Top Twenty Five Investigators of The Century
By Barbara Maikell-Thomas

"Equality of Opportunity is an equal opportunity to prove unequal talents"

The National Association of Investigative Specialist is happy to release the names of the investigators it has determined to be on the top list of the Twenty-five investigators of the Century.

As the century will be nearing the end of its last days, we at NAIS feel that a PI profile article on each of these individuals will be of great interest to all.

We will be submitting short biographical sketches on the Internet , later to be extended, with photographs, and more information to published in book form which is a work in progress and may be released sometime in the next few years.,

We greatly encourage those who have known these individuals to submit positive comments and true stories to reflect the individuals in a positive manner for publication consideration.

There are numerous reason these investigators have been named. Some named for the contributions to the betterment of the field, some for world wide attention gained, some for their flamboyant nature.

Unfortunately some of these are no longer with us, and we need more information on those persons.

They were all picked through a very tedious process. Last not being first and first not being last.

So without further ado:
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Hal Lipset
Nick Beltrante
(Profile On Nick Beltrante)

Kelly Riddle
(NAIS Article On Kelly Riddle)

Buddy Bombet
Gary Hyatt
Leroy Cook

Bill Kizorek
(NAIS Article On Bill Kizorek)

Patricia Beltrante
Steve Rambam
Jack Reed
Joseph Culligan
(NAIS Article On Joseph Culligan)
Jack Murray
Jane Cracraft
Jim Harbert
Harvey Morse
Virginia Hudgins
Ed Pankau
Anthony Golic
Norman Perle
Joan T. Stensrud
Bill Dear
(NAIS Article On Bill Dear)

Dr. Cyril Wecht, M.D., J. D.
Jay J. Armes
Joseph Seanor
(NAIS Article On Joseph Seanor)

G Gordon Liddy

Congratulations all!

Our first biographical sketch's on the Internet will include:

Allan Pinkerton

Pinkerton will be included in the sketches because he was the "first Private Eye" and led the way for others.

Jack Murray

Included first, because I know him best and because of the enormous information NAIS has on him.

A man who's knowledge surpasses his education. (which is considerable)

Leroy Cook

A great investigator, with a powerful insight. A man ahead of his time.

Again, let me indicate that no ranking has been applied to the investigators listed, or to the order the sketches will be publicized.


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