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"Just because the lights go out doesn't mean your camera can't capture all the action! "

Cube Alarm Clock
Covert Video System With Camera
And DVR That Sees In The Dark!
Motion Activation And Time/Date Stamping


• Amazing Lux Ratings
• 0.2 Lux daytime, 0 Lux at night (with IR on)
• Record Resolution 720x240 (NTSC) / 720x288 (PAL)
• Motion Activated Or IR On/Off Control
• Adjustments: Four Levels Of Recording Quality
• Time/Date Stamping
• Built In DVR Records To Micro SD Card
• Firmware Upgradeable Through Micro SD Card
• Up To132 Hours Recording Time

See Time On The Click Above? It's 12:42 AM & The Lights Are Out But It Doesn't Matter! System Can Still Record Evidence!

BlacKOPS - Cube Alarm Clock Covert Video Cam
Covert Automatic Stationary Video At It's Best!
New For 2011- Zero Lux With New IR Technology!
Higher resolution, supports 32 Gig SD cards.
Amazing Up To 132 Hours Recording Time!

Completely Self Contained With Covert Camera,
Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!

Aside from the color, there is more that's black than meets the eye! This high grade Cube Clock has a little secret built into it that will covertly record video evidence any time you need it! The problem is, many times you need a recording in total darkness which renders other systems useless. But just because the lights go out doesn't mean your camera can't capture all the action with this BlackOps Night Owl complete new generation covert video recording system. The NightOwl IR camera allows you to see in the dark! With the integrated IR System and our intelligent camera, the unit will adjust to be a perfect surveillance picture in any given lighting environment. This revolutionary hidden camera can see up to 20-30 feet in complete darkness. It no longer matters if it's day or night and it no longer matters if the lights are on or the lights are off! Criminals, scumbags and low-lifes can no longer sneak around in the cover of darkness because it no longer matters! BlacKOPS NightOwl does it all for you hading you crystal clear covert video evidence day or night and with the lights on or the lights off!

Screen Shot Of Day Video Screen Shot Of Video In Total Darkness

Day or Night! It No Longer Matters If You Turn Off The Lights And Shut The Door!


Just Click On The
Graphics To The
Right To Start
Watching The Fast
Loading Video
You Will Love It!

Click Here To Watch
The Video On
You Tube And Rate It!

New And Improved!
The CovertTek BlacKOPS Cube Clock Covert Video Camera is now better then ever with the New and improved Version 2.1 Feature: Low Lux cameras, No Light Camera With New IR Solution! Higher resolution, supports 32 Gig SD cards.

Two easy ways to view the recording

TheCoverTek is the only unit on the Market today that can play back directly from the unit itself. Just connect the provided RCA Cable to any TV or Monitor to see what has been recorded or you can take the SD Card out of the unit, use the provided card reader, view the video right from a PC using Windows Media player. We have alleviated the need for any additional software. It’s just that easy.

Amazing New Evolution Features

Completely Self Contained Covert Video Recording System
With Built-In IR Lights, Records Up To 30 Feet In Total Darkness
Time And Date Stamping
Motion Detection Activation
Supports Up To 32 GB SD Cards/ Up To 80 Hours Recording Time One Card
Quick Swap SD Card Lets You Keep Unit In Place After You Pick Up Evidence
Stealth Controls Now On Bottom Of CoverTeK Unit
Higher resolution!
Records Your Evidence Every Time In Light Or Dark


• Video Resolution: 1280x720, 720x480 / 320x240
• Color: Full Color in Daylight, Black and White at Night
• Frame Rate per Second: 1, 2, 3, 5, 15, 30fps
• Video Compression: MPEG-4
• Video System: NTSC
• Image Sensor Format: 1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD
• Effective Pixels: 768(H)x494(V)
• Camera Resolution: 520 TV lines (day) / 580 TV lines (night)
• Min Illumination: 0.2 Lux daytime, 0 Lux at night (with IR on)
• Gamma correction Standard r=0.45
• White Balance: 2,100K - 9,100K Auto
• Video Recording Mode: Motion 150 grids user selectable, Continuous, Overwrite, Scheduled
• Play back: Multi-playback with event search function
• AV out and SD card play back on Windows media player version
• Embedded Time/Date Stamp: On video and Position Selectable
• Storage Media: 32 GB SD (support SDHC)
• Control: IR remote control
• Firmware Upgradeable: Through SD card
• Operating Temperature: 0~+50C


• CoverTEK ™ Hidden Video Recorder System
• Remote Control
• USB SD Card Reader
• USB Extension Cable for Card Reader
• 2 GB SD Card
• Video Cable
• Instruction

Size And Weight

• 4 .5 inches x 4 .5 inches x 4 .5 inches
• Unit Weight: 1lb 11oz


Private Investigative Agencies Can Make Huge Revenue Renting These!
That IS correct! CoverTek easily rent to clients for several hundred dollars per week! You can easily add lucrative income to your existing agency by simply investing in a couple of them and then offering them for rent to your clients. They are very easy and quick to set up and completely self contained. Just think if you could rent only two CoverTeK Cams per week at the discounted rental of just $200.00 per week. That adds an amazing $1,600 a month to your business and you don't have to do anything except collect your rental fee, deposit and hand the client the covert system. That comes out to an extra $19,200 in extra incoming per year on a small scale by simply offering these amazing units as rentals to your clients. Only a fool would not want to offer them. However, in order to offer them, you MUST have a couple of them in stock and ready to rent. It's a very small investment for a huge profit margin that requires almost no labor on your part!

The Amazing Advantage Of The SD Card Memory System
Each time you develop video evidence with time and date stamping through motion activation, you can simply and quickly remove the card once a day or every couple of days and leave the CoverTeK unit in place for more covert video evidence development by simply placing another SD card in the unit. You could be reviewing covert video evidence on one card while the camera is obtaining even more covert video evidence while your reviewing process is happening because you simply take the memory card out and leave the CoverTeK BlacKOPS in place for more covert video capture!

Views From Front, Back And Bottom


Completely Self Contained And A Total Covert Video System
Each BlacKOPS CoverTek is totally covert and completely self contained. There is no need to worry about wireless connections or running video wire to a video recorder as everything; including a digital video recorder; is built right in. The camera goes on and off when motion is detected so it's always ready to covertly video record when the action happens. Each video evidence is time and date stamped so you know exactly when the evidence was captured.

Great For Any Room! Living Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Garage Or Anywhere!

Quick And Easy Setup!
These units are quick and easy to set up. Just place them and plug them in. The camera is run off the power cord built into the every day clock radio. Only you and who you tell know that this common looking clock radio contains a hidden secret. It records, even in total darkness every time motion is detected!

New Generation Model for 2011
Now with a new hidden camera that gives you zero light video recording and up to 132 hours of recording time with an 32 GB card, the CovertTek Cam is better than ever!


BlacKOP CoverTeK Cube Alarm Clock IR Covert Video Camera System $649.00
Extra Micro SD Memory Cards:

Micro SD Trio Memory Card 2 GB $15.00
Micro SD Trio Memory Card 4 GB $25.00
Micro SD Trio Memory Card 8 GB $35.00
Micro SD Trio Memory Card 16 GB $60.00
Micro SD Trio Memory Card 32 GB $118.00

Note: Substantial Dealer Discounts In Lots Of 3, 5, 10,
20, and 50 Call For Dealer Pricing!



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Covert Video System With Camera And DVR That Sees In The Dark!
Motion Activation And Time/Date Stamping

PV-AC35: BlackOps iCharge Covert Video Camera DVR System
Working Charger For iPhone, iPad and/or iPod
Hidden LawMate Grade Camera - Built In DVR Records To Removable SD Card
Motion Activation And Time/Date Stamping - Remote Control

Covert Video Evolution Stick-It From LawMate
LawMate Stick-it Covert Video System On/Off Switch
LawMate Stick-it Covert Video System Electrical Outlet

ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
LawMate Brand Means Law Enforcement Grade


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