Torguard, a must have!!

So, sign up TODAY at:


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Are you concerned about your privacy online? Do you need to conduct investigations online safely, securely, and ANONYMOUSLY? Well, you should know that Ghost-2018 is your BEST choice, however, if you still need to use your regular operating system, such as Windows or Macintosh then you need to have TORGUARD!!

When I need to use my “normal” computer, Windows or Macintosh, I always have TorGuard running. With TorGuard I end up connecting to a VPN server at one of many locations in the world. By doing this, ALL of my internet activity is ENCRYPTED and protected from prying eyes and monitoring.

So, if you are NOT running an Encrypted VPN, YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!!! It could be your ISP, a website, or anyone.

BUT, if you are using an ENCRYPTED VPN, then everything you do online is protected and then your ISP, or anyone can not monitor what you are doing online! This is the way you need to be working on the Internet!

So, sign up TODAY at:

If you have problems installing the TorGuard VPN client, they have great help pages, or just email me, and I can help you.

Also, make sure you use TorGuard on your cell phone as well.  Stay safe, stay secure