June 2018
Special Response Corporation, George E. Martin, Sr., 14804 York Road, Sparks, MD 21152, Phone: 410-785-1212 ext 107 (wk) 443-655-5466 (cell), Email: gmartin@specialresponse.com, Website: 
http://www.specialresponse.com - State Lic: Corp: 106-2154; Indiv PI # 101-23468 - Bodyguard Executive Protection, Corporate, Service of process, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services (06.10.2018)

May 2018
American Eagle Investigations,  11 Broadway, Suite 830, New York, NY 10004,  Phone:  212-344-8997, Email: essdan@aol.com Website: www.americaneagleinv.com, Lic Number: 11000071582
Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Countermeasures, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation (05.2018)

Email: Anil.Thomas@transasiaadvisors.com Web Site: http://transasiaadvisors.com/home.php Cyber security- Pre-Risk check up for Cyber crime  Insurance, Insurance fraud, Corporate,  Computer Forensics,  Assets Searches (05.2018)

BioScan Tek, Marie Kavadias, 2100 Manchester Rd., Bldg C #1615, Wheaton, IL 60187, Phone: 630-890-7108, Email: mkavadias2001@yahoo.com Web Site: www.bioscantek.com, State Lic: #129299232 #249000290,
Domestic, Insurance Fraud, Corporate, Service of process, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Civil Litigation, Livescan Fingerprinting (05.2018)

March And April 2018
Baker Street Agency, Katherine Matak, Unit 44084, 6508 E. Hastings Avenue, Burnaby, BC Canada  v5b 4y2, Phone: 604-2946574, Email: www.bakerstreetagency.com, State Lic: B4325 - Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation, Services available in other languages. Croatian, Bosnian, French, German. (05.2018)

Concept Security and Investigations, Inc., Gregory J. Myers, 104-33 186 Street, St. Albans, NY 11412, Phone: 718 7492779 Email: Conceptsecure@aol.com , Web Site http://www.conceptsecure.net , State License Number: 11000154451 Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Service of process, Criminal, Undercover, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice (.03.2018)

Feb 2018
Ace Investigtions And Professiomnal Consuting: RJ McCurry, 1105 S. 9th Street, Leersburg, Florida, 34748. Phone 352-460-0926 or 843-297-1526 (cell). Fla Lic: A1000202, C1000393, D1019618, Email: rmccu7773@aol.com, Website: http://www.aceinvestigates.com- Domerstic, surviellance, bodyguard/execu5ive protect6ion, assetys searchersx, criminal, undercover, security guard services, consulting security, defense litigation, civil litigation, defense consulting. (02.2018)

Southwest Investigations Group: A. D. Wayne Jernigan, 107 S. Broadview, Del Rio, Texas 78840. Phone" 830-719-5858. Email: ws7101@me.com - Tx Lic: A20792688953, Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Countermeasures, Skip Trace, Corporate Investigations, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Assets Searches, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation Investigations. (02.2018)

January 2018
Advanced Investigation Systems Inc., Ed O'Connor, 926 Sunrise Hwy, West Babylon, NY 11704 Phone: 631-268-0748 Email:  eoconnor@aisprofessional.com - Web Site https://aisprofessional.com/ - State License Number NYS ID# 11000201647 Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Corporate, Computer Forensics, , Criminal, Background Investigations, Security Consulting, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation, Elder Care fraud, mortgage fraud. (01.26.2018)

SPOTLIGHT SECURITY SOLUTIONS, DR GEORGE HACKMAN OTOO, BOX GP13394 ACCRA , ACCRA,NEW ACHIMOTA,+233 Phone(s) * +233244272317,+233201484317,+23327284713
Email:  info@spotlight-gh.com Web Site:  www.spotlight-gh.com - Domestic , Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation - Contact us for polygraph checks, forensic document examination, background checks, due diligence,general investigations, executive close protection and etc. (01.26.2018)

Harbor Investigations, Andrew T McGee, 160-04 Crossbay Blvd., Howard Beach, NY. Phone 718-474-1280  FAX 718-318-4393- Email amcgee3478@earthlink.net Web Site: www.harbor-investigations.net State License Number 11000075551 - WE FIND PEOPLE OTHERS CAN'T, Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Photo Service. (01.12.2018)

Kimberly Diemert Investigative Service, Argus Advisors and Elite Services , Kimberly Diemert, P.O. Box 24644, Cleveland, OH 44124, Phone216-973-9859 – Email:KimberlyDiemert@ArgusAdvisorsEliteServices.com
State License: 201321002182- Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Countermeasures, Skip Trace, Corporate Investigations, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation Investigations. (01.11.2018)

MBG Protection & Investigations: Brian L Gates , 715 5th Avenue, Patton, Pa 16668, Phone: 815 935 8840  Email: Bri@mbgprotection.com - Web Site: http://www.mbgprotection.com - State License Number: PA1113 - Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation (01.2018)
J. Edgar Investigation Agency, John Edgar Lacher, 2057 Forest Ave, Suite 5, Chico, CA, 95928 - Phone: 530-592-7222 - Email: john@jedgarpi.com - Web Site: http://www.jedgarpi.com - State License Number: PI25963 -Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Skip Trace, , Service of process, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations (01.2018)

All Star Investigation, LLC , Tony Richardson, 1406 Alpine Trail , Neptune, NJ - Phone: 732-776-7626  - Email: allstarinv1@aol.com - State License Number: NJ-6535 - FBI-Retired- (20 years) Background Contract Investigator-FBI (20years) - Service of process, Background Investigations, Security Consulting, Expert witness-Presenter-Pedophilia Investigation/Cases in youth sports organizations. (01.2018)

Central New York Investigation Bureau, Joe Spadafore, 407 South Warren Street, 4th Floor, Syracuse, NY 13202- Phone: 3154725601 - Email: cnypi01@aol.com
Web Site: http://cny-pi.com - Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of Process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations, Civil Litigation, Jury Selection. (01.2018)

Meridian Investigative Solutions, LLC, David DuCharme, 6501 E. Greenway Pkwy. #103-177, Scottsdale, AZ, 85254- Phone: 480-999-6110- Email: meridianinvestigativesolutions@gmail.com - Web Site: www.meridianinvestigativesolutions.com State License Number: 1696766 - Domestic, Surveillance, Skip Trace, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation. (01.2018)

Powerhouse Investigations, Inc. , Michael Morelli , PO Box 700026, Tusa, OK 74170, Phone:  918-645-4024 - Email: michael@powerhouseinvestigations.com
WebSite:  www.PowerhouseInvestigations.com - State License Number:  16UPI65412 - Surveillance, Skip Trace, Assets Searches, Background Investigations,  Civil Litigation,  Board Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations (01.2018)

Lone Wolf Protection LLC (dba) PSA Security, Claude Whitaker Jr, 3209 W Alabama, Houston Texas, 770098 Phone: 713-303-1640, Email: claude@psa-lonewolf.com, Web Site: psa-lonewolf.com, State License Number: C16088 - Domestic, Surveillance, Skip Trace,  Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation, Private Investors and Security Guard Services (01.2018)

Shinkowsky Investigations, John Shinkowsky, 4511 Jonestown Road, 2nd Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17109 , Phone: (800) 276-0202, (717) 540-0631 Email: jshin@harrisburgpi.com - Web Site: www.harrisburgpi.com State License Number: 1373 M.D. 2016 - Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Skip Trace, Bodyguard Executive Protection,  Service of process, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Civil Litigation (01.2018)

December 2017
1 Source Private Investigations, Thomas C. Smith, 2925 Highway Avenue Highland, Indiana 46322, Phone: 219-381-8685 - Email: tom@1sourcepi.com
Web Site: www.1sourcepi.com - License Number: IN PI20900501 - Domestic, Surveillance, Skip Trace, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, background Investigations, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation, Voice Stress Analysis (12.2017)

Captain's Security, Chester Macrowski, 911 Grand Ave Waukegan,Il 60085- Phone 847- 344- 2068 Email: captain's.sue@att.net State Lic: 1062122 Domestic, Surveillance, Countermeasures, Service of Processs, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations (12.2017)

Holliday Investigative Services, Inc, John Holliday, 1860 Sandy Plains Road, Suite 204, PMB #225, Marietta, GA 30066, Phone, 770 428-5700 Email: mailto:john@hollidayinvestigations.com Web Site: www.hollidayinvestigations.com - State License Number Georgia - PDC002241 Also Licensed in Florida, New York and California . Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Child Custody, Mobile Ink Fingerprinting. (12.2017)

Middlebrooks, Randall, Brown and Associates, David L. MIddlebrooks, CFE, 433 Harrison Ave , Panama City, Fl 32401 - Phone: 850 769-8184 Email mailto:middlebrooksmarine@gmail.com . Web Site: www.panamacityflpi.com - State License Number A 95-00196 . Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, skip Trace, Service Of Process, Assets Searches, criminal, background investigations, security Consulting, civil litigation.  (12.2017)

Professional Investigations , Thomas Chickos , 140 Reynolds School Rd, Asheville, NC, 28803 - Phone: 828-712-6990 - Email: mailto:info@professionalinvestigationsnc.org Web Site: www.professionalinvestigationsnc.org
State License Number: 2797, 4316 - Domestic, Surveillance, Skip Trace, Service of process, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Civil Litigation, IDS Investigations (12.2017)

Delta Group, Raymond Gillis, PO Box 3129, Suwanee GA  30024 - Phone 800-329-4143  Email: rgillis@deltagroup.net Web Site : www.deltagroup.net
State License Numbers: ALABAMA-210  ALASKA-not required  ARIZONA-1664169  ARKANSAS-CMPY.0002153  CALIFORNIA-PI28732  COLORADO-PI20000187  CONNECTICIUT-A2645  DELAWARE- 16-15-A  FLORIDA-A9800320  GEORGIA-PDC001539  IDAHO-not required  ILLINOIS-117.001593/115.002288  INDIANA-PI21000524  IOWA-1470  KANSAS- A-5786  KENTUCKY-167427  LOUISIANA-8169091813-LA  MAINE-09911368  MARYLAND-1064384  MASSACHUSETTS-LP0122B  MICHIGAN-3701205885  MISSISSIPPI-not required  MISSOURI-2012003595; NEBRASKA-1158  NEVADA-2083A  NEW HAMPSHIRE-DA1076  NEW JERSEY-8643  NEW MEXICO-3059  NEW YORK-11000182306  NORTH CAROLINA-BPN006430P6  OHIO-201221001651  OKLAHOMA-15PIA4610  OREGON-81296  PENNSYLVANIA-MD212-13   SOUTH CAROLINA-2148  SOUTH DAKOTA-not required  TENNESSEE-1813  TEXAS-A18223  VERMONT-044.0125954-PI  VIRGINIA-117270  WASHINGTON-4307   WEST VIRGINIA-69328  WISCONSIN-17149-62  WYOMING-not required - Surveillance, Insurance fraud, assets searches, Background Investigations, remote Surveillance. (12.2017)

Walker Confidential LLC, T. Michael Walker, P. O. Box 1134, Couer D'Alene, ID 83816 - Phone: 208.457.3819 – Email : Mike@walkerconfidential.com - Web Site www.walkerconfidential.com - State License Number CA PI 24696, ID PD 50340 - Domestic, Surveillance, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Financial Asset Research, Criminal Defense, Missing Persons,, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations , Security Consulting,  Civil Litigation. (12.2017)

Fox Investigations LLC, Clay Taylor, 39 Helmsman Ct, Savannah, GA, 31410, Phone: 912.225.0128 Email: support@investigatefox.com , Website: www.foxinvestigations.agency State License Number: PDC002723, PDE050529 - Specializations: Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Skip Trace, Assets Searches, Background Investigations (12.2017)

J L West & Associates, James West, 6333 Pacific Avenue #221, Stockton, CA 95207 Phone: 209 471-0564, Email jim@westinvestigates.com, State License 28476
Registered Process Server, Corporate, Criminal, Background investigations, Service of process (12.2017)

November 2017
Callicutt Investigative Services, Larry W. Callicutt, 1458 W Graham Avenue, Nampa, ID 83651, Phone: (208)249-1155 Email: juvydirector@gmail.com
Ethics Investigations/Juvenile Corrections . (11.28.2017)

Citadel Investigations and Protection Group Inc., David Essad, 59345 Van Dyke #5, Washington Township, MI 48094, Phone:248-266-4289, Email:  dessad@sbcglobal.net
Web Site: www.michigandetective.com, License: 3701207171 Domestic, Surveillance, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Corporate, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal,  Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation (11.26.2017)

Advanced Investigative Concepts, Marvin Wilson, 10900 NE 4th Suite 2300, Bellevue, WA 98004, Phone: 253-217-9713, Email: Advancedinvestigativeconcepts@gmail.com
License: 2761, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service Of Process, Background Investigations. (11.20.2017)

Gates Detective Agency, Justin L. Gates, P.O. Box 36, Pontotoc, MS 38863, Phone: 888-803-1744, Email info@gatesdetectiveagency.com Web Site www.gatesdetectiveagency.com - Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Cour Filing, Court Record Search, Site Inspections, Kentucky Mobile Notary (11.2017)

CAPS Investigations, LLC, Dr. Ralph W. Bonner, 319 Carver Street, Lafayette, LA 70501, Phone: 337-319-0061, Email: capsservices@bellsouth.net, License Number: 6288-012306-LA 0 Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Service of process, Child Custody, Undercover, Background Investigation, Security Consulting. (11.2017)

Badac Agency – Investigations - Robert Kowalkowski - 35560 Grand River Avenue, Suite 1007 Farmington Hills, Michigan Phone: 800-819-0074 Email: robert@michiganpi.com Web Site: www.detroitpi.com State License: 3701200353 & 3701200874 - Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Corporates, Assets Searches, Criminal, Background Investigations, Civil Litigation, Public Record Retrieval (11.2017

A Rated Investigations, Michael Martinez, 10 Forest Avenue , Suite 6, Paramus, New Jersey 07652, Phone: 201-674-9609 Email: info@aratedpi.com, Web site: http://www.aratedpi.com Providing peace of mind as we protect your interest; Serving Northern New Jersey Lic: 8143. Owned and operated by a former law enforcement officer. Domestic, Surveillance, Countermeasures, Skip Trace, Computer Forensicss, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Background Investigations,  Co-habitations; Corporate & Domestic Electronic Sweeps; Cellphone,Ipad & Computer Forensics, Polygraph Examinations " infidelity"; Child Custody Investigation. (11.2017)

Leia Ingram, 5817 Waxham Court, Apt. 201, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, Phone: (224) 321-8070 Email: LIngram485@comcast.net Lic: VA DCJS ID: 99-410897.General Investigations. (11.2017)

October 2017
CIRO LaCORTE, 41 S.YOUNGS RD, WILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK 14221 Phone 716 632 6653, Email: SKIPTRACER815@AOL.COM, State License Number11000150810 Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Skip Trace, Service Of Process,  Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Civil Litigation. (10.25.2017)

Phone: 809-535-2919 - Email aspird@gmail.com Website  http://www.aspird.com License Number: SISP No. 120 Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Corporate, Service of process, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Consulting,  Political Intelligence,  Civil Litigation
(10.25. 2017)

STI Investigations & Intelligence Group, David Chemago, 101 - 5674 176th Street, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, V3S 4C6
604-574-0181 Email: david@six-tech.com Web Site: www.sti-investigations.com / www.vancouver-security.com - Security business license # B5849 Certified Cyber Investigation Professional (CCIP) Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Computer Forensics, Assets Searches, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation (10.17.2018)

ARCHANGEL PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS LLC., Sean Bradley Pettit, 12710 Vidorra Vista, San Antonio, TX, 78216, Phone (210) 289-4674, email: sponyou@ca.rr.com State Lic: C01063201,
Domestic, Surveillance,Insurance fraud, Countermeasures, Criminal, Background Investigations. (10.06.2017- 1)

September 2017
TINSLEY INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES INC.: John Tinsley, 1320 South 740 East, Orem, Utah 84097, Phon: 801-225-6100 , Email: JTinsley@TinsleyPI.com , Web Site: http://www.TinsleyPI.com
State License #Utah #100142 - Utah County's Oldest & Largest PI Firm, Domestic, Surveillance, Insurance fraud, Service of process, Undercover, Child Custody, Security Guard Services, Security Consulting, Political Intelligence, Civil Litigation. (09.2017-R-1)

Colorado Investigations Group, Joseph Arseneau M.ed LPI, 19237 Cottonwood Dr  S1015, Parker CO 80138 Phone 303. 903 .0688 – Email jos_ars@msn.com- Web Site:
Www.CIGDENVER.com - Lic PI2.203 0 Specialization : Expert Witness ...Police Procedure.Criminal Investigations,Criminal, Undercover, Background Investigations, Civil Litigation (09.2017-1)

SECURITY CONSULTING INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Dr. Ross L. Riggs , 1700 California Avenue, Louisville, OH 44641, Phone: 330.956.9561, 1.888.719.5636
Email: director@security-consulting.us Web site: www.security-consulting.us State License: 200921001465 Surveillance, Countermeasures,  Corporate, Criminal, Background Investigations,  Security Guard Service, Security Consulting,  political Intelligence, Cyber Protection. (1-09.27.2017)

Triple J Investigations, Johnny Joe James, 3963 South Highway 97 # 202m Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063, 1-888-602-5552, Email triplej@triplejinvestigations.com, Web Site: www.triplejinvestigations.com , License Numbers: 15AGI51689 / 17PIA 3367, Domestic, surveillance, skip trace, computer forensics,  assets searches,  background investigation,  security guard services, Security consulting,  cellular phone investigations. (09.26.2017)

Kelmar Global Investigations – Kelly E. Riddle, Pres.; Corporate HQ: 2553 Jackson Keller, Ste 200 San Antonio, TX 78230 (888) 873-1714 Offices; San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso. Email: Kelly@KelmarGlobal.com; Websites: www.KelmarGlobal.com, www.a-c-i.org
Number One Private Investigator in the United States (PI Magazine). 1997-1998 Investigator of the Year (NAIS). Hall of Fame Member (NAIS). Personal Injury, Domestic, Corporate, Assets, Insurance Investigations, Surveillance, and Background Checks. (Lifetime NAIS Member) Expert certification in Nurising Home Abuse Investigations, Surveillance, investigative Instruction, insurance claims. Licensed: TX, FL, CA, OK, GA, NM, LA, IL, OH, AZ, SC, NC, TN, VA, etc - updated - lifetime member.

Four Star Private Detective Agency: Bert C. Van Nouhuys, 257 Lawrence Street, #396, Marietta, GA.- Phone: 404.539.9409, Email: bnouhuys@aol.com, Web Site: http://www.fourstarprivatedetectiveagency.com , State License: 001676. Specialization: Domestic, Surveillance, Bodyguard Executive Protection, Skip Trace, Corporate, Service of process, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations, Security Consulting, Civil Litigation. (09.2017)

PSSA, LLC. Terry Hipkins PO Box 42383, Baltimore, MD 21284 -Phone 410-952-5594 THipkins@comcast.net . State License  MD 106-3820 - Domestic, surveillance, insurance fraud, countermeasures, skip trace, corporate, service of process, assets searches, criminal, background investigations, technical surveillance countermeasures. (09.2017)

Adaptive Services LLC, Dave Pituch, 1615 Dairy Rd,  Palmerton PA, 18071- Phone 570 994 9887, email Adaptiveserviceslls@gmail.com - Specilizaztions: Auto Repossession. (09.2017)

DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc, Julie Russell, PO Box 562, Appleton, WI  54912,  920-380-0480 - Email: office@diinv.com Website: www.diinv.com State License: 16221-62 Surveillance, insurance fraud,  Bodyguard And Executive Protection, Skip trace, assets searches, undercover,  criminal, background investigations, civil litigation. (09.2017)

AF1 PROTECTIVE AGENCY INC.,  Jacques Houssou, 1931 150th Avenue , Suite 112, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33028, Phone 561-237-2765 Email: jacques@guardlimo.com Web: www.guardlimo.com State Lice: B 1700251 Bodyguard Executive Protection, Undercover, Security Guard Services (09.2017)

The Task Group, LLC, Jeff Norris, 2551 Monticello Drive, Gastonia, NC 28056 Phone: 704-860-7118, Email TaskgroupPI@gmail.com State License: 3412
Specilizations: Domestic, Bodyguard, Executive Protection, Skip trace, Child Custody, Criminal, Undercover, Security Consulting. (09.2017)

Shores Investigative Services, LLC, Joshua Shores, 104 W. Main Street, Dresser, WI 54009 Phone (612) 470-6371 Email: josh@shorespi.com
Web www.shorespi.com Lic: WI: 11697-063s - Specilizations: Domestic, Surveillance, Skip Trace, Corporate, Child Custody, Criminal, Background Investigations. (09.2017)

Stonebraker Serviced, LLC: Geralnd Stonebaker, 103 Main Street, Homer, Michigan, 49245, Phone: 517-945-8482, Fax: 517-568-5553, Email: stonebakerservices@gmail.com, Web Site: http://www.stonebakerservices.com - Speciaizations: Investigstions currently contracted with Calhoun County, Michigan Prosecutor's Office to investigate cold case sexual assaults. (09.2017)

CSI Services: Christopher M. Cavallo, 4380 Oaks Road, Suite 807, Davie, Florida, 33314, Phone 954-626-0034, Fax 954- Email: chris@CSI-Securesolutions.com - Web Site: http://www.CSI-Securesolutions.com . Specializations: Surveillance, skip trace, criminal/civil, domestic, corporate investigstions, digital forensics (cell phone and iPiad), Due Dillegence, background investigations, insurange fraud, hiden assets, undercover operations, subject interviews and witness statements. (09.2017)

Tamar Forensics:Marisa T. Dery, 58 Day Street, #44004, Somerville, MA, 02144, Phone 617-543-9615, Email: tamarforensics@gmail.com - Web Site: http://www.tamarforensics.com - Specializations: audio and videoenhancement, authentication, (orginial? - tampered with?) voice verification/Identification. (09.2017)

Rick Foley Investigstions, LLC, Rick Foley, 6100 Fourth Street N.W. , Suite A-422, Albuqerque, New Mexicio, 87107, phone 505-401-3864- Fax 505-792-6036 - Email: rfoley@rickfoleypi.com - Web Site: https://www.rickfoleypi.com - Specialzations: LE Civil Rights Defense, Intellectual Property Surveillance. (09.2017)

Magnum Investigations, LLC, Lee Donohue, 6650 Hawaii Kai Drive #250, Honululu, HI., 96825, Phone 808-753-5617, Email akkkarate@hawaii.rr.com- Website: http://www.magnumhawaii.com -Specilzation: executivecprotection, general investigations. (09.2017)

Eariler 2017

MICHAEL COLLINS: 10917 Almira Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111 Phone 216-212-9369 Email: michael_28466@msn.com License 2016210173044 Web site: http://www.pi-mike.com Specialization: Landlord assistance locates, workers comp. (3-1-17)

MCCAUSEY-REICHMAN GROUP LLC: Jason G. McCausey: 10401 Thornapple Dr, Perrinton, MI 48871 Phone 248-240-4825 Email: jasonmccausey@mrgoupllc.net Web site: http://www.mrgroupllc.net Specialization: Cold Cases, missing persons, people finder, infidelity cases, comprehensive background checks, process services & criminal defense. (2-1-17)

SERVIAM RESEARCH & INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Michael E. DeNight: 816 North Delsea Dr, Suite 316, Glassboro, NJ 08028 Phone 609-670-9212, License 9379, Email: michael.de@srtesearch.com Web site: http://www.serviamresearchteam.com Specialization: Human trafficing, missing persons. (2-1-17)

Affordable Privite Investigations: Bob Henry Masters Level 1/195 Adelaide Terrace Perth, Western Australia, 6000, Phone: 61-8-93253373 Email: affordablepi@bigpond.com Specialization: Criminal, civil litigation, workers comp, industrial accidents, family court, missing persons, asset & business profiles, specialising in on ground inquiries in Malaysia-Thailand & other Asian countries. (2-1-17-r)

NATL PROTEC AGCY DC CO: Jimmy Walker: 10420 Clay Trl, Chesterfield, VA 23236 Phone 804-402-3108 Email: natlprotec@aol.com Web site: http://www.nationalprotectionag.com Specialization: Civil & criminal investigations, missing persons, executive protection & security consulting. (2-1-17)

JOSEPH J. PINTO & ASSOCITES: Joseph J. Pinto: 83 Tampa Dr, Buffalo, NY 14220 Phone 716-603-6366 Email: josephjassociates17@gmail.com License 11000174723 Specialization: Domestic investigations, workers comp, child custody, criminal, security, armed, including site/facility, dignitary, monetary escort. (2-1-17)

GII-PII: Jim Goss: 707 Busseron St, STE A, Indiana, 47591, Phone 812-291-6034 Email: jim@giisource.com License PI21500009, Web site: http://www.gii-pii.com http://www.giiacademy.com Specialization: Work comp fraud, social media research & investigations, cyber investigations, background checks, medical canvasing, online training academy. (2-1-17)

TRI CONTY INVESTIGATIONS: Brian J. Krogmann: 207 N. 4th St, Ste C, Kingman, AZ 86401, License 1682777, Phone 301-659-9411 Email: bkrogmann13@gmail.com Specialization: Child custody, missing persons, infidelity, insurance fraud, white collar crime, surveillance. (2-1-17)

EMPIRE NORTHEAST INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES: Lance Moscariello: 73 North Main St, Massena, NY 13662 Phone 315-250-9461 Email: moscar80@gmail.com License 1100019423 Web site: http://www.empirepi.com Specialization: All areas of manned and unmanned surveillance, criminal defense investigations, field interviews, accident reconstrunction, data retrieval, process serving, background/ intel checks. (2-1-17)

THE R & D AGENCY INC: Don Dunn: 14480 Ewing Ave, STE 101, Burnsville, MN 55306 Phone 952-882-8000 License 632, Email: result@rdagency.com Web site: http://www.rdagency.com Specialization: Insurance fraud, IP investigations, corporate investigations. (3-1-17)

VENTURE 2015 INVESTIGATIONS: Carlton Morse: 2810 S. 24th st, Ste 108, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phone 480-447-1513 Email: morse@verticalidentitysecurity.com License 1683563 Specialization: Domestic, skip tracing, fraud, missing persons. (3-1-17)

STOPP INVESTIGATIONS & SECURITY: Gary J. Bennett: 1047 Millwood Rd, Derry, PA 15627 Phone 888-305-1412 Email: garyb@stoppinvestigations.com Web site: http://www.stoppinvestigations.com License 491 MD 2012 Specialization: Corporate theft, fraud & forensic investigations, backgrounds, business & personal activity inquiries, Due Dilligence, Video surveillance, bugdetection, skip tracing, missing persons, Professional Security, and more. (2/1/17)

SUPERIOR INVESTIGATIONS: Patricia A. Beilsmith P.O. Box 505 Hannibal,MO 63401 Phone: 573-406-9709 Email: superior.investigations@hotmail.com License: MO.2014040557 Speccializations: Civil Investigations, Insurance Fraud, Process Service, Surveillance, Discreet & Secure. (2-1-17-r)

MANTRACKER INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Gregory M. Urroz: 4199 E. Nighingale Ln, Gilbert, AZ 85298 Phone 480-620-2024 Email: mantrackerpi@gmail.com License 1671264 Web site: http://www.mantrackerpi.com Specialization: Skip tracing, locates, surveillance, cheating spouse, workers comp, employee theft & fraud investigations, witness interviews. (2/1/17)

CORE INVESTIGATIONS & POLYGRAPH: Douglas A. Brenn 23811 Washington Ave. #C110-383 Murrieta,CA 92562 Phone: 800-440-7940 Email: doug@coreinvestigations.com Website: http://www.CoreInvestigations.com License: 25534 Specializations: Internal Theft, Work Place Investigations. (2-5-17R)

FORT BEND INVESTIGATIONS: Robert Fucile: 25502 Long Hill Ln, Spring, TX 77373 phone 281-957-5771 Email: robertf@fortbendinvestigations.net Web site: http://www.fortbendinvestigations.net License A02014201 Specialization: Asset searching, Cell phone detection & debugging, background checks, corporate surveillance, domestic surveillance, employment screening, insurance investigations, fraud, skip trace, workers comp. (1-17-17)

BELLINGHAM I S: Jared T. Larson: 404 Oak St, Ste 266, Syracuse, NY 13203 Phone 315-527-4976 Email: jl@syracuseinvestigator.com Web site: http://www.syracuseinvestigator.com License 11000188369 Specialization: Domestic & criminal defense. (1-17-17)

VALLEY INVESTIGATIVE PROFESSIONALS: Louis P. Galindez: 404 Parry Ave, Modesto, CA 95354 License 24638 Phone 209-380-0385 Email: lpgcom@netscape.com Web site: http://www.privateinvestigator.com Specialization: Criminal major crimes, civil background checks, civil judgments, mate-watch, workplace investigations. (7-15-17)

NATIONAL SECURITY CONSULTING & INVESTIGATIONS PLLC: Keli C. Waxman: P.O. Box 41012, Phoenix, AZ 85080 Phone 888-745-6612 License 1621089 Email kwaxman@natsecinvestigations.com Web site: http://www.natsecinvestigations.com Specialization: Criminal background checks, internet research, public records & licensure verifications, domestic investigations, expert forensics/cell forensics, HR investigations, protection investigations. (1-17-17-R)

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NATIONAL FORENSIC CONSULTANTS: Jonathan D. Rose 6632 Telegraph Rd. #287 Bloomfield Hills,MI 48301 Phone: 248-979-7180 Email: j.d.rose.md@hotmail.com License: 3701-205623 Specializations: Consulting. (1-17-17-r)

EYE SEE YOU CONSULTING: Simone E. Keevert: 510 Logan St, Green River, WY 82935-5123 Phone 307-875-1765 Email: skeevert@wyoming.com Web site: http://www.the-seeker.com Specialization: Locator, skip tracer, background checks, doc searches, adoption related searches, network worldwide with search angles who work on emergency medical locationg fdor adoptees with serious medical issues as well as birth parents who need to pass on serious medical information. (1-17-17)


ATKINSON INVESTIGATIONS: David W. Atkinson 3771 Old Route 100 Road Pulaski,VA 24301 Phone: 540-616-7027 Email: mdas@email.com Website: http://www.atkinsonpi.com License: 11-5593 PI: 99-156324 Specializations: Adult & Infidelity, Accident, Background, Criminal, Civil, Divorce, Insurance Fraud, Survelliance, Pre-Employment, Workers Compensation. (11-1-18-r)

LPI SERVICES: EDWARD LEWIS: 2522 No. Proctor #188, Tacoma, WA 98406 Phone 253-761-2574 License 796 Email: elewis@edwardlewispi.com Web site: http://www.edwardlewispi.com Specialization: Criminal, civil, domestic, attorney assistance, surveillance, missing person, hard to serve process, background check, child custody, divorce, debugging, bodyguard, GPS tracking & more. (12/1/16)

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ROBERT H. RIVERA: P.O. Box 9023452, San Juan, PR 00902 Phone 787-299-9957 Email: mrbobby@caribe.net Specialization: ID Fingerprint, criminology, forensic photography. (12/1/16)

INCOGNITO INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Rick Hayes: P.O. Box 8953., Columbus, MS 39705 Phone 662-574-8964 Email: incognito8953@yahoo.com Specialization: Criminal, civil, divorce. (12-1-16-r)

CITADEL INVESTIGATIONS & PROTECTION GR: David Essad: 59345 Van Dyke #5, Washington, MI 48094 Phone 248-652-2222 Email: dessad@sbcglobal.net Web site: http://www.michigandetective.com License 3701207171 (12-1-16)

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MORRISON INVESTIGATIONS: James A. Morrison: 135 Stone Hollow Trace, Carriere, MS 39426 Phone 601-347-6492 Email: sabonim@bellsouth.net Specialization: Skip tracing, surveillance, process serving, criminal & domestic. (12-1-16)

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