply place - what I like to call - "burst packets" underneath the rear tires of each suspect/subject vehicle. These "burst packets" - the ones I use - consist of lemon juice packaged in a 1 inch by 2 inch plastic sleeve (obtainable from almost any fast food restaurant) The lemon juice leaves virtually NO residue and is easily overlooked by your target (if it's even noticed). The same can be applied by using ketchup, jam, jelly or other condiment packets readily available from ANY fast food chain.

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Old Watch And Tire Trick
If you want to know what a TIME a target vehcle left a specific area, I have found that old cheap watches that have the hands, NOT digital, placed under a tire work well. The vehicle runs over the watch, breaking the watch, stopping the movement at the time the vehicle left. I have found that you can find many, many of these old watches that keep good time for $5.00 or so each at pawnshops and/or garage sales. I have my wife and brother pick them up for me. It's a fairly cheap way to determine the exact time a vehicle leaves. P.S. Make sure you always take the watch band off. On some cases, I will paint the watch flat black or gray to blend in with the street. I haven't had anyone retrieve the watch after running over it. It is a good item to strengthen testimony in certain types of cases. Just keep the watch and present it in court as you testify.

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