Ghost-2018 Mailed


This is for Ghost-2017 to be mailed to you on DVD.  This way you can start using it right away.


This is for a copy of Ghost-2018 to be mailed to you on DVD.

After all this talk about the monitoring of emails, phone, and web, NOW is the time to buy Ghost!!!!

Do you need to be ANONYMOUS online? I mean REALLY ANONYMOUS? Are you looking to surf the DARKNET?? Or are you working a case online and want to make REALLY SURE that the subject of your investigation can not trace anything back to you??

Or maybe its as simple as I want to be anonymous online and safe from anyone tracking or watching me!

If any of these are YOU, the YOU NEED GHOST-2018!!

Ghost-2018 runs on a CD, so this way anything that tries to modify Ghost-2018 will fail.  All you have to do is reboot the computer and anything done is wiped out.  That’s the beauty of having Ghost-2018 on a CD!

I update this program on a monthly basis, so you will need to make sure to stay updated with the OS.  So, make sure you provide a working email.