Facebook Investigations Class


Facebook is the largest Social Network out there, you must know how to run a Facebook investigation, you will learn that in this class.


You know how big Facebook is, so you better know how to investigate a Facebook account

Social networking is the BIG thing right now, everyone is setting up pages left and right. How do you find them? How do you know if your subject has one? How do you create a secure anonymous one? What do you look for in the website? These, and more, are the questions that I will answer during this 3 hour seminar on MySpace and Facebook Investigations!

Why Should I Take This Class?

If you are conducting background investigations or civil investigations or domestic investigations, you could benefit from this class. Why? Almost everyone is putting up these Social Network sites, and more importantly, they are revealing personal information, business information and other valuable information. We will cover topics such as:

How accounts are created

Security behind these accounts

Embedded tags in the webpage

Copying data from the site

Analysis of site

Creating your account on the site

Linking to your target

Protecting your contact

and MORE!

How Would You Like To:
Understand what role Social Networking has to play in the role of investigations? How would you like to be ahead of your competition and know the inside information on these Social Network sites? How would you like to be able to provide an analysis of a competitors social networking page? Gather relevant intelligence from these social networking sites.

And best of all do this from the SAFETY of a HIDDEN IP ADDRESS???

Do you want to be ahead of the game with your competitors? This is one of the classes that will do it for you.


Do I get any certification with this class?

YES, but only if you take the test!  You must take the test in order to get certified.  All of the tests have been updated for the new training,  I know your training here in the PI Classroom will be great!  So, if you PASS the test, you will get your certificate.

Do I get CEU for my license?

YES!  When you are ready to submit your CEU or In-service training to your State Agency, just contact me and provide me the name and address that I need to send your course information to.