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New Generation Covert Video Power Adapter
-WiFi And IP Enabled - 1080p Resolution $248.00

This new generation Power Adapter Covert Video Camera System is state-of-the art with it's amazing features! Just plug it into any wall plug outlet and you have no need to worry about battery power as it runs on electrical power. This is just the start of the amazing features found in this covert video recording solution! You obtain full HD 1080p resolution. The unit is WiFi enabled and IP enabled which means you can watch and download your covert video evidence in your smartphone, laptop, notebook or tablet. You can also set it up for IP viewing which means you can view anywhere in the world.

Why WiFi? The load of stuff you have to worry about when it comes to conducting covert video operations just got lighter! With WiFi enabled covert video solutions, you can now instantly review your covert video walk around legal surveillance footage on your smartphone or tablet. Not only that, you can live stream your covert video to a smartphone or tablet as it is happening obtaining instant evidence results! WiFi enabled covert video products illuminate the worry and time lag of getting the covert video evidence from the unit into a format for viewing and presentation instantly and wirelessly! Not only that, you don't need to worry about rather the format can download to an Apple OS System or Windows System as you can now wirelessly send download and view to either!

Why IP Enabled And Live Stream? With WiFi enabled ability, you can also live stream your covert video operation as it happens! This lets others in your covert video operation watch the building covert video evidence in real time as it is being gathered.

Why Full 1080p HD?
With the introduction of full HD resolution, you obtain clear and crisp video results which are courtroom evidence ready! Not only that, the extra resolution gives you a surveillance advantage since you can blow up frames much easier for a positive ID when you need it. Unlike many consumer grade look-a-like tinker toy spy gadgets, professional grade products lets you adjust the resolution recording when you need to!

Features :
• Supports iPhone/Android smartphone Wi-Fi direct monitoring
• Supports iPhone/Android smartphone direct monitoring by Internet
• Remote monitoring, with motion detection mode and all weather recording mode option
• Video compression format is H.264, with faster transfer rate, saving memory
• Easy and quick setting in remote monitoring
• Wi-Fi Enabled launcher, it is with
• 2.0 mega pixel CMOS camera
• HD 1080P 1920*1080
• Remote live video anytime & anywhere
• P2P supported
• H.264 compressed format
• Motion detection

• Pixel 5.0 megapixel CMOS
• Resolution 1080P/720P
• Video format ASF/AVI
• Frames 25
• View angle 90°
• Distance of motion detection shooting 6 m straight-line distance
• Battery capacity: Without battery
• Compressed format H.264
• Sound recording range 5㎡
• Power consumption 240mA/3.7V
• Storage temperature -20-80℃
• Operating temperature -10-60℃
• Operating humidity 15-85%RH
• Type of memory card micro SD card
• Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB
• Play software VLC player/SM player
• Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS X
• Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS
• Web browser IE7 and above, Chrome, Firefox Safari
• Can support 4 client software online the same time

• Wifi Power Adapter camera Unit
• USB reader
• User manual
• CD driver

Compatible With:
• Windows XP and up
• Mac OS 10 and up
• Andriod 4.0 and up
• Apple iOS 6 and up

Make your surveillance by ordering yours today and be the first to use this new technology. You'll be leaving others in the dust using this new technology! We know you will by happy you did!

New Generation Covert Video Power Adapter -WiFi And IP Enabled - 1080p Resolution - $248.00

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