Cellphone Investigations Class


In this class, you will learn the basics of conducting a cellphone investigation class.


This class is updated for the latest in cell phone investigations and the new areas to expand your business into!

This is the NEW Cell Phone Investigations class with new material, new security issues, and dealing with 3G and 4G phones.

This class will cover iPhones, droid phones, blackberry phones, the latest on bluetooth hacks, and the latest dangers of GPS tracking for cell phones that just were in the news!

Are you a Private Investigator? Are you a student in a Private Investigator course? A Bounty Hunter? A Process Server? Or are you concerned about your own Cell phone? This class is for YOU!! To be competitive in this environment, you need every skill you can learn, I want to teach you these!!

Why Should I Take This Class?

In this class, you will see LIVE, STEP BY STEP, using NUMEROUS cell phones how to:

Learn about iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones

Learn about client interviews for cell phone cases

Learn about contract mondifications for cell phone cases

Learn about the software that you would need, both free and paid for working on cell phone cases

Learn basic recovery process for iPhones

Learn basic recovery process for Blackberry

Learn basic recovery process for Android

Oh yeah, this applies to all Tablets as well!!

Forensically recover deleted text messages

Forensically recover deleted phone numbers

Forensically Analyze the Phonebook, all calls in, out, missed

Call History analysis

Recover contacts

Recover photo’s

Recover voice recordings, videos, files and more!

All tasks, contacts, calendar events

And generate reports for the COURTROOM!

And more!!


Do I get any certification with this class?

YES, but only if you take the test!  You must take the test in order to get certified.  All of the tests have been updated for the new training,  I know your training here in the PI Classroom will be great!  So, if you PASS the test, you will get your certificate.

Do I get CEU for my license?

YES!  When you are ready to submit your CEU or In-service training to your State Agency, just contact me and provide me the name and address that I need to send your course information to.