Email Investigations Class


Do you know how to trace an email?  Or how to prepare a report for a court case about an email?  In this class you will learn that and more!


This class is on DVD

Have you had a client contact you about tracing an email?  Or maybe about finding out who the owner of an email account was?  Well, this is the class for you then.  In this class, you will learn about emails, email servers, logs from servers, and how to trace an email line-by-line. This class will allow you to handle any requests from your clients that involve emails.


What is covered in this course?

Who are your clients?

What questions do you ask them?

What type of cases can you expect?

Contract modifications

How much to charge

How to write your report

How to deliver your report

How to market your service

What logs are available from an email server.

How to request logs

What are the types of email servers for each type of service.

How to get the headers of an email

How to get email headers from each email program

How to trace each and every line of an email

And more!



Do I get any certification with this class?

YES, but only if you take the test!  You must take the test in order to get certified.  All of the tests have been updated for the new training, I know your training here in the PI Classroom will be great!  So, if you PASS the test, you will get your certificate.


Do I get CEU for my license?

YES!  When you are ready to submit your CEU or In-service training to your State Agency, just contact me and provide me the name and address that I need to send your course information to.