A Tribute To The Rockford Files

From Left To Right: Phonebook ad for Rockford. A Publicity Shot from the TV show. The cover of the new DVD on the Rockford Files you can get at any DVD retailer.

Jim Rockford And The Rockford Files
What PI Vintage Collection Could Be Complete Without Some Info On The Rockford Files! There are many vintage TV shows about private investigators but nothing as good as The Rockford Files! As a practicing private investigator, I had to be home on Friday night to watch the TV show and a group of us called it "training films".

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Video - James Garner discusses the end of "The Rockford Files

Video Interview James Garner

James Garner on the genesis of "The Rockford Files"

Video - The Rockford Files Theme

Below Are Artifacts From The Ralph Thomas Collection

Have Your Own Private Rockford Marathon!
You Can Now Purchase Five (Yes That Is Five!) Seasons
Of The Rockford Files on DVD! Go To Amazon.com

Autographed Photos From The Ralph Thomas Collection
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TV Prop. Rockford Files ID Card With His Yellow Page Ad On The Back

Signed Pilot TV Script- Titled: Backlash Of The Hunter
Dated January 14, 1974 -  97 pages.

Production Code # 81796 
Signatures Are: James Garner, Stuart Marglin (Angle), Lindsay Magner, Joe Santos

Description: Harry Butler, a drunken whino, is murdered by a mysterious figure at the
beach. Joe Santos as Sergeant Dennis Becker has a feeling the case is something
more sinister, but Captain Dell orders him to file it as an inactive case. Professing herself
as being wealthy, Sara Butler employs private investigator James Rockford to find out who murdered her father at his normal rate of $200.00 a day plus expenses.

Thirty Years Of The Rockford Files (The Book!)
An Inside Look at
America's Greatest Detective Series
by Ed Robertson

A photo of James Garner Accepting An Award From Jimmie
And Roe Mesis of PI Magazine. PI Magazine honored actor James Garner with its first-ever
Outstanding Achievement Award as “Television’s Most Famous Private Investigator.”
Photo Credit: Kevin Ellis (kellis@normantranscript.com)

Hand Signed Photo With Rockford Files Film Strips

Play The Music Theme From The Rockford Files


Personal Note From Ralph Thomas: Note that Jim Rockford advertised he did criminal cases only. He lived in a run-down trailer on the beach and took whatever work came his way even if it wasn't a criminal case. On the TV show, whatever case he worked, he almost always stumbled across a dead body.

The Rockford Files is generally regarded as one of the finest private eye series of the 1970s, and indeed of all time, consistently ranked at or near the top in polls of viewers, critics, and mystery writers. The series offered superbly-plotted mysteries, with the requisite amounts of action, yet it was also something of a revisionist take on the hard-boiled detective genre, grounded more in character than crime, and infused with humor and realistic relationships. Driven by brilliant writing, an ensemble of winning characters, and the charm of its star, James Garner, the series went from prime-time Nielsen hit in the seventies, to a syndication staple with a loyal cult following in the eighties, spawning a series of made-for-TV movie sequels beginning in 1994.

Other Rockford Files Web Sites

The Rockford Web Site
You can go to The Rockford Files Fan Club Web Site which has now been running on the net for over ten years. It's well worth it if you are a Rockford fan. You can download Rockford's answering machine recordings, listen to the music theme, review photos and a whole lot more! I have been following this site for years and it's developer has recently updated it.

James Garner Online
A fan's web site of James Garner

Museum Of Broadcast Communications, The Rockford Files
The Museum Of Broadcast Communications keeps data on TV programs. This is their Rockford Files page.



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