Clock Radio Covert Video

SecureShot Pear Wood Cube Clock DVR

Completely Self Contained Covert Video Recording System With Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping! Full Color, Black And White And Very Low Light Models! Records to SD card up to 1 GB. Every system includes a 512Mb and 1Gb SD card.

Security recording made easy and economical with our new line of Secureshot self-contained, totally covert digital video recorder/cameras. Motion activated real time video or high-resolution "still shots" are recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. All recording are time/date stamped for professional security applications. Every system includes a 512Mb and 1Gb SD card. Available in B&W, Color or B&W very low light!

Beautiful American Classic pear wood AM/FM cube alarm clock radio looks at home in most any decor and any location. Great as a table, desk, mantle, or bedside alarm clock radio. Emerald blue backlit LCD offers elegant, easy to read display.

Totally Invisible Camera!
Totally Invisible Camera views from speaker grille at 93 degree field of view. Available in Hi-Res Color or Super Low Light Black & White (.0003 lux). The pinhole camera views out front. SD card slot hidden in compartment on bottom. Even when one is mere inches away from the unit, you can not see the camera.

User Friendly!
Totally Covert - Unit is "armed" by simply pressing the power button on the included IR remote control. A short "beep" tone is emitted to verify proper operation. No "tell-tale" extra lights or switches insure a totally covert system.

Custom User Settings!
User settings are easily changed by simply connecting the unit into the "Video in" of your TV/Monitor via the supplied RCA cable and pressing the menu button on remote control. User recording options include 30fps video recording or high-Resolution still shot recording (1 image every 3 seconds during motion). Motion activation sensitivity is adjustable to operate effectively in most any environment.

Two Playback Options!
Recorded images/video can be played back directly from the unit by simply connecting the included RCA cable to your TV/Monitor and touching the play button on IR remote control. SD card can also be removed from unit and played on your PC via included SD card reader. Playback speed can be changed to 2X or 4X. No additional PC software needed.
We Offer The Most Product Selections Available - Our Secureshot system is expertly built into more than a dozen different everyday items commonly used in a household or business environment. Our wide selection insures that a product is available for most any security application without raising suspension from criminals.


• JPEG (Still Shot Image) Resolution 640 X 240
• MPEG4 (30fps real time video) Resolution 320 X 240
• 1X,2X, or 4X Playback Speed
• Upgradeable firmware via SD card for future upgrades
• Image size dependant on amount of motion (25kb ~ 160kb @ 30fps)
• Time/Date Stamp (when played back from unit on TV/Monitor)
• Uses windows media player on SD card playback (PC)
• Supports up to 4Gb SD card
• Approximate Video Record time 4 Hours per 1Gb
• Model SS/AC/BW- B&W
• Model SS/AC/C - Color
• Model SS/AC/LL- B&W Super Low Light .0003 Lux

Everything Included:
No extra costs! Our system includes the Secureshot DVR/Camera, Two SD cards (512Mb, 1Gb), USB SD card reader with extension cable, RCA video connector cable for use with your TV/Monitor, IR remote control, and instruction manual.

SecureShot Pear Wood Cube Clock DVR Black And White Model $599.00
SecureShot Pear Wood Cube Clock DVR Full Color Model $699.00

SecureShot Pear Wood Cube Clock DVR B&W Super Low Light .0003 Lux $799.00



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