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Advanced Weather Station/Clock WiFi HD
Stealth Covert Video Recording System Full HD 1080P - WiFi Enabled - IP Enabled - Night Vision Enabled
MSRP $348.00 - Reduced Internet On Sale Pricing Only $189.00

Stationary Covert Video Recording Operations will never be the same again! Meet the latest development in cutting-edge covert video recording technology. The Advanced Weather Station/Clock HD WiFi Covert Video System is a multi-functional weather station with an integrated 1080P high definition hidden Wi-Fi camera. It can be used as a normal weather station to detect and show both outside and inside temperature and humidity. It displays the time, date, and moon phase. With the high resolution full HD video capture and remote viewing via smartphone, this clock allows you to easily check in at any time. The Wifi functionality allows you to view the live video anytime and anywhere. With a microSD card installed, you can easily record without the need for an always-on computer connection. It's easy to view the recorded footage using your computer, iOS, or Android device. The cloud functionality means there is no complicated router configuration to get you up and running for remote viewing.

Indoor Or Otrdoor - Multi-Functional Covert Video Recording Ability: The Advanced Weather Station/Clock WiFi HD Covert Video System can be set up inside on a desk, table or shelf and it can also be installed on a wall outside of a building or home. It's the perfect covert video recording system for a home or an office either inside or outside!

Why WiFi? The load of stuff you have to worry about when it comes to conducting covert video operations just got lighter! With WiFi enabled covert video solutions, you can now instantly review your covert video walk around legal surveillance footage on your smartphone or tablet. Not only that, you can live stream your covert video to a smartphone or tablet as it is happening obtaining instant evidence results! WiFi enabled covert video products illuminate the worry and time lag of getting the covert video evidence from the unit into a format for viewing and presentation instantly and wirelessly! Not only that, you don't need to worry about rather the format can download to an Apple OS System or Windows System as you can now wirelessly send download and view to either

Watch A Video On The Advanced Weather Station WiFi HD Stealth Covert Video System Full HD 1080P -
WiFi Enabled - Your Can Adjust The Resolution And View At Full Screen In Lower Right Corner!

Why 1080p HD? With the introduction of full HD resolution, you obtain clear and crisp video results which are courtroom evidence ready! Not only that, the extra resolution gives you a surveillance advantage since you can blow up frames much easier for a positive ID when you need it. Unlike many consumer grade look-a-like tinker toy spy gadgets, professional grade products lets you adjust the resolution recording when you need to!

Why IP Enabled And Live Stream? With WiFi enabled ability, you can also live stream your covert video operation as it happens! This lets others in your covert video operation watch the building covert video evidence in real time as it is being gathered. IP enabled also means you can access and control the system from anywhere in the world that has Internet access.

Why Advanced Motion Detection: Many covert video camera systems these days have motion detection which means that the camera starts recording when motion is seen. However, most do not offer sensitivity adjustments so you can fine tune the system for individual automatic recording ability. The new generation Weather Station Covert Video Recording System hands you the advanced settings you need to fine tune your automatic covert video operation! Built-in setup allows you to select the specific areas where you want the camera to detect motion, so that insignificant triggers like curtains blowing in the wind or pets running in the bottom of the view do not activate the recording.

24 Hour Schedule Recording : Having some contractors at your house at certain times, a baby sitter or a dog sitter or kids having a party? With this home security camera you can set up a time and date to start and end recoding so you never miss any footage and capture every detail of what really happens when you’re not around without raising any suspicion.

Why Push Alarm Notification: You can set this state-of-the-art Covert Video Stealth recording system to push a notification to you so you know when covert video action is happening! Of course, you do not have to use this feature but when you do, you know in an instant that your unit is capturing the covert video recorded evidence you want.

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery : This unit comes standard with a high quality lithium-ion battery that is guaranteed for 1,000,000 cycles. The 2500mAh battery lasts for up to 12 hours of recoding time. The battery can be charged from the AC charger included with your clock. Unlike other nanny cams on the market, this clock can still be used while it charges for unlimited recording time

Special Covert Video Features:
• 1080p Full HD resolution streaming
• Wifi for remote viewing and recording
• MicroSD slot for recording locally
• Motion Detection alarm configuration settings
• Night Vision Enabled
• IP Enabled
• Photo - Video Push Alarm Notification Settings
• Time And Date Stamping
• Completely concealed
• Battery life:2 hours
• Plug to power adapter is recommended for long time working

Working Weather Station/Clock Functions
• Six Inch Display With Back Light
• Weather Indoor And Outdoor
• Temperature/Humidity
• Moon Phase
• Time/Date And Week

Product Specifications
• Streaming Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ (up to) 25fps, 720p, 480p
• Recording Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ (up to) 25fps, 480p
• Video Format: ASF
• Angle of View: 70
• Min. Illumination: 1 Lux
• Battery Capacity: 2,400 mAh
• Battery Voltage: 3.7v
• Storage Capacity: up to 32GB microSD (not included)
• Storage consumption: 1GB per 50 Minutes (Average)
• Motion Detection Range: up to 25 feet
• Motion Sensitivity: 0 - 10 adjustable
• Motion Block Grid - Can block out insignificant triggers
• Photo - Video Push Alarm Notification Settings
• Time And Date Stamping
• Input: 5V Mini USB (mini B) connection
• AC Adapter Input: 110 - 250 VAC, Output: 5V DC @ 1 A
• OS compatibility: Windows XP and above, Android 4.0+, iOS 6+
• Browser Compatibility: IE7+, Chrome, Firefox

Compatible with
• Windows XP and up.
• Mac OS 10 and up.
• Andriod 4.0 and up.
• Apple iOS 6 and up.

• Advanced Covert Video Weather Station WiFi System
• Back cover
• USB cable
• Rechargeable Battery 3000mAH 3.7V
• 5V 2A AC Power adapter
• User manual
• Screws
• CD driver

When it is not functioning as a completely self contain covert video recording studio system you can access from anywhere and anytime, you'll have a very sharp looking weather station clock! Make your surveillance by ordering yours today and be the first to use this new technology. You'll be leaving others in the dust when it comes to the latest cutting-edge technology in covert video operations. We know you will by happy you did!

Advanced Weather Station/Clock WiFi HD
Stealth Covert Video Recording System Full HD 1080P - WiFi Enabled
MSRP $348.00 - Reduced Internet On Sale Pricing Only $189.00

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