The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals,
Imposters and Terrorists Out Of The
Workplace And Providing The Background
Checks To Do So!

By Lester S. Rosen

Two Important Facts:
Pre-employment screening services are booming.
Pre-employment screening industry has changed.

This massive guide by one of the nation's top pre-employment screening services provides the professional with the essential tools, resources, knowledge and know-how to conduct in depth professional pre-employment screening services within the framework of the complicated federal, state and local laws. It is a comprehensive blueprint for developing a safe hiring program for employers, human resources, security professionals, private investigators, labor lawyers -- anyone concerned about hiring safe and qualified workers.

Contents Include:

Section One: Legal Foundation For a Pre-Employment Screening Program And Service
• A Parade Of Horribles-Examples of why pre-employment screening is essential
• A Safe Hiring Program-Understanding the essentials of pre-employment screening and what it accomplishes
• Due Diligence And Negligent Hiring-How negligent hiring lawsuits started and how pre-employment screening shows due diligence.
• Elements Of A Safe Hiring System- Examples of the successful screening process and a hiring checklist
• Complying With Discrimination And Privacy Laws-Federal and state laws dealing with discrimination and privacy. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Avoid Previous names and martial status discrimination. Avoiding age disaffirmation.
• Keeping It Legal-The Fair Credit Reporting Act-Understand the fair Credit Reporting Act and it's restrictions.

Section Two-Essential Starting Points-The AIR Process (Application-Interview-references)
• Why Applications Are Vital- application form as a hiring tool. Reasons not to rely on resumes. Ten critical items every application needs. Critical areas and questions that application must avoid. Ten other sure signs of a lawsuit waiting to happen. Applications and the disclosure of criminal records. Where to find good application form.
• The Interview Process-The importance of interviews, advantages of structured interview, the integrity interview, five questions that should be asked in every interview, why are employment gaps so important, the questions not to ask and why, looking for Greg flag behavior. Additional integrity questions.
• Legal And Effective Past Employment Checks-Why verification checks are so critical (even if all you get back is a name, rank and serial number. Importance of the reference check. How far back should you go? Procedures needed to implement quality references. Ten tips for effective telephone reference checks. Use reference checks that are legal. Making the past employment calls. Why employers will not given references. How to deal with requests for references.

Section Three- Guidelines To Background Screening Tools
• Pre-Employment Screening--What Is It And Who Does It- The pre-employment screening process. Screening Vs. Investigations-not the same thing. Employment screening on the rise. Background screening services and how they get their information. Focus on legal compliance. Beware of bells and whistles.
• The Role And Legal Use Of Criminal Records-Why criminal records are important indicators. EEOC and use of "arrest only" records. FCRA compliance, When the applicant tells. When the applicant lies. Other legal consideration.
• Where And How To Legally Obtain Criminal Records-Core concept--there is NO central location for criminal records-the real store about the FBI's criminal record database, determining where to search, how to conduct a courthouse search, federal courts are a separate system, databases to search for criminal records, taking caution when using public databases and why, take caution when using private databases and why.
• Using Credit reports And Social Security Traces- Employers and credit reports, FAQ about credit reports, the Social Security trace, Verifying a Social Security Number, Privacy and Social Security Numbers, Using the SSN number to cross check the application, SSN number tables.
• Education And Credentials Verifications- How to perform verification, do not jump to conclusions, recognizing diploma mills and worthless degrees, complexities of academic accrediting, fake accreditation scams, high schools and trade schools, credentials verifications, college and accreditation resources.
• Other Important Screening Tools-Driving records, worker compensation records, civil lawsuits, judgments, liens and bankruptcies, sexual offender databases, military records, security clearances, merchant databases, national wants and warrants.
• Screening Essential Non-Employers- Screening vendors and independent contractors, staffing firms and temporary workers, volunteers, workers in home, heath care and other high-risk occupations.
• Employer Issues With IDs, ID Theft, And Privacy-The problem of who is who, Identity in America, Identification criteria used by employers, five tools to avoid fraudulent identification, U.S. Citizenship and immigration services procedures, privacy issues.
• Important After Hire Issues-Orientations, manuals, probation, screening current employees and other issues.

Section 4: Crucial Pre-Employment Screening Program Reference Library
• The Safe Hiring Report Card-Take The Test-Economic fallout from a bad hire and the solution .
• Special Issues And Trends In Pre-Employment Screening-Employers come in all sizes. Special challenges faces by small business. Large employers and their unique problems. Special issues with the nontraditional workforce. Special problems for employers with large hourly, seasonal, temporary contract workforces. Online inkstand databases. Issues with a labor shortage market. Recruiters banns safe hiring. Trends with embalmment kiosks. Candidates presenting their own verified crede3ntials. Background screening and the creation of a human database.
• International Background Checks-Introduction. Why not to assume the government is screening from abroad. Types of international checks. Screening versus investigation. Handling special challenges with international background screenings. Performing international criminal checks. Countries with accessible criminal records. Verification of international schools and employment. Other international due diligence steps. Legal implications of employers doing international background checks. Privacy and data protection. Introduction to safe harbor. Canada's strict privacy laws.
• Terrorist Searches, Terrorist databases And The Patriot Act-The post 9/11 world and terrorist searches for employers. Patriot ct and financial institutions. Terrorist searches and other vital industries. Terrorist databases, the good and the bad. OFAC frequently asked questions. Using all the tools. Past employment verifications key to protection vital industries from terrorists.
• Dealing With Fraud, Embezzlement And Integrity for honesty and morality. Uncovering and avoiding embezzlers,. Corporate fraud and Sarbanes-Oxley. Psychological testing for honesty and integrity. Honesty! Do honesty tests really work?!
• Workplace Violence workplace violence. Who causes workplace violence. Preventing it. Other important issues.
• Drug Testing In The US- ABC's of drug testing. Not all drug tests are created equal. How drug testing works. When results are positives. Pros and cons of testing methods. Drug testing costs and information resources.
A Criminal Records Primer-State and federal court systems. The federal court system. Other important criminal records terms.
• The Pre-Employment Screening Industry-Introduction, industry ratings, the role of the pre-employment screening industry in the American economy, how pre-employment screening companies perform their tasks. Development of an industry. NAPBS--the industry trade association.
FAQ On Working With A background Screening Company-Seventeen questions a pre-employment screening company should ask itself and the seventeen questions one using such a service should ask.

Section 5: Appendices
• Fair Credit Reporting Act Summaries
• Title VII EEOC Notices
• Forms And Interview Questions
• Timelines And Tools

No other work covers the pre-employment screening process as an industry like this manual does and it is a must have reference work for anyone involved in the pre-employment screening process. We urge you to order yours today so you too can become an indepth expert on successful pre-employment screening processes, tools, techniques and the law that relates to it. 512 pages, checklists, tables, forms, questionnaires, index.


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