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Passwords are the way that we keep what is ours private, and allow only ourselves or someone we want to access the data. The problem is with coming up with a password. Most people will use a word and than add in numbers and special characters in order to make it hard to guess. But, that does not work today. One of the best options you have to protect your accounts is a Password Manager. A Password Manager uses a Master password to allow you to unlock the program or app, and then it will handle all your other passwords. Now the only way this is useful is if you make sure to have a generate a password that is at least 20 to 25 characters (hint, try to use 25 characters as often as possible) and the password manager will then ensure to use numbers and special characters to generate a new password for you.

There are a few programs out there, Roboform, Lastpass, and 1Password. There are additional password manager programs, but these are the three that I have used the most and in this article I will discuss Roboform. You can find Roboform at

Roboform, along with the other password managers, work pretty much the same. You create a “Master Password” that will unlock your other passwords, so you better make sure this is a strong password. Now, i know your thinking that you can’t remember a 25 character password, but here is a secret I will let you in on. Instead of a complex password, why not use a Pass-Phrase. For example, your passphrase could be “mydogisabeagle” With that being a Master Password, I would then change all E’s with a 3, and A’s with @. So, now we have “mydogis@b3@gl3” this should give you a good start. Note, do not go crazy with substitutions in your letters with numbers and special characters.

That is the beauty of these Password Managers, all you need to do is memorize ONE password. You then let the system take care of the rest. Now, one of the things with Roboform, is that they have a version called Roboform Everywhere. Which will work on all your devices, which makes it easy to use. This way you install it on all of your computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. Now you have a secure method your passwords on all of the devices that you own.

You MUST have strong, complex and LONG passwords, again at least 25 characters if the site accepts that, or more! If you do decide to use a Password Manager, you will need to “teach” the Password Manager your old passwords, and that easy, just log into the account and your Password Manager will capture the site, account and password and will ask if you want to save it. YES! Then after you have worked with the Password Manager for a few weeks and you like it, now start logging into your most critical accounts and reset the password, and have your Password Manager generate a STRONG, COMPLEX, Password for you. It will take awhile for you to do this for all your accounts, but start with your most critical accounts first, and then work your way through the process with all your other accounts.

If you want to get a copy of Roboform, here is the link:

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