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From the personal collection of Ralph Thomas with huge links to other museums
and areas of like interest. Collection to soon to be on display at the Spy Exchange And Security Center For you to view in person in Austin, Texas.

About PI Vintage And The Spy And Private-Eye Museum

Featured Presentations

Watch A Fast Loading Video Of The Spy And Private-Eye Museum
In Austin Texas. When In Austin Texas, Be Sure To Come By The
Spy Exchange And Security Center And See The Museum In Person For Free!

Watch A Video Presentation Of Jay J Armes Done By PM Magazine
Read About Jay J Armes, Private Investigator
Obtain A Copy Of Jay J Armes Book


Museum Quality Old West Bounty Wanted Poster And Notice Set--Spy And Private-Eye Museum- www.pimall.com/nais

Museum Quality Old West Bounty Wanted Poster And Notice Set- Click Here To Review The Collection

Pony Express Antiqued Help Wanted Notice And Pony Express Badge Set- Spy And Private-Eye Museum- www.pimall.com/nais

Pony Express Antiqued Help Wanted Notice And Pony Express Badge Set- Click Here To Review Now!

New Section Added- Old And Antique Investigative Reports


What's New!

Joseph Colligan
JOSEPH COLLIGAN Private Investigator Extraordinary

John Wilks Booth Lincoln Assassination Gun Replica And Reward Posters-( Updates)
Now With " You Can Own It" Options Through Thomas's Collector's Armory!

Updated! Abraham Zapruder 8MM JFK Assassination Camera And Film, 1963
A Sixteen Million Dollar Twenty-Eight Second 8 MM Film

Updated! World's First Button Camera With Subminiature Hidden Camera, 1950's

Updated! Vintage Covert Surveillance StealthCam In Radio 1970's

Allen Pinkerton Replica Gun And Badge Set- Spy And Private-Eye Museum- www.pimall.com/nais

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Replica Gun And Badge Set With James Gang Reward Poster
Click Here To Review This Limited Edition Allen Pinkerton Collector's Set Now!

New Section Audio Automatic Long Play Analog Audio Recorders
From the 1980s/1990s
Right before the evolution of digital recorders, these
recorders where the work horses of automatic telephone recorders
for investigative use.

Sony 12 Hour Long Play Automatic Telephone Recorder

R2D2 Caller Is Logger/Long Play Telephone Tape Recorder

12 Hour Mini Auotomatic Telephone Recorder

6 Hour Silent Witness Micro Telco Rercorder

Updated! Hound Dog Bug Detector And Phone Sweep Unit, 1950's/1960's

New! GCIS Alysyn A. Bourque ID Cards And Badge

New Section: Early Micro Video Camera Technology 1990's

First Micro Penhole Cameras

First Portable Wireless Video Link for Microchip Cameras

First Wireless Hidden Clock Camera

First Microchip Watch Covert Video Cameras

First Pager Camera Covert Video Camera

First Truely Portable VCR 8MM Recorder With Time And Date Stamping

First Reasonably Priced Covert Video Sunglasses

Briefcase Covert Video Recorder With Camera

The Gun That Assassinated Abrham Lincoln Replica- Spy & Private-Eye Museum- www.pimall.com/nais

Replica Of John Wilkes Booth Gun Used To Assassinate President Lincoln Boxed Set And Poster Collection
Click Here To Review This Collection Now!

Museum Quality Historical Wall Mounted Famous Gun Collections -www.pimall.com/nais

Museum Quality Historical Wall Mounted Famous Gun Collections
- Click Here To Review The Collection Now! -


Other Updates And New Presentations

The Steineck ABC Wrist Watch Camera, 1940's

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Fee Notice, Late 1800's

James Bond 007 The World Is Not Enough Movie Poster, 2000

Another Pinkerton Case File With Expense Report, 1882

Chicago Pinkerton Detective Agency Case Letter, 1921

The Cuban Missile Crisis And U2 Spy Planes 1960's

TL9000 Transmitter Locator,1960's

New Update! Minifon Wired Recorder Now Eight Pages

New Update! Minox Spy Camera. Now Six Pages Long

Pinkerton Special Services Wall Hanging, 1960s

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Report to American Bankers Association, 1899

New Update! The Photosniper! 2008 Updated Presentation!

Pinkerton Ashtray Advertising Speciality, 1950s

New Update! The Watergate Bug And Artifacts Collection

New Update! - The Nixon White House Tape Recorders

New Update! James Garner, The Rockford Files Collection

Pinkerton Investigative Services ID Card, New York City Office

Update! The 1946 Great Seal Bug Story

ENIAC World's First Computer, 1946

New Update! Lloyds Miniature Recorder, Mission Impossible, 1960s

Updated Page! Suzuki Optical Covert Camera Lighter, 1961

Pinkerton Detective Agency Bill for $442.22, 1910

Minox Spy Camera Frame Viewer, 1950's

Elvis Presley Rare Replica Sheriff's Badge 1960's

New Update! Minox Spy Camera Kit With Accessories, 1960's

Universal School Private Investigation Manual By William Patterson, 1950's

The Apple Newton PDA

Julius "Buddy" Bomet, The Father Of Modern Day Private Investigation

Lisa, The $9,999.00 Apple Computer, 1983

Standard Detective Agency Pocket Dictionary Give-A-Way 1895

Palmetto Detective Agency Advertising Postcard 1950's

Old Handcuff Collection1800's

Corner Spy Around, 1915-1920

Black Over Brass 1920's Bonded Detective Agency Sign

Spartacus: The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Computer1997

Fi-Cord, 101 S Spy Tape Recorder Of The 1960's

National Negro Detective Agency Badge Q. J. Gilmore- 1920's

Portable Telephone Scramblers, 1970's

JJ Armes, My American Hero Updated
JJ Armes Visits NAIS - An Opportunity Of A Life-Time!

Other New And Featured Presentations

Micro Minifon Clandestine Spy Wire Recorder with Wristwatch Microphone 1952

White House Situation Room Gets A Make-Over

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Murder Investigation Report, 1896

De Jur Grundig Portable Tape Recorder, 1960's

Kennedy's Detective Secret Service Badge1800's

Grundig Portable Hand Held Tape Recorder 1970's

Metrigraph Model 80D Portable Polygraph, 1930's

Suzuki Optical Covert Camera Lighter, 1955

Thor Larson ID Card And Badge, 1945

Authentic Pinkerton's Protective Patrol Badge, 1940's

Kodak Cine 16 Movie Camera With Telephoto Lens, 1930's

Post Card Notice To Pinkerton Seeking Murder Suspect, 1888

Pinkerton Detectives, Criminals Photo & Information Book, 1895

Telegraph Cipher, Pinkertons National Detective Agency, 1895

Very Early Antique Movie Camera, 1890's

Grannans Detective Bureau Company Badge, Cincinnati Ohio 1880s

Super Subminiature Box Camera, 1870's

Rare Documents From Case File Pinkerton Detective Agency, 1877

Sherlock Detective Agency Print Block,1950s

William Pinkerton Letter, 1881

Ansco Memo Miniature Camera, 1927

Bell & Howell "FILMO Sportster" MOVIE CAMERA, 1930's

Complete Minox Espionage Camera Kit, 1951

Cine-Kodak Model B Movie Camera, 1926

Leonard Delue Secret Service Investigators Ad, Denver, 1934

F. M. Edwards Investigative File, 1897

Dell's Detective Agency Badge 1950's

Rare 110 Camera Disguised In A Book, 1970's

Webster Detective Agency Badge, circa1890's

Golden Ricoh 16 Subminiature Camera, 1960s

Post Card Pawnbroker Notices From Pinkerton's 1886

E.O. Ream Investigating and Detective Bureau Advertising Blotter, 1920's

New York City Detective Agency Yellow Page Ads, 1958

Powell National Detective Agency Yellow Page Ad, Denver Colorado, 1931

Mighty Hit Subminiature Camera with Telephoto Lens 1950's

Updated Page! Detective Dictograph! A New Listening Device, 1907

Pooles Detective Agency Badge, 1940's

Central Detective Agency Letter, 1897

Stuzzi Portable Reel to Reel Tape Recorder, 1957

The Spy Of The Rebellion By Allen Pinkerton -Book And Ad, 1883

Lumiere ELJY Subminiature Camera, 1930's

Antique Polygraph Sanborn Model 51, 1930's

Fred Otash Hollywood Private Investigator, 1960's

Lloyds Miniature Recorder, Mission Impossible, 1960s

RCA Wire Recorder, 1930's-1940's

Pinkerton Agents Investigation Case File Photos, 1908

Yellow Page Phone Book Ads, Portland Oragon, 1953

Central Identification And Investigative Bureau Letter Opener, 1941

De-Bug Mini Bug Detector 1960's

National Tape Recorder, 1960s

First Generation CPM-700 Countermeasures Sweep Kit, 1980's

Lieberman & Gortz Spy/CIA 25 X 52 Spy Binoculars, 1950's

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Office, New York City, Early 1900's

Pinkerton National Detective Ageny Califorina Office Photo, 1900

Blotter Ad With Calendar From Universal Detective Bureau,St Augustine, Florida , 1951

The Electra Candid Covert Recorder 1960's

Covert Diamond Tie-Clasp Mic, 1960's

Mark V PSE Lie Detection Kit with Built-In Panasonic Recorder, 1970's/1980's

Standard Secret Service Detective Bureau Sign, Early 1900's

James Bond 007 Prop Telephone Bug Detector Replica, 1963

James Bond 007 Thunderball Movie Prop And Posters, 1965

American Agency Private Investigation Sign, 1950's

Special Allen Pinkerton Investigative Report
History And Evidence Of The Passage Of Abraham Lincoln From Harrisburgh, PA
To Washington, DC 22nd And 23rd of February, 1861

Frederick Wagner Detective Agency Course Ad, 1914

Minifon Portable Wire Recorder, 1940s-1950's

Miniature Univex 8mm Movie Camera, 1939

PhonoTrix Miniature Tape Recorder, 1965

Steky IIIB Miniature Spy Camera With 40mm Telephoto Lens 1950's

University of Applied Science Finger Print And Secret Intelligence Service Course, 1923

Ace Fingerpriting Kit And Pad, 1950's

Universal School Of Investigation, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Testimonial Advertising Booklet, 1910

Russian 16 mm KGB Spy Camera, circa 1970's

Kate Warne First Female Private-Eye

To ID Me Badge/Telegraph Security Badge, 1899

Portable Dictograph Audio Amplifier, 1907

Tica Expo Watch Camera, 1890's -1920's

RB Clifton Telephone Line Tone Sweep, 1960s

Abraham Zapruder 8MM JFK Assassination Camera, 1963

The Watergate Bug From The Nixon Watergate Affairs 1970's

James Bond 007 Prop Telephone Bug Detector Replica, 1963

Telegraph Key And Sounder, 1850s, 1860s

Pinkerton Detective Agency Jeweler's Security Alliance Protection Notice Sign 1800's

Zenit Covert Video Camera 1970's

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