University of Applied Science Finger Print And Secret Intelligence Service Course, 1923

This home-study material was a highly popular course that started thousands of people on the road to the private investigative profession in the 1920's. The course consisted of a book with 12 lessons in it on how to go into the profession of "Secret Intelligence Service." Although the title of the lose-leaf binding is "A Study Of Finger Prints", only about half the lessons had anything to do with finger print technology. The other course material consisted of how to conduct various types of investigations in the 1920's. Private investigators of the time were often called Secret Intelligence Agents. The course also included a can of white dusting powder to check for prints, black powder or ink to take prints,an old metal and wood roller for applying the ink, a glass used to check for prints on, an original envelope from the University of Applied Science as well as a test sheet with several finger prints. At this time, finger print technology had just become of age and it was a big thing in the 1920's. Evidently, the University of Applied Science through the course would sell much better if they gave a strong focus on the latest modern detection and crime solving technique which was finger printing. The course was sold through mail order by placing display and classified ads in various magazines. They used a two-step method which means that the ads simply asked you to write in for more information or a "free" sample lesson.

The contents of the course consisted of the following lessons.

Fingerprint Ridges
Personal Elements Of The Successful Secret Service Operator
Types Of Finger Print Patterns
The Study Of Human Nature-Determining Motives
Finger Print Central Pocket Loops
A Sound Mind In A Sound Body
How To Get Material Facts
Portrait Parle Or World Pictures
Getting Into The Business Yourself
Handling Particular Cases Part One
Handling Particular Cases Part Two
Forged, Raised And Bogus Checks
Finger Print Ridge Counting
Latent Finger Prints
Developing Finger Prints
Photography And Classification
Photography And Sub-Classification Photography Part One
Photography And Sub-Classification Photography Part Two
Photography And Sub-Classification Photography Part Three

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Some Magazine Ads From The University of Applied Science That Ran From
The 1916's All The Way Though The 1970s'
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Some of the one column inch ads the company ran.

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Some of the full page ads the company ran.

University of Applied Science Building In Chicago, 1920's



Click Here To Read A Lesson-Getting Into Business For Yourself

The University of Applied Science who's address was 1920 Sunnyside Ave., Chicago, Ill., was started in 1916. I can remember seeing their ads in the 1960's and 1970's in various detective and police newsstand magazines. During this time period, they were still hyping finger printing techniques.

The University of Applied Science was started by T. Dickerson Cooke. He ran the business well into the 1960's. We noted that T. Dickerson Cooke was a member of the International Association for Identification (IAI). We contacted their historian they they provided us with the following information about Mr. Cooke and his long and active membership in IAI.

IAI Directory in 1960
Information on the card is as follows:

T. Dickerson Cooke #924 (IAI Membership Number)
Hendersonville, NC 28739

Mr Cooke Was The Association Editor: 1946-50, 1951-53
He Was The Director: 1957-59
A Division Representative: 1959-65
And The Historian: 1965-75
BOOK II et seq
He Died Feb 21, 1980 at Hendersonville, NC

T. Dickerson Cooke and his University of Applied Science is likely responsible for the training of more private investigators and detectives in the private sector from the years 1920 well into the 1960's than anyone in the world.


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