Pinkerton Investigative Services ID Card, New York City Office
This was a standard issue Pinkerton Detective Ageny ID card in the mid 1900's. With three color printing, it was something for it's time period.

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Thor Larson ID Card And Badge, 1945
Thor H. Larson was the resident Superintendent of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency of Seattle, Wa. in 1945. This is his badge, Pinkerton National Detective Agency ID (dated 1947) card and Consular ID card. The Consular Identification Card was a pass to board British ships and all others under charter of the British Ministry of war transport Seattle/Tacoma (dated 1945) The card states, "The bearer may board all British and Canadian Vessels in the Port of Seattle/Tacoma." Stamped by the British and Dutch consulate offices in Seattle. Below are close up photos of the two cards. You can click here to see close up photos of the badge.

Satellite View Of Where The Third Avenue Building Was In The 1940's.
The Arrow Marks The Location Of Where The Pinkerton Office Was.
Note How Close It Was To The Ship Docks.


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