Spytech SpamAgent

Spytech SpamAgent is a powerful spam filtering and reporting tool that allows you to keep spam from reaching your inbox. SpamAgent comes with over 1500 preset filters to stop spam from reaching your inbox - and allows you to fight back against spam with the click of a button!

SpamAgent Key Features

  • Block incoming Spam
  • Create Custom Spam Filters
  • Create a Friends list
  • Monitor multiple email accounts
  • Fight back against Spam!
  • Send Unsubscribe notices
  • Send Abuse notices to ISPs
  • Stop attachments
  •  Save Time by Stopping Spam

Stop Spam and Protect your Inbox

Waste too much time filtering out spam from your inbox?
Want to fight back against the spam that plagues you?

SpamAgent is also a great solution for protection your PC's security and privacy by allowing you to block potentially damaging attachments, and for fighting against spam. Read more below to see all of SpamAgent's features!

E-Mail Monitoring and Filtering
SpamAgent is a powerful mail filtering tool that can filter incoming messages by Sender, Recipient, Subject, Body, and other Special filters. All filters can be updated and configured by the you, the user!

Major Features:

  • Filter by Sender
    SpamAgent allows you to filter incoming messages by sender - preset filters including many known spam domains to start filtering with. (over 660 sender filters are included to start with)
  • Filter by Recipient
    SpamAgent allows you to filter incoming messages by recipient - this allows you to reject e-mails that do not contain your e-mail address in the recipient field.
  • Filter by Subject
    SpamAgent allows you to filter incoming messages its subject. (over 300 subject filters are included to start with)
  • Filter by Body
    SpamAgent allows you to filter incoming messages by text in its body and header. (over 530 body filters are included to start with)
  • Special Filters
    Special filters include Attachment filtering, Filtering if no subject is present, Filtering if sender equals Recipient, and Filtering if the incoming message is a forward.
  • Friends
    The SpamAgent friends list allows you to specify e-mail addresses that you ALWAYS accept e-mail from, regardless of the content.

Security and Privacy Features
SpamAgent helps fight back against spam by allowing you to easily report spammers with a click of a button.

Spam Reporting
SpamAgent allows you to fight back against spam! SpamAgent features a tool to send a customizable unsubscribe notice to the sender of the spam, or an abuse report to the administrator of the ISP the spammer used to send you the spam. These two tools allow you to actively fight back against spammers.

Attachment Protection
SpamAgent allows you to block all incoming attachments, or just executable/program attachments that may potentially damage your PC!

Abuse Lookup Tool
SpamAgent features an Abuse Lookup tool that allows you to lookup the abuse address of a selected spam that you have received, allowing you to view the proper authorities to report the unwanted spam to.

Easy To Use

Intuitive Interface
Easy to use, graphical user interface, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons!

Easy E-Mail Viewing
Simply double-click a filtered mail, or click the View button to view any filtered messages!

Speed Adjustment
SpamAgent is customizable to allow it to run effectively on slower, older Windows PC's.

E-mail Recovery
If SpamAgent filtered an e-mail you need, no worries, the Recovery feature can allow you to forward the message back to your e-mail!

Supports Multiple E-mail Accounts
Support and manage all the e-mail addresses you use in one location!

Configurable Startup Options
SpamAgent can be set to load on Windows boot, minimized to the system tray, in stealth mode, and in active mode.

Sound Alert
Have SpamAgent play a sound notifying it filtered an e-mail!

Upgradeable Filters
Want to see if there are any new features? Just click the Upgrade button from the Help menu!

System Requirements

Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2000, or XP
Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher)
2MB Hard disk space
MSN Email, AOL Email , Hotmail and webmail NOT supported


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