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In Loving Memory Checkers Thomas, NAIS Mascot
Checkers Thomas passed away of kidney and liver failure at 4:18 PM on March 21st, 2007. She was a very special companion of Ralph Thomas for 14 years. Checkers was always by Ralph's side. In the room where Ralph works, Checkers had her own special pillow she would set on while Thomas toiled away on his computer or talked on the phone. In the living room was another special checkers pillow she had while Ralph and Barbara watched TV. She also had her own special place and pillows inside the cabin on the Private-Eye, Thomas's boat.

PI-Camcorder TinyTek Stick
World's Smallest High Quality Camcorder!

Ideal For Covert Use! The World's Smallest Covert Video Recorder And/Or Camcorder!

On Sale Now! $69.95
Introducing the PI-Camcorder TinyTek Stick, the high quality camcorder that actually can fit inside a standard pack of gum. Delivering unbelievable quality video/audio at the touch of one button. Evidence recording has never been made easier! The PI-CamStick is the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced. Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly. For the most discrete applications, the PI-CamStick can even fit into a standard pack of chewing gum! High quality instant videos have never been easier!

Mini Watch DVR With Covert Video And Covert Still Shot Camera
Time And Date Stamping! 2 GB Of Memory Up To 2 Hours Video Recording Time

Bluetooth Covert Video

Hands Free Invisible Secrets
Bluetooth Headphone Covert Video Camera/DVR
Covert Video Will Never Be The Same Again!


Get The Latest High Grade Technology And Leave Your Competition In The Dust When It Comes To Covert Video Recording! Warning! Don't become Another Victim Of Bait And Switchers! There Is One And Only One Professional PI Camstick Model And That's Lawmate Brand. The Rest Of Them Belong In The Show-N-Tell Classrooms For 6th Graders! Look At These High Grade Features: • Built-In High Grade Concealed Camera • Law Enforcement Grade Video Recording • Amazing 640 X 480/ 29 Frames Per Second • High Resolution Surveillance Still Snap Shots • Amazing 1280 X 960 Pixel Resolution • Two Attachable Clips • Built-In Rechargeable Battery • Vibration Alert Confirmation Mode • 2 GM Micro SD Card (Included!) • Multiple Status Indication • Super Fast USB Connection To Computer!

Your Choice Of Black Or Gold Lighter

The new generation Lighter DVR with built in camera is just the thing for covert video. Just think about
what you could do with this! Inside this regular looking lighter is a hidden color camera and 4GB of internal
memory. This tiny camera has 640 x 480 video resolution and can be used in many applications from
meetings, conferences, interviews and you can also use it as a flash drive. Discrete portable and easy to use!
One button record on/off anyone can learn to use in 30 seconds!

Innovation At it's Best! - High Grade Covert Key Chain Video Recorder DVR!
Covert Key Chain Video Recorder DVR! Instant One Button Covert Video Evidence Grabber In Your Hand!

• World's Smallest High Grade DVR core with built-in 2 GB flash memory. • Built-in High Resolution Camera That Takes Both Video And Still Shots. • Photo Quality 1280 X 1024 Resolution. • Built-In HIgh Grade Rechargeable Battery. • Simple And Fast USB Connection. • One Button Recording Or High Resolution Snap Shot. • Covert Vibration Feature Lets You Know You Got Your Video Evidence. • 3 Hours Video Recording Time And 3 Hours battery Life. • Up to 4,000 Still Photos. • Extremely Easy To Use. Out Of The Box 30 Second Learning Curve! • Totally Covert! Looks Like Common Key Chain And Door Remote.


New! Rugged Law Enforcement Grade
Bright Flashlight With Built In Video And Still Shot Camera



Waterproof  Watch Cam

Handsome High End Waterproof Watch Camera /DVR
Still Shot Camera And Covert Video Camera Built Into A Waterproof Watch!


Swiss Tide Travel Clock
Hidden Covert Video Camera/DVR - Also Does Still Images
15 Second Set-Up And Take Down For Covert Video Operation!

PowerCord Cam

In Stock Now
ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade
Stationary Covert Video Will Never Be The Same Again

Two Models To Pick From:
Advanced Model: High Resolution With Motion Activation
Ultra Advanced Model: High Definition, Motion Activation And External Camera Plug
Optional Lawmate Brand Covert Cord Cam

It looks like a regular every day AC Adapter you plug into the wall but that is not what it is. This high grade covert video
camera has a DVR and hidden camera built right into it with motion activation, The Ultra Advanced Model has true High
Definition, Time And Date Stamping and an extra plug for a second camera such as our covert cord plug camera that looks like a normal cord. Since the unit plugs into the wall and it powered in this manner, there is no need to worry about battery drain since this high grade unit is powered through the normal eclectic outlet. It just sets there and looks like an AC Adopter but only you know what it really it.

CanCam - DVR Within a Soda Can

PV500 HD Button Cam!

Just Released!

CoverTeK Covert Video Systems

New Evolution! Stationary Covert Video Surveillance Has Changed!
Completely Self Contained Stationary Covert Video Systems!

Top Quality Covert Video Camera Systems With Built In Digital
Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!
Now With Up To 60 Hours Recording Time And Low Light Ability!

Tiny Air Freshener, Cube Alarm Clock Cam, Air Purifier Cam, Touch Lamp Cam,
Table Clock Cam, Wall Clock Cam, Ipod Dock Center Cam, iHome Docking Cam,
Wood Mantel Clock Cam, Boombox Cam, Kid's Boombox Cam, DVD Player Cam,
CO2 Detector Cam, Mirror Cam, Motion Detector Cam, Recluse Blackbox Cam,
Air Ionizer/Cleaner Cam, Outdoor Electrical Box Cam, Exit Sign Cam, Flower Pot Cam,
Outdoor Floodlight Cam, Outdoor StealthCam , Pear Wood Cube Clock Cam

New For 2009! New Generation High Resolution Ultra Advanced Mini PI CamStick 640X 480 @ 30frame/second/Up To 8 GB SD Card!
The new generation thumb-sized Ultra Advanced Mini PI CamStick is just the thing for on-the-go covert video recording and renders the older PI Camsticks a relic that belongs on the Toys-R-Us toy shelves! With super high resolution and low light recording, this is a professional and law enforcement grade model that will serve you well for your covert video recording needs.



Small enough to be placed anywhere! Includes a 2GB micro SD card! This handy pen style camcorder will assist you to capture video for use in many applications business or personal! With its slim style and ease of use this camcorder is portable and can go anywhere. Easily transfer the video onto the computer from the unit or the Micro SD card. Crisp cleanhigh resolution video (640 x 480) has never been simpler!

Working Pen With Built-In Video Camera/DVR! Covert Video Has Never Been Easier! Now With Up To 30 Hours Recording Time! Two Models To Pick From! 2 GB or 4 GB Memory!
Now Starting At Only $95.00

It used to be merely a dream to have a working video video and DVR built into a working pen. However, amazing break-though nano technology has now made that dream a reality! This amazing devise is a high grade working pen that conceals a 1 mega pixel video camera and camcorder built right into it's top! Simply push one button to take video!

New Generation ProbeTeK Eyeglass/Sunglass Covert Video with Built In DVR!
Covert Video At It's Best! Interchangeable Lens From Eyeglass To Sunglass. Built In Covert Video And Digital Video Recorder

The next generation covert video eyewear is out! This professional grade covert video bodywear kit renders other kits that require you to record to a separate DVR a thing of the past! The digital video recorder is built right into the eyeglass frame itself.

World's First Completely Self Contained
Covert Video Camera And DVR Built Into A Working Watch

If you want the latest innovation in covert video bodywear, the covert video watch with built in digital video recorder hidden inside is finally hear! This handsome watch not only looks great, but it also hides a hidden 1.5 Mega Pixel CMOS camera with a 2 GB digital video recorder.

Innovative High End Bodywear Covert Video At It's Best! Coming In May! Covert Video Bodywear Operations Will Never Be The Same Again! More Covert And Invisible Than Anything Ever Before!

This is high end covert bodywear innovation at it's best! The PV900 Invisible Secrets DVR is a law enforcement grade DVR built into a cell phone that has motion activation and time and data stamping. The high grade, high resolution low light hidden CCD camera is built into the top of the cell phone. Press a secret function key once you turn the covert video system on for recording and the screen of the cell phone looks like a normal cell phone. No one but you knows that it is recording video. Once the covert video operation footage is obtained, simply walk away with your cell phone. Press another secret function key and the high resolution video with time and date stamping can then be reviewed with the high resolution cell phone screen. The PV900 Invisible Secrets DVR can also be used as a standard pocket DVR to plus external cameras into it and record high resolution video powering the cameras of your selection.

Clip-It Laser CamTeK
Hi-Def IR SD/MMC Clip-It Color Camera

You can ClipIt to your pocket or belt. You can clipIt to your purse! You can ClipIt to your visor in your car! You can ClipIt just about anywhere and shoot high res video when you want to with the push on one button and even do it in very low or no light conditions. For security and convenience, this high quality recording device is an excellent choice. You can take 320x240 AVI video clips at any time simply by pushing the record button, switch to the IR camera for low light situations, and record it all with audio. It also features a SD/MMC port letting you have memory of up to 2GB and a rechargeable built in Lithium battery. $169.95

The SpyCam Phone 2010

Two years before it's time, we are excited to present the new SpyCam Phone 2010! This little baby has a built in 1.3M pixel camera and DVR for video recording! It's also a cell phone! It features a 1.66 high resolution TFT screen and has amazing touch screen controls.

High Grade Micro Camcorder
New Generation Micro Small High Resolution Camcorder

This new generation high resolution camcorder has the specifications needed by today's
investigative professional! You will fall in love with it's feel, ease of use and high grade end results!
There are a lot of small camcorders in the market place today and there is certainly a lot of junk
you don't want. However, this mini digital camcorder stands out from the crow when it comes to
quality performance and it has a great direct import price to match!

Dashboard CarCam
As you sit there and read the beginning of this report you start to sense the importance of protecting yourself and your family. Accidents can happen at any time, without notice. As is often the case after an accident, we are disoriented and don't always remember everything just prior to the impact. Law enforcement uses what you say immediately following an accident to assess fault that could adversely affect your financial well being. $99.50

PI Elite Slim Camera/Camcorder/MP4/MP3 Player
Digital Camera/Camcorder/Audio Recorder/MP4 Player
All Rolled Into One!

The PI Elite Slim Camera/Camcorder offers an 8-in-1 Multifunction MP4 Player + Digital Camera. Incredible looks, great multimedia functions, and crisp full color screen mean this is a sure hit for music fanatics, photographers, and gadget lovers everywhere.

The Investigator's All-In-One Main Tool

Easily the most anticipated electronic gadget of the year, the MicroSavvyCam is the ultimate personal camcorder and multimedia device for young, active and demanding professionals. Forget about carrying around multiple gadgets, all you need is theMicroSavvyCam! Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be carried in your pocket or slung around your neck, creating a fashion statement and giving you a whole new meaning of convenience. Its ergonomic design allow users to single handedly operate this 11 in 1 function device with ease and style.

SpyTek Black MultiCam
Why Get Just A High Resolution 6.0 Mega Pixel Pocket Digital Camera When You Can Have All Digital Evidence Gathering And Media Functions Into One Small Unit
If someone like James Bond himself was to select a digital camera we believe that this one would likely be the one! That's because it goes way beyond the run-of-the-mill high mega pixel digital camera. It is also a video camcorder, a multi media player, a digital video recorder in which you can plug other external cameras into, an MP3/MP4 player and a small audio recorder all built into one savvy and tiny black intelligence gathering high tech unit. Aside from excellent high resolution photographic and video evidence you can gather with this baby, you can use as it your personal media and entertainment center when not on the investigative job!

TinyTek Digital Camera 2007!
Still Shot Camera, Video Camera And DVR!
All Built Into One Very Tiny, Slim And Savvy Unit!

Picture perfect for investigative and law enforcement use, our new generation TinyTek digital camera fits your needs like nothing else on the market because of the all-in-one investigative functions it performs! She starts out with a very high quality 2.0 mega pixel camera with an 8 X zoom that gives you time and date stamping on all your still photos.

New Generation Nano Camera/Video Camera
The World's Smallest In It's Class!

This tiny camera is small enough to fit on a keychain, and not only takes pictures at 640x480 resolution it can store up to 100 seconds of video! The picture quality is good and this is the world's smallest digital camera updated with new features for 2007! Share pictures easily with the USB interface and included software! You will be amazed with the quality you get in this tiny-sized camera package with it's tiny-sized price!

MicroTek Camcorder
World's Smallest 2.0 Mega Pixel Digital Camcorder

Introducing The worlds smallest digital video camera, that's also a 2.0 MP digital camera! Capture those all important covertvideo moments on your assignment instantly. Carry it with you on the go, the MicroTek digital video camera is so small it fits easily in your pocket or purse. You will want to take it everywhere you go! It packs the same punch as a full size video camera and with 3.1 MP Software Resolution, and 35-45 minutes of continuous recording time on a 128 MB Flash card, it's performance is hard to match!

Closeout Special! The Digital Pen Camera
MSRP: $149.95 Closeout Special! Only $69.95
Buy Two And Get A Third One At Half Price!
Looks like a pen, writes like a pen, but is also a digital color camera. Stores 36 pictures which can be downloaded to your computer via USB cable (included). Great for covert applications. Includes 4 standard "coin cell" batteries, USB cable, software CD, instruction manual, and deluxe hard travel case.

High Resolution Camera Binoculars
While the market is flooded with cheap copies and imitations, we can supply you with the all new and improved binoculars with integrated digital camera for 2003. Most of the camera binoculars in the market today are 2002 models but if you're looking for next generation in 8X30 300K pixel or 10X25 1.3MP camera binoculars we are your best source. Now with our 1.3MP ViewCapture Binoculars you can view your pictures on your TV. no PC needed.


Amazing Telephoto Surveillance Camera Kit

High quality 35 mm conventional camera with a super zoom telephone lens and unique camera stock trigger mount makes this kit ideal for shooting long range still surveillance photography.

Three In One Covert Digital Spy Camera
This was the first tyoe of really small digital camera to come on to the market and started causing a downward movement of conventional subminiture cameras. The XP Compatible SpyCam is a still camera, camcorder and web-cam all in one tiny unit. You'll love it! 16 MM of memory. Depply discountyed pricing and closeout.

Tiny Slim Cam
This amazing micro digital camera is very slim and about the size of a credit card. With high quality ability to 1.3 mega pixels, this camera gives you amazing resolution! It has many multi-function uses! First, it's the world's smallest digital camera for the amazing resolution you get.

New Generation Cyber-Eye
Digital Surveillance Camera That Senses An Intruder And Automatically Takes Pictures! TheCyberEye-Cam is ready to instantly and silently record up to 680 images in it's own built-in memory. Each image is time, date, and sequence number stamped. Adjustable sensitivity motion activation


CyberEye ECO Motion Activated Auto Dialer
The CyberEye ECO is a motion activated auto-dialer that will notify you via telephone and allow you to listen in and even talk back to intruders. Easy to program, dials up to 5 phone/cell numbers and 1 pager number. Ideal for use in lake houses or vacation homes.

Home Guard Video Capture Unit

This battery operated Home Guard Personal Digital Video Capture Camera has 128 MB ram for fast action snapshots when motion is detected. Simply place the unit in a desired location and turn it on. It is capable of capturing more than 16000 frames. Simple and discrete to use this new item is perfect for home, office or anywhere you need personal protection.

The Camera Clamp
For Cameras, Spotter Scopes, Video Cameras, High Powered Binoculars, Night Vision Scopes And Other Surveillance Optics! Clamps To Almost Anything!


The Jo Mount!
Eliminate Shaky Video with Jo Mount
After twenty years of sitting in cars and conducting surveillance, using cameras with cumbersome tripods, we asked ourself, "Isn't there a better way?". The Jo Mount was born.


The Camera/Camcorder Optics Stock
The Camera /Camcorder Optics Stock was designed to give the user a light weight, portable, quick deployment means of steadying a camera, video camera, or optics such as a telescope or spotting scope. Although not as stable as a tripod, this device will greatly enhance the ease, use, and stability of your optical and camera equipment. The stock can collapse to just 10" in length and weighs only about 9 oz.



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Kinds Of Stuff
Bodywear Covert Video Cameras-
Cameras You Wear Or Covertly Carry
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Portable Mini Digital Video Recorders Access Video Off The Net From Anywhere
NEW! - Portable Video Digital Storage Complete Video Monitoring Systems
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