Darknet Class


The Darknet is a place that you need to know about, at some point, you will need to access this for a case.  And trust me, its better to know now then later.


If you think you know some stuff about the Internet Underground, YOUR WRONG!

The DarkNet is a name given to the secret websites that are ENCRYPTED and hidden from the public!!  You MUST know about this subject to be able to talk with clients, or to be able to make it useful to you, your business or to a client!  So, lets get an idea about what you can find on the DARKNET!!!


Stolen Credit Cards

Buy a New Identity

Buy any drug (yes illegal drugs!)

Buy Viruses

Buy RATs! (Remote Access Trojans…think super spyware)

How to get access to closed Darknet sites

And MORE!!


Here is some of what is covered in the Darknet class:


  • What is the Darknet?
  • How do you access the Darknet?
  • What software can you use to access the Darknet?
  • How to setup a secure, anonymous Darknet email account
  • How to setup a Bitcoin payment account and why
  • Darknet sites that I review on a daily basis
  • How to create your own Darknet website……

Do I get any certification with this class?

YES, but only if you take the test!  You must take the test in order to get certified.  All of the tests have been updated for the new training,  I know your training here in the PI Classroom will be great!  So, if you PASS the test, you will get your certificate.

Do I get CEU for my license?

YES!  When you are ready to submit your CEU or In-service training to your State Agency, just contact me and provide me the name and address that I need to send your course information to.


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