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How To Start Your Own Spy Shop!
Secret Sources And Secret Techniques
An Investigative Report And Supplier Manual
By Ralph Thomas

How to Start Your Own Spy Shop takes you by the hand and explains to you what you need to do to open one and make it highly successful. Understanding who buys spy shop products and the best way to obtain the products that you sell is half the battle with opening such a store. Based on 30 years of experience, this material hands you a gold mine of sources on how and when to buy direct and explains the life of a good selling product so you understand when to get in, when to get out, when to buy from a US wholesaler and when and how to buy direct and import yourself. This material also covers in depth who exactly is spy shop buyers and how you can easily market to them. It is full of secret vendor sources both in the USA and overseas. You are taken into the complicated area of dealing with China suppliers, how to buy from them and how to find them. Unique and successful marketing approaches are given to you so you’ll build your business and your client base that will make your shop sales soar. This material shows you what to do, how to do it and what to avoid. If you are interested in starting your own spy shop then this material is exactly what you need to help you get it open and make it highly successful. 206 pages, PDF $38.95
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Professional Judgment Recovery
Second Updated And Expanded Edition
By Jon S. Kahlkopf

Professionals Guide To Conducting
A Surveillance

By Ralph D Thomas

Tracing Missing Heirs
With Ralph D. Thomas And
Harvey Morse

Professionals Guide To Auto Repossession
By Chris Cantrell - eBook $28.00

Professionals Locate Investigations
By Dean Beers


Bail Enforcement- Fugitive
Recovery Operations

The Encyclopedia On The Bail Recovery And Enforcement Profession $28.00

Covert Video Mystery Shopping For Professional Investigators $19.95

The Executive Protection Manual $28.00

Complex Legal Investigations By James W. Harbert, CLI, FCi - $35.00

Tactical Surveillance - An Investigators Bible By Doug Hagman $19.95

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume I - By Jack Murray eBook $19.95

Expert's Guide To Successful Legal Testimony $19.95

Tactical Surveillance - An Investigators Bible By Doug Hagman $19.95

Investigative Reports In eBook Form

How To Start Your Own Old West Cowboy And Indian Store
A Business Start-Up And Secret Source Manual
By Ralph Thomas

An Old West Cowboy And Indian Store sells high demand fast selling Western and Old West Clothing as well As Indian jewelry and Native crafts. This is a unique and fun opportunity to open a store that sells cowboy hats, Western and Old West Clothing, Cowboy Boots and Moccasins, Indian Jewelry, Suede Fringed coats that you can import at rock bottom pricing, famous outfits of the Old West and famous guns of the Old West. Based on a successful operation on what to do and not to do, this material gives you a fast start that will keep you on the right track as far as what to buy, who to buy it from and what not to buy. You’ll learn about secret marketing techniques that will make your store buzz with sales. You’ll learn how to put famous outfits together such as Wyatt Earp, Clint Eastwood And John Wayne as authentic outfits. You’ll learn everything you need to know about cowboy boots and cowboy hats along with which ones sell, which ones don’t and why. The supplier list in this material is a goldmine if you wish to be in the Old West or Western store business.

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