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Article: History And Evolution Of The Audio Tape Recorder

New! - The Nixon White House Tape Recorders

Dictaphone Wax Recorder, 1910's

Webster Chicago Wire Tape Recorder From the 1940's

Webster Chicago Silver Wire Tape Recorder From The 1940's

Pierce Wire Recorder, 1940's

Walkie-Recordall, Circa-1930's, 1940's

RCA Wire Recorder, 1930's-1940's

Minifon Portable Wire Recorder, 1940s-1950's

Minifon Portable P55 Covert Wire Recorder Kit 1940s-1950's

Minifon Portable Wire Recorder With Body Harness1940s-1950's

Minifon Covert Pocket Wire Kit With Watch Microphone, 1950's

Micro Minifon Clandestine Spy Wire Recorder with Wristwatch Microphone 1952

The Mohawk Midget Recorder, 1950's

Vintage Phono Trix Portable Reel Recorder Set with Carrying Case 1950's

ER Recorder A Popular Portable Reel Recorder From The 1950's

Trix Reel to Reel Profesional Tape Recorder Systyem, 1950's

Geloso G268 Tube Tape Recorder, 1950's

Stuzzi Portable Reel to Reel Tape Recorder, 1957

Edison Reel-To-Reel Portable Recorder, 1950's

Fi-Cord, 101 S Spy Tape Recorder Of The 1960's

Miniature Channel Master Tape Recorder, circa 1950s-60s

De Jur Grundig Portable Tape Recorder, 1960's

Lloyds Miniature Recorder, Mission Impossible, 1960s

PhonoTrix Miniature Tape Recorder, 1965

National Tape Recorder, 1960s

AIWA Transistor Reel-To-Reel Mini Recorder, 1960's

Jaguar Portable Reel-To Reel Recorder, 1960's

The Electra Candid Covert Recorder 1960's

RA-11 Transistor Tape Recorder 1960's

Mayfair Transistor Reel To Reel Long Play Portable Tape Recorder, 1960s

Mayfair Portable Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Player 1960's

Starlite Pocket Mate Reel to Reel Portable Tape Recorder, 1950s, 1960s

Covert Tape Recorder Briefcase, 1960's

Portable Claricon Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorder 1960's

Portable Reel To Reel Universal Transistor Tape Recorder 1960's

Phono Trix Reel To Reel Portable Tape Recorder 1960's

TR 900 Portable Reel To Reel Recorder, 1960's

Olympus Pencorder Reel-To-Reel 1960's

Juliette 4 Transistor Tape Recorder Model LT-44, 1960's

Grundig Portable Hand Held Tape Recorder 1970's

Sankyo Micro Cassette Audio Recorder, circa 1970's

Sony Cassette-Corder TC-55, 1970's

1960's/1970's Cassette And Micro Cassette Audio Recorders

Sony Microcassette Recorder M-88VA, 1980's

Sony Ultra Thin M-100 Microcassette Recorder, 1980's

Ultra Compact Pearlcorder L400 Micro, 1980's

Early Covert Pen Recorder, circa, 1980's

Sony M-909 Auto Reverse Microcassette Recorder, 1990's

Mark V PSE Lie Detection Kit with Built-In Panasonic Recorder, 1970's/1980's

Audio Automatic Long Play Analog Audio Recorders
From the 1980s/1990s
Right before the evolution of digital recorders, these
recorders where the work horses of automatic telephone recorders
for investigative use.

Sony 12 Hour Long Play Automatic Telephone Recorder

R2D2 Caller Is Logger/Long Play Telephone Tape Recorder

12 Hour Mini Auotomatic Telephone Recorder

6 Hour Silent Witness Micro Telco Rercorder

Audio Surveillance, Spy And Private-Eye Gear

Portable Dictograph Audio Amplifier, 1907

Gulton Accelerometer High End Wall Mic
Likely Used By Federal Intelligence Agents In The 1960's To 1970's

Military Grade Transmitter-Sender/Receiver 1940's/1950's

Watch Microphone, 1950's

Old Tie Clip Mic, 1950's

Covert Diamond Tie-Clasp Mic, 1960's

Juliette Silver Mic, 1960's

The Watergate Bug From The Nixon Watergate Affairs 1970's

The 1946/1952 Great Seal Bug Story

Early Covert Pen Recorder, circa, 1980's



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