The Allen Pinkerton Collection- Spy And Private-Eye Museum-

The Spy And Private-Eye Museum - Allen Pinkerton Collection

From the personal collection of Ralph Thomas with huge links to other museums
and areas of like interest. Collection to soon to be on display at the Spy Exchange And Security Center For you to view in person in Austin, Texas.

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Allen Pinkerton And Pinkerton's National Detective Agency

Rare Documents From Case File Pinkerton Detective Agency, 1877

Pinkerton, Lincoln, Gen. McClernand Photo, 1862

Allen Pinkerton On Horseback, 1862

Allen Pinkerton And His Secret Service Photo, 1862

Allen Pinkerton Meeting With Civil War Intelligence Agents, 1862

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Fee Notice, Late 1800's

Pinkerton Special Services Wall Hanging, 1960s

Special Allen Pinkerton Investigative Report
History And Evidence Of The Passage Of Abraham Lincoln From Harrisburgh, PA
To Washington, DC 22nd And 23rd of February, 1861

Pinkerton Detective Agency Letterhead, 1880's

Pinkerton Telegraph To President Lincoln Dated in 1861

The Spy Of The Rebellion By Allen Pinkerton -Book And Ad, 1883

Another Pinkerton Case File With Expense Report, 1882

Special Allen Pinkerton's Collector's Set

Allen Pinkerton Replica Gun And Badge Set- Spy And Private-Eye Museum-

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Replica Gun And Badge Set With James Gang Reward Poster
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William Pinkerton Letter, 1881

Pinkerton Wanted Poster, 1885

Pinkerton Detectives, Criminals Photo & Information Book, 1895

Telegraph Cipher, Pinkertons National Detective Agency, 1895

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Report to American Bankers Association, 1899

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Murder Investigation Report, 1896

Detex Watchman Clock, circa 1898

Pinkerton Ashtray Advertising Speciality, 1950s

Pinkerton Agents Investigation Case File Photos, 1908

Authentic Pinkerton's Protective Patrol Badge, 1940's

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Office, New York City, Early 1900's

Pinkerton Detective Agency Bill for $442.22, 1910

Chicago Pinkerton Detective Agency Case Letter, 1921

Thor Larson ID Card And Badge, 1945

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Testimonial Advertising Booklet, 1910

Pinkerton National Detective Ageny Califorina Office Photo, 1900

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Reward Posters, 1906, 1906

Pinkerton Investigative Services ID Card, New York City Office

Pinkerton Detective Agency Jeweler's Security Alliance Protection Notice Sign 1800's

Biography Of Allen Pinkerton-Father Of The American Private-Eye

The Early Pinkertons By Geoff Pinkerton (13 Chapters)

The First Private Eye

Library Of Congress -Holder Of Pinkerton Archives

The Baltimore Plot To Assassinate Abraham Lincoln - Originally published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine; June 1868

Allen Pinkerton And His Secret Role In The Underground Railroad

Allan Pinkerton (1819-1884) Grave, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Ill.

This may be the only known photo of Kate Warne-
Undercover Civil War Female Spy! The First Female Private Investigator

Kate Warne
Kate Warne First Female Private-Eye- Civil War Spy

Pinkerton National Detective Ageny Wanted Posters

1874 $20,000 Pinkerton Reward Poster, Charlie Ross, Germantown, Pa.

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Wanted Poster, Jesse James Gang, 1869

1885, 1,000 Reward for Forgery, James Robinson, Pinkerton National Detective Agency

1909 New Orleans Louisiana " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " $500.00 Dollar Reward
Paid for Articles lost on Ferry Boat.

1906 San Francisco California " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " $100.00 Dollar
Reward Paid for arrest of FRANK L. Fullen

1906 Los Angeles California " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " $200.00 Dollar
Reward Paid for arrest of FRANK L. Murray

1906 San Francisco California and to Police Authorities, Pawnbrokers, Loan Officers, Etc. It lists stolen Jewelry form Jewelry store in Gilroy California Measures

1908 Philadelphia Pennsylvania " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " $200.00 Reward. REWARD offered for information leading to arrest of H. K. Alwine who is wanted for forgery.

1912 Kansas City Missouri " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " $1000.00 Reward, Mail Pouch Theft

1914 Chicago Illinois " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " (2) page Poster $10,000.00 Reward Poster To Jewelers

1907 Chicago Illinois " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " (2) page Poster $500.00 Reward Poster For Felix B. Tait.

1912 San Francisco California " Pinkerton's National Detective Agency " (2) page Poster $5,000.00 Reward Poster To Jewelers, Authorities, Pawnbrokers, Assayers. Reward for High Line Jewelry.

Museum Quality Historical Wall Mounted Famous Gun Collections

Museum Quality Historical Wall Mounted Famous Gun Collections
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From The Ralph D. Thomas PI Vintage Collection
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