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Personal Note from Ralph Thomas
About This Web Site And Company-You Have Found The Direct Source!
Meet Our Staff And Company Ready To Service Your Needs!

Before I post even a sentence, let me say thank you to the professional investigators, law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies who have relied upon us and purchased our products over the past 36 years. If you are new to this site, we would like to welcome you to the investigative resource that has become the standard of the investigative, security and law enforcement evidence gathering industry. You are going to find this place a cut way above the run-of-the-mill products and service centers that carter to investigators that do this type of thing part time. You have found the direct source and the yardstick (if you will) everyone measures by. While we realize and understand that there are a wide selection of web sites that provide products and services to the investigative industry these days, you will find this site to be the the largest, the oldest and the best in the industry. In fact we are flattered that so many so-called equipment retailers and publishers appear to copy cat about everything we do. We have partnered with LawMate International which is the major force of innovative professional and Law Enforcement grade products. We work with our partner LawMate International to develop the specifications and features needed in today's covert video, professional audio and countermeasures gear and have been doing so for almost a decade. We have gone out of the consumer grade "cheaper squeaker - we sell products the cheapest" type of spy and investigative products and only carry professional grade and law enforcement grade gear. You can see, feel, demo and touch everything we sell in our huge showroom in Austin, Texas if you wish to come in person and we welcome you to do so. While you are here, you can go through our Spy and Private-Eye Museum in person and learn about the fascinating history of the industry. I personally invite you to stop in any time.

You will find this web site goes way beyond just trying to sell you a product or service. It's a huge resource for the investigative industry with articles, links, aids and informative resources for you. You will find a spy and private-eye online museum you can look through to learn about the fascinating history of the industry as well as the largest and best selection of books, manuals, ad other training aids that relate to investigation. The PI MALL is the home of the National Association Of Investigative Specialists, one of the oldest and largest trade associations of professional investigators. You will also find a section on investigative news that gives you industry news on the hour every hour.

When it comes to the products you want, you will find this web site the main source for direct imports of investigative gear, and the main source for published training material since we are the direct source publisher and the main source. While other web sites come and go, change hands and change names, unethically hire our former staff members (for obviously informational purposes only), and then promptly fire them, copy-cat formats and the association with fancy but fake mail drop addresses, there is only one real source that has been in business for 30 years ready to service your needs right now.

You will also find this site very dynamic. By dynamic, I mean that something changes almost every day and sometimes hour by hour! For 30 years, this has not been a part time sideline, it's been a full time passion and way of life! A lot of like web sites put a site up and it's the same now as it was one year or five years ago. That's very different here! We are almost always first to have the newest aids and products and almost always at the lowest pricing. Why don't you stop for a second and book mark the main pages you would wish to come back to right now as they all change and change often. We have been of service to the investigative industry for 30 years and you can be assured that we will be here when you need us with the very latest and most extensive products and services that there is. Again, I welcome you to our way of life and would like to introduce our well trained staff that is ready any time to be of service to you.

My Best,


Meet Our Staff

Ralph Thomas

Ralph Thomas



Barbara Maikell-Thomas
Special Projects Manager
Attempts At Bossing Ralph Around. Yeap! That Is Ralph In the
Background And Yeap! He Dresses Like That Alot.
Many Call Barbara The First Lady Of Private Investigation.
Ralph Calls Her The Love Of His Life and hisSmok'im Hot Cherokee Lady.

Checkers Thomas
Official NAIS Mascot and Ralph's main boss!
Checkers passed away from old age in 2007. Click Here To learn about her.

Sheba Thomas
Official Finder Of Missing Bones!

Sheba passed away of cancer on Nov. 19th, 2012.
Click Here To read a story about her.

Snitch-It Or (As Ralph Calls her) Missy
Shadow's boss!
Shadow A/K/A Magic
Ralph's Companion And Highly Trained Bodyguard. Email: PiI'

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