Pinkerton Detective Agency Jeweler's Security Alliance Protection Notice Sign 1800's
From: H.H. Blase Jewelry Store, 64 S. Main Street, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 1893

Over the decades, Pinkerton's National Detective Agency solved and recovered millions of dollars in jewelry store thefts. This is one of the many signs used to warn those that if they took stuff from the jewelry store, Pinkerton Detectives would be on the case. Everyone during this time period knew that Pinkerton always solved it's cases and got the bad guys. The sign measures approx. 6" by 3 1/2". It hung by the attached chain. It's important to note that $100.00 back in those days would convert in actual value to over $5,000 today. This sign hung in the H.H. Blase Jewelry store at 64 S. Main Street, Wilkes Barre, Pa. around the turn of the century. The H.H. Blase Jewelry store was established in 1893. Below is photos on the outside and inside of H.H. Blase Jewelry.

The Jeweler's Security Alliance is still in operation today and has been since 1883.The alliance helps jewelers combat crime by offering rewards, providing alerts and providing education on crime prevention and security issues to jewelers. In the 1800's into the 1900's the Pinkerton National Detective Agency was the approved investigative and security agency of the Alliance. Below is an email I got from the current president of the Jeweler's Security Alliance concerning Pinkerton National Detective Agency and the sign pictured above:

Ralph Thomas,

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance was founded in 1883 as a non-profit crime prevention organization for the jewelry industry. From its earliest days the JSA contracted with Pinkerton to conduct investigations on behalf of member jewelry firms if they had a loss due to crime. As you know, communications and law enforcement were quite primitive in that era, but Pinkerton, a national detective agency, was able to work throughout the country bringing jewelry criminals to justice. This relationship waned over the years as law enforcement and communications improved, including the development of the FBI. The relationship persisted in a small way until the 1980s, but is now ended.

For may years each JSA member received one of those signs. At some point in the past before my time the signs became too expensive and JSA instead supplied a sticker for the jeweler’s door. While JSA still provides rewards for information about crimes against JSA member firms, we no longer send a sticker, since it is not effective.

Thank you for your interest in JSA history,

John Kennedy, President
Jewelers’ Security Alliance


Above is a photo of an old poster send out by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. This is from 1906 San Francisco California and to Police Authorities, Pawnbrokers, Loan Officers, Etc. It lists stolen Jewelry form Jewelry store in Gilroy California Measures Approx. 8" X 12 1/2. As you can see from this presentation, private investigative agencies handled these types of crimes in this time period since there was no FBI or national police force. To view a collection of other Pinkerton National Detective Agency wanted and notice posters sent out, click here.

1912 San Francisco California " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " (2) page Poster $5,000.00 Reward Poster To Jewelers, Authorities, Pawnbrokers, Assayers. Reward for High Line Jewelry. To view a collection of other Pinkerton National Detective Agency wanted and notice posters sent out, click here.


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