By Ralph Thomas


Who are the movers and shakers in the investigative industry today and how did they get that way? That's a tuff question to answer but today’s successful investigative agency did something you might not have considered doing yourself. It's called trend watching for investigative opportunity. By keeping your thumb on major trends developing in the United States and focusing in on these trends from a point of view that would involve a surge in demand for investigative services, many agencies have emerged as leading experts in these fields with thriving and well known investigative practices simply because they were in them early and were able to establish themselves as experts as the demand for the service started to swell. Trend shifts are important to our industry because they almost always involve the emergence of a new type of investigative service to offer to get involved in and sometimes involve the identification or resurrection of a type of investigation that will soon experience a surge in demand. To better illustrate what I am getting at with this type of technique, let me give you some successful examples from the recent past.

Lessons From The Recent Past

Examples of this type of thing from recent past history include: Video surveillance procurement and the use of digital technology in worker’s compensation claims cases, online computer searching, predate checks and pre-employment screening services.

There was a time when video recording was so new that there was a question concerning rather video surveillance footage could be admitted into evidence in a court of law. However, investigative agencies such as Bill Zirorek’s In-Photo Surveillance based in Naperville Illinois who was one of the first surveillance agencies to adopt video and digital technology into their agency became one of the leading and one of the largest such agencies in the world. Today, his agency controls a huge market share of insurance fraud surveillance assignments because he forged ahead and developed the latest and the best cutting edge techniques in investigating insurance fraud by use of high-tech surveillance methods.

In the 1980's those investigative agencies that recognized the fact that online computer searches was a major information gathering trend and got involved in the process early experienced mega growth. Today, some of these computer data searchers have developed into major online information services within the investigative community such as Jack Reid's IRSC. Others had, for several years, maintained a leading edge in the market place in information gathering simply because they recognized this trend to collect information faster and cheaper and their retention of clients and bottom lines reflect that strategy today.

When the use of the polygraph was outlawed for pre-employment screening, many investigative services saw a future trend in the demand for pre-employment screening the old-fashioned way-simple background checks. Those who marketed such services to the businesses who had relied on the polygraph for pre-employment screening after the use of the polygraph for such procedures was outlawed by the federal government cleaned up in a big way for a long time.

In the late 1980's a trend occurred in investigative assignments that involved checking out potential dates and became known as premarital investigations. Again, a few investigative agencies in the United States saw the emerging trend early, offered and marketed the service and added zeros to the figures on their bottom line.

Many investigative agency start-ups today have a misconception on this whole idea. With proper research of the market, they run into the agencies who built their practice on a trend identified a few years ago and think that all they have to do is copy the specialization idea and forge ahead with a marketing program. Although many have become somewhat successful, most never experience the mega-growth of the original agency they copied simply because they are coming from behind and the original creator has already gobbled up a huge segment of the market and has already fine-tuned their operation and made it as flaw-free as it could be. The original one is simply light years ahead of them in the business game. From this respect, it’s a good idea to develop your focus away from already successful investigative agencies based on trends of the 1980's and see if you can identify trends emerging today. That way, instead of attempting to develop a specialization everyone else is attempting to copy, you'll be developing into areas that are just now emerging as investigative trends and have a more wide-open field in the market place.

One of the best ways to identify trends in the market place is become a news hound. By scanning headlines of major newspapers and magazines in the United States, you'll be in a better position to ID new trends that can be converted into an investigative specialization. It's important to understand the difference between a trend and a fad. A trend has an everlasting effect. A fad does not. A fad is based on a want and demand that is very short lived. A trend is based on a shift in a process or a pattern of thinking. Process trends and thinking trends are very different. The use of PC's in today's world is a process trend. The country's belief that politicians cannot be trusted to run the country is a thinking trend. Both can sometimes be used to develop your business.

Once you spot an emerging trend, you need to conduct further analysis of it. You'll want to answer questions based on what you came up with such as:

How old is this trend? Is it just emerging now? Is it really a trend or just a fad? How vast is the market place based on the trend? Can I identify a major segment of the population or a specific profession that can be easily reached to market this trend? Can I identify anyone already using this trend in marketing the service? If so, how long have they been engaged in it? What body of knowledge do I need to learn in order to enter this area of investigative specialization? What type of equipment do I need to become successful at performing the service?

These types of questions will help you analyze the trend to determine rather it could become a viable opportunity. This is a success secret you can use again and again. The idea is to jump into an area of service you see as a major trend now emerging and become the major force and expert for that area of specialization. Based on this concept of trend watching, I’d like to review some major trends that are now happening which could provide opportunity for you.If you are looking for more cases and more business, you will want to explore one or more of these hot investigative specializations you can get involved in that bring in new case assignments and clients.

Although only a handful of professional investigators have discovered the opportunity, missing heirs tracing is a unique investigative specialization that can be and often is extremely profitable.

Tracing missing heirs is a kind of hidden are of specialization that is often overlooked and misunderstood by most investigators. Probate records are researched for cases with no known heirs to the estate and the tracer’s job then becomes one of locating heirs and proving that they are a legal heir to an estate. As the population swells and that population gets older and older, more deaths occur. That's exactly the situation in the United States today. When you couple that with other known general facts such as the emergence of affluence, you'll note more and more estate and probate cases with escalating amounts of funds.

Tracing missing heirs is so profitable, those who develop this as an investigative specialization have attempted to institute a kind of code of silence about it so other investigators would stay away from and misunderstand the opportunity. Small independent operators can sometimes take in well over $100,000 per year in this area. The missing heirs specialist usually works on a percentage of the estate which is usually around ten percent. When you start seeing estates worth tens of thousands of dollars, one can quickly see the profitability of this area of investigative specialization.This hidden goldmine of investigative opportunity known only to a few is exposed in Tracing Missing Heirs by Harvey Morse And Ralph Thomas. You will learn how to make a fortune locating missing heirs for estates and probate courts.

How To Make A Fortune Tracing Missing Heirs

Huge volume can be obtained by offering the right kind of client’s pre-packaged investigations for pre-employment screening. There are some investigative agencies that have converted their services to nothing but that because these types of cases are easy to obtain and offer clients who will give you assignments again and again. Some services are getting $250.00 or more for each assignment, which takes less than a half hour of online searching and telephone work. Pre-Employment Investigation for Private Investigators hands you the know-how to get started. To review just go to:

Pre-Employment Investigation for Private Investigators

Did you know that there are businesses and industries like apartment complexes, auto dealerships and home builder sales that will pay $400.00 or more for a covert video taped mystery shop? These cases only take an hour or two and the investigative agencies offering them are reaping huge rewards. You will be interested in reading an article and resource page on this new twist which is:

Understanding The Covert Video & Mystery Shopping Services Boom
An Old Investigative Service With A New Twist Creates A Booming And Highly
Lucrative Trend! By Ralph Thomas

Since 9/11 and the emergence of the global economy, the demand for bodyguard and executive protection services has soared! More and more people are engaged in travel outside of their own country. International terrorism and international crime is on the rise. Executive and bodyguard protection is experiencing an increase in demand because executives of all types are requiring more and more international travel. The entertainment industry also operates in the international market place more and more and celebrities are engaged in international travel more often. More and more executive protection specialists are needed and many investigative and security services that are meeting this brisk demand are experiencing mega-growth within their agency.

In the past, any huge person, usually a male, could be used as a bodyguard. The rules have changed. Self-protection of executives and celebrities now rely on not only mere size but the use of specialized techniques and procedures. The protection specialist of today is more than just a bodyguard. His job has extended to that of personal security manager. Overall security procedures such as premises security techniques and information countermeasures techniques have become interwoven within this area of specialization. The professional bodyguard of today needs a body of knowledge encompassing a broad range of physical and technical security techniques and equipment. Benefits of the professional include high pay and free worldwide travel that often include the best of everything.

The Executive Protection Manual is an Encyclopedia on Techniques, Procedures, Forms, and Surveys And Checklists For Top Quality Executive And Dignitary Protection

Other Bodyguard And Executive Protection Training

The overwhelming majority of investigative services offer service of process to attorneys and law firms. That is, they offer to serve all their legal papers for them. These are small assignments that usually pay between $35.00 to $100.00 depending on the assignment. Although there are many services that have built up substantial service of process assignments in which the process server can do as many as several dozen assignments a day, there is another reason investigative services go after this business. It simply gives them a “foot-in the-door” with the attorneys and law firms that will sooner or later assign a large investigation or surveillance. This is an excellent way to grow an investigative service that wants to do investigations for law offices.
One of the best training products for developing a service of process business is Nelson Tucker’s training material:

Secrets of Process Serving CD Training And NAIS Certification

Other Process Serving training products can be found off of:

The number of nursing home abuse cases in the United States is exploding! As the population in the United States gets older, more people end up in nursing homes. The overall population in them has swelled and will continue to swell, as the baby-boomer generation gets older. The problem is, there are nightmare stories of many in nursing homes. Abuse, neglect and wrongful deaths are occurring in large numbers. Law firms in almost every major city in the United States have developed that specialize in these cases and nothing else. Private Investigations are almost always needed for each case. The investigative fees that can be obtained in these types of cases are often much greater than the typical investigative fees found in other investigations. Not only that, private investigators who specialize in this nitch area often find several more cases in the same nursing home as a direct result of the investigation itself. Nursing home abuse investigation is becoming a huge specialization for professional investigators.

The Booming Business Of Talk'in To Old Folks?
With more and more people in the United States entering nursing homes and the apparent lack of real state regulation and inspection of them, there is a huge litigation explosion in nursing home abuse and neglect cases in the USA. In fact, you can find law firms in almost every major city now that specialize only in that. Almost all of these cases require investigation and investigators who specialize in this area are finding the field booming with tons of work. Not only that, these cases tend to be larger type investigations that will require many days work. To top that off, during the investigation of one case, the investigator often finds other cases of abuse and neglect that tends to produce even more work. Going beyond that, as the baby boomer population gets older, there will be more and more and more people who enter nursing homes and more and more nursing home built. Furthermore, this is the number area of investigation that many investigators are just simply overlooking. Both the big cases and trend for the future is there but there's something about them that keeps many investigators away. Perhaps the picture in one's mind of interviewing old people in nursing homes doesn't seem to appeal to many investigators. But those who specialize in them are banking case assignment after case assignment by offering their services to law firms that handle these types of cases.

Based on the explosion of these types of cases, Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc has released a new book on conducting these types of investigations by Douglas Crewse, CFE. Kelly Riddle has also updated his Nursing Home Abuse Manual and you can also obtain the manual on CD as well as obtain his popular video seminar presentation on the subject.

Investigator's Handbook For Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Investigations
By Douglas Crewse, CFE

Kelly Riddle's Nursing Home Abuse Manual CD And Video Seminar

For more information on this trend go to:

The Nursing Home Abuse Information Center

These cases are huge and there is a new trend in private investigation
Because of this trend. The latest trends and techniques in the booming area of private investigation can be found in Douglas Crewse’s manual-

Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Investigations

When a judgment is awarded by a court of law in the form of money, the case is over for the court. The problem is, the plaintiff now has to collect from the defendant. In America today, there are literally thousands and thousands of unclaimed judgments setting in courthouse files involving hundreds of thousands of uncollected dollars. That's where investigative skills come in. In almost every area of the country, these judgments can be thought of as "assets" that the plaintiff owns which can be sold or assigned. People who have never understood how to collect a judgment are usually more than willing to sell or assign a third party the judgment for pennies on the dollar. The investigator works these cases finding ones that contain assets that can be obtained and then offers to purchase them from the judgment owner. A good investigator can easily research courthouse records and find hundreds of these types of judgments. The investigator then simply conducts an assets check of the defendant and then offers to purchase the judgment from the plaintiff. Because you have the investigative skills to do so, this area of work can become your hidden goldmine. Think about it! You assign yourself to the case and there are almost an unlimited number of cases you pick and choose from to assign yourself to! For expert training on this type of practice, see the following web page. A hidden area of private investigation that is booming is conducting these types of investigations that recovers
uncollected judgments. It's very lucrative. Jon S. Kahlkopf’s updated and expanded second edition of Professional Judgment Recovery hands you the know-how and tools to get started in this lucrative area of specialization.

Professional Judgment Recovery

Legal Investigators are working cases worth millions of dollars but legal investigation has changed. James Harbert, one of the national’s leading ad most well known legal investigators has released a lifetime of conducting these types of cases in Complex Legal Investigations. The manual hands you a lifetime of legal investigative techniques as well as new trends in legal investigation.

Complex Legal Investigations

Another manual I would highly recommend along these lines is:

Manual for Legal Investigators
By John Rose And Academy Of Legal Investigators

The Internet And Online Searching Is Booming But It's Changed! The new manual, Master Guide To Online Searching And The Internet hands you the knowledge, know-how sources and tools you need to know about to make the internet and online searching highly profitable for your investigative agency. It also gets and keeps you up-to-date.

Master Guide To Online Searching And The Internet

Cable piracy, music piracy, motion picture piracy and other forms of piracy is exploding and has been named the number one crime (other than terrorism) by the FBI. The new work, Piracy Investigation For Private Investigators hands you a goldmine of know-how on how to enter this explosive field as a private investigator. You can listen to audio from John Hoda on how he followed the secrets in this material and made $5,000 for a few nights work.

Piracy Investigation For Private Investigators

having the tools-knowledge and know-how on how to trace an email back to it’s owner is knowledge that can bring a professional investigator a lot of cases these days. Joe Seanor’s material: Email Tracing Basics—shows you exactly how to do just that. To review just go to:

Email Tracing Basics

There are thousands of auto repossession assignments an investigative service could conduct every month in large cities. This type of service is easy to start and case assignments easy to obtain. You can read an article about auto repossession as a business off of:

The Auto Repossession Business

The manual Professional’s Guide To Auto Repossession shows you how to do just that.

To review training material on auto repossession, just go to:

Training Material On Auto Repopsssession Start-Up

Other manuals and training aids for conducting auto repossession can be found off of:

In the good old days or bad old days (depending on how you look at it) the only way to track someone's travels was through a physical surveillance. That is, a physical tail of the vehicle in question. In certain cases, GPS tracking has made a physical tail a thing of the past. New GPS car tracking equipment lets the investigator place a hidden tracking devise on a target vehicle and then retrieve it after the fact. Once retrieved, the car tracker has logged data on the movements of the vehicle with time, speed, stops and date. This type of high-tech equipment used to cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, recent developments in GPS technology and computer technology had vastly reduced the cost of this type of equipment to a few hundred dollars. Investigators across the country are starting to utilize this type of technology to electronically track vehicles. Those who are offering the services are finding a lucrative sideline that's turning into a major profit center. Instead of conducting a physical surveillance, the investigative agency places the tracker on a vehicle, then recovers the unit after the fact that will then contain all the data needed. This type of service is well suited for parents who want to know where their teenagers are going and other related types of cases.
For more information and details on this type of service, see the following web page:


Let's face it! Setting in a vehicle waiting for someone to leave a home or office and then tailing them is a task that will require everything you got. You can go from pure boredom to excitement in a tail in a matter of seconds. Although many investigators don't even offer physical surveillance anymore, it's still a major mainstay in private investigation. The major areas for these types of assignments are in worker's compensation claims investigations and domestic investigations. In the insurance cases, the investigator's job is to document the activities of the subject who is collecting disability. In a domestic case, you have the subject under investigation to catch him or her in a love affair. It's as simple as that. Physical surveillance is both an art and a science which requires knowledge and practice. Demand is high and often brings in between $50.00 and $100.00 per hour per investigator plus mileage and expenses. In the case of insurance clients, the investigative agency will often find a few good insurance clients can bring in a stream of case after case. In the case of domestic surveillance, the investigative agency can also usually develop a stream of case assignments by cultivating cases from divorce attorneys.

For a huge selection of articles and resources on the subject, stop in on the net at:

Surveillance Resource Center

Like many aspects of investigative specializations and assignments, physical surveillance has changed. Since 9-11, people are more alert to strangers setting around in vehicles, which makes conducting surveillance harder to do. On the other hand, in certain instances, GPS car tracking equipment (described above) makes some types of physical surveillance easier. Video camera technology optical magnification and night vision equipment had made physical surveillance easier. To obtain a good grounding in conducting surveillance, I would recommend the following training products:

By Douglas J. Hagmann

By Gene Robertson

The demand for covert video surveillance has become so great, it's now estimated that there are more video cameras in America than there are people. A huge and ready-made market exists for private investigators to rent covert video cameras of many different types. Smart investigative agencies always have several ready to install in a few hours’ notice. Video camera and recording technology has come a very long way in the last few years and can now be considered to be in it's fourth generation. There are a host of covert video recording systems that can be easily set up hidden in all kinds of things. Many of the new covert camera and recording systems come with motion detection triggers so they only record when human motion is present. Prices on these types of units have come way down and are quite easy to rent and set up. A typical covert video camera rental system will rent for about $300.00 per week. Many investigative agencies are finding that they can rent as many as a dozen units out a month for at least a week adding a substantial amount of revenue to their bottom line.

For extensive information, resources, product reviews and in-depth articles on new generation covert video surveillance technology go to the following web page:

Covert Video Surveillance Technology

You can talk with a cross-section of private investigators in the market place today and find many who attempted countermeasures services in the past only to come to a conclusion that there wasn't much of a market for it but the world has changed. The detection of bugs and wiretaps is surging again like it did in the 1970's. However, in the 1970's the demand for countermeasures services was based on a thinking shift of American business fueled by Watergate. It was more of paranoia in the business world. Today, the trend is a process trend fueled by the fact that illegal bugging is cheap and easy to do and based on the shift in the driving force of the economy to information.

In the international market place of today, even the federal government is coming to the realization that military allies of the United States are many times our economic enemy. The protection of company information has become a matter of survival in the business world and the ever-increasing demand for information and countermeasures security services is now worldwide. It's now filtering down to small business and individuals simply because more businesses and more people are now information driven and they have learned they must protect both their information and their communication. NAIS member Larry Elem Of American Detectives based in Austin, Texas started offering countermeasures services several years ago and it's now accounting for a major chunk of his overall operation. Kelley Riddle of Kelmar And Associates based in San Antonio, Texas recently upgraded his countermeasures equipment and training because his firm, which specializes in insurance surveillance, is getting at last one assignment per week for countermeasures services and a recent one day job billing out at almost $2,000.

America has developed into an economy that is driven by information. Businesses, professionals, and even private individuals have learned (many the hard way) that they have to protect it. Evidence of this is found in the number of paper shredders in the US Today. It used to be that only big companies and governmental agencies had them. Now you find them in homes. Sweeping for bugs and wiretaps has become big business and offers many opportunities. It requires some knowledge and equipment but it's becoming a major trend in private investigation. One investigator in Central Florida reports that half his business now comes from countermeasures sweeps.

To get a good grounding in countermeasures as an investigative specialization, stop in at the free Countermeasures Resource Center on the web at:

Here you will find a huge selection of articles, resources and training aids. After that, stop in at one of the most extensive equipment review sections of countermeasures gear on the web at:

Countermeasures Gear Review

One of the better manuals on conducting and marketing countermeasures sweep services is:

The Countermeasures Cookbook

I would also recommend:

Wiretap Detection Techniques-By Ted Swift

There is a vehicle accident in America every three seconds. The majority of these accidents require investigation from insurance companies and law firms. The volume of case assignments one can obtain from them is massive. Some of these cases are very serious when it comes to injury and death. A few smart investigative agencies have become experts in conducting vehicle accident investigations and their agency is booming. That is because that there is a real shortage of investigators who specialize in this area for some reason. Most people who go into this area of investigation end up becoming what can best be called an expert witness on the subject. These investigators will find that they can easily bill out $1,000 a day or more plus travel expenses. In the United States the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there is one automobile crash every five seconds, one property damage accident every eight seconds, one injury every ten seconds and one traffic fatality every 13 minutes. As the population and traffic congestion has surged, so has the number of serious accidents. With about 17,280 accidents a day in the United States, almost all of these end up as insurance claims and a large portion of them end up as litigation cases jamming our civil courts. Accident investigation is booming! It's become a rather technical area of investigative expertise but something that any investigative agency could easily jump into.

Accident investigation has become more sophisticated involving superior scene and vehicle photography, inspection and reconstruction. The use of formulas and proper equipment is a must. Accident investigators are turning into litigation consultants and reconstructionists with hourly rates moving into the $85.00 per hour to $100.00 per hour plus range. Many of these types of litigation cases are bringing in investigative fees of $3,000 to $5,000 or more per case assignment.

About gone are the days when an attorney or an insurance company would hand an investigator a case assignment merely asking for scene photos. Accident investigation has become very sophisticated involving the use of technical mathematical analysis and indepth reconstruction techniques as well as detailed analysis and legal photography of physical evidence. Technical expertise is needed and specialized equipment more advanced than ever before but those willing to master the body of knowledge needed will find no problem with case assignments considering there are about 17,280 accidents a day.

Mov'en Beyond That State PI License!
There is a trend in the investigative industry for investigators to move from licensed private investigator to hired expert. Investigators frequently ask what the difference is between an investigator and a hired expert witness. On many cases, the basic difference is usually hundreds of dollars. That is, expert witnesses charge more and are hired more often by litigation attorneys and insurance companies than investigators. Let me say that again:

"Experts Charge More And Are Hired More Often Than Private Investigators By Attorneys"

Many investigators have quietly made the transition from private investigator to expert witness and business is booming for those who have. Expert witnesses investigate matters much like an investigator does and then often render their expert opinion on the witness stand. One of the biggest areas of this specialization is in the area of accident investigations. The almost undisputed national authority on this subject is Jack Murray, MBA, CLI, CFE of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Murray has released Volume Three of Accident Investigation In The Private Sector which deals with the investigation of truck accidents- one of the hugest areas of multi-million dollar claims in the accident investigation area. If you too are interested in making the transition from private investigator to expert in this area, we would strongly recommend Mr. Murray's top flight manuals. You can get all of them in a huge combo and save big. His titles include:

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume I
Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume II
Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume III
Expert's Guide To Successful Legal Testimony
Photographing Vehicles For Litigation
Marketing And Management Maximizer
Special Combo: All Six Manuals Above At Huge Savings
You can review these manuals along with the money saving combo off of:

I am not saying of course that any one or all of these manuals will turn you into an instant expert witness but it will put you on the right track to making the transition yourself from low- paying licensed private investigator to high paying in big demand expert!

A previously published article on little steps you can take to establish yourself as an expert is worth your review. It's the little things that will build your history so you can establish yourself as an expert.

Establishing Your Expertise
By Ralph Thomas

When it comes to accident investigation, you will also find a good resource in:

Accident Investigation Resource Center

One of the newest trends in relationship to accident investigation is black box data retrieval. More and more vehicles have black boxes that record certain data when an accident happens. These black boxes on vehicles operate much like those on airlines do. In the next few years, almost all vehicles will have black boxes on them. Jim Harbert has just released a CD training program called Crash Data Retrieval which can be reviewed off of:

Crash Data Retrieval

Since 9/11, business and industry has paid close attention to security within their own organizations. In fact, no other time in modern history has business and industry been more concerned with security issues. A new concern for security measures to combat potential terrorism, sabotage, theft and disruption- which could bring any business to it's knees- has swept the nation. This has opened up a huge opportunity for private investigators and security professionals to conduct in depth security surveys so businesses will know exactly where security holes are present and where they need improvement to limit their exposure to such threats. Security and investigative professionals are reporting explosive growth and case assignments in this area of specialization. I would recommend the following training material to get going in this area:

Security Consulting For The 21St Century
By Kelly Riddle

Business Security
How To Protect A Business Against Threats Internally & Externally

Ever since Allen Pinkerton started up what has become known the private investigative industry in the United States, the location of people has always been a major type of investigation conducted for almost any investigative agency except those agencies who choose not to offer locates. The demand for locates has continued to rise. People locates continue to remain in the top ten private investigative specialization for demand. For extensive information, aids, articles and resources for the locating missing persons market, you'll want to stop in at:

Missing Persons Resource Center On The Web

You will also be interested in:

Certified Missing Persons Investigator Training Package

Other Books And Manuals On Locating People

In the 1950's and 1960's, divorce investigation was the major mainstay of most private investigative agencies in the United States. Although the focus of these investigations has changed, they still account for a major division of private investigative assignments today and many private investigative agencies specialize in them.
Although the percentage of divorce investigation conducted for every divorce filed has gone down based on the newer no-fault divorce laws, the number of divorces has swelled for the same reason. No-fault divorce laws, now on the books in almost every state in the United States; simply means that grounds for a divorce are no longer needed. Before no-fault divorce laws, private investigators were used to develop evidence for grounds for the divorce. This is were the focus has changed. Although the same type of evidence is often collected, the way in which the evidence is used has voided the need for "grounds evidence" but that type of evidence is often still in demand. As the number of investigations per every divorce filed in the United States has gone down, the number of divorced filed has swelled to almost alarming rates. It has been estimated that in today's world, four out of every five marriages in the United States end in divorce. Divorce investigations today can involve surveillance and activities checks, child custody and child abuse issues as well as hidden assets location.

Other Areas Of Domestic Investigation
Aside from divorce investigations, there has emerged other major trends in private investigative assignments centering around domestic types of assignments. One of the newer areas of domestic investigation that has been booming in the last ten years is the need and demand for background checks in the areas of pre-relationship and pre-martial investigations. The demand has been high in this area. Also emerging and continuing to go up is the number of investigations and background checks dealing with domestic help. Since both the father and mother are now in the work force, children are left in the care of third parties. What has emerged is investigations centering around the third parties who are in charge of the care of the children. Aside from background checks of these third parties, there is a demand for the rental of covert video camera equipment. In every major city in the United States, you'll find many successful private investigative agencies that specialize in these types of cases.

Focus On Children
Children are one of America's most important asset as it's America's future. Children in America today are of special concern as modern circumstances hand them problems that once were not there. The number of divorces is extremely alarming--only one in five marriages are a success. Mothers have entered the work force leaving child care to third parties. A number of booming investigative specializations are emerging as long range trends. Background checks of third party caretakers are an enormous market. Many investigative agencies are reporting brisk business for the rental of hidden video cameras to check out nannies and baby setters. Child abuse investigation is up--way up. The trend towards a special focus in children in the private investigative profession then, is centered in the following areas:

21) The Giant Corporate World


There is a hige section of training products on Divorce And Domestic Iinvestigations off of:http://www.pimall.com/nais/bkp.domest.html

A couple of highly recommended books are:

Professional's Guide To Dorive Investigations

In the last ten or twenty years in America we have seen a trend of the huge American corporation. Some say many of these giants are monopolies or close to it. If you think that Corporate Investigations aren't up, just look in the paper. From Enron to Martha Stewart and from Microsoft to America Online, these big companies along with thousands and thousands of others are conducting investigations and being investigated. A new extensive manual has emerged in the last year that is now considered the standard bible on conducting corporate investigations simply called Corporate Investigations. The bible on the subject has several dozen authors and goes over 700 pages.

Corporate Investigations
Compiled by Reginald J. Montgomery, CLI, CPP, CFE, CP, CST
and William J. Majeski
Contributing authors: John S. Belrose, Julius Bombet, CLI, CFE, Gerald R. (Gary) Brown, Matthew Buchert, James P. Carino, CPP, CFE, VSM, Harold F. Coyne, Jr., PPS, Grace Elting Castle, CLI, Paul J. Ciolino, CLI, CFE, BCFE, CII, Harold F. Coyne, Jr., PPS, Todd DeStefano, Robert J. DiPasquale, CPA, CFE, Kitty Hailey, CLI, CFE, Bruce H. Hulme, CFE, Don C. Johnson, CLI, CII, Sal LiFrieri, Robyn R. Mace, Ph.D., Michael C. McDermott, Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CFE, BCFE, Tom Owen, John J. Palmatier, Ph.D., Raymond M. Pierce, Jeffery Richardson, Sr., Al Ristuccia, David Roberts, FIPI, Ben Scaglione, Todd Scheffer, CFE, Larry R. Troxel, CLI, REA, Jonathan Turner, CFE, CII and Peter F. Wade
To review this massive work, just go to:

Major mega-trends have occurred in the areas of legal investigations and investigations for law firms. The new hot area is premises liability investigations specifically in the area of inadequate security. Multimillion-dollar verdicts against landlords and business operators for failure to provide adequate security should become more and more common.

Premises Liability Burden Of Proof- By Pattie James

Recommended manual
Security Adequate.....Or Not? The Complete Guide To
Premises Liability Litigation
By Chris E. McGoey, CPP


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